5 interesting uses for a cake stand

March 21, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

If you have an old cake stand, there are a couple other uses for it that can bring new life to an old kitchen favorite. Here are some repurposing ideas for a cake stand!

  1. Use it to display some pretty cookies in the kitchen.
  2. Use it to hold 3 or 4 red apples and leave that on the dining room table.
  3. Collect some of your prettiest jewelry of one category (all the bangles or all the blue pieces) and display it on the cake stand on your bedroom dresser.
  4. Place a few round candles on a cake stand and put it on your bathroom vanity countertop. (I wouldn’t reuse the stand as a cake stand after this use.)
  5. Use it to showcase a beautiful vase in the living room.

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