10 repurposing ideas in the office / craft room- Repurposing 101 series

November 5, 2012 1 By EngineerMommy

This is the fourth post in a series of posts about various ways to repurpose items in your home. This post centers on repurposing ideas in the office or craft room. From finding a new use for all those paper clips to repurposing old window shutters, this post is full of inspirational ways to see old things in a new way. Check it out!

10 repurposing ideas in the office / craft room- Repurposing 101 series

  1. Use a paper clip to eject a CD/DVD that has become stuck- just stick one end in the little hole on the side of the drive and it should pop the disc out.
  2. Use an old glass jar for ribbon storage and dispensing –simply cut a slit in the top and thread your ribbon through the slit.
  3. Use an old card catalog to store small art, sewing, craft and scrapbook supplies. All the small drawers make for perfect organization of all the tiny supplies in craft rooms.
  4. Use old tea boxes to store your ribbon spools side by side with the end of the ribbon coming out of the bottom of the box – the ribbon can be pulled out very neatly.
  5. Use one of those hanging closet shelf systems, with multiple shelves, in your craft room/office to store various scrapbook and crafting papers.
  6. Use old window shutters as mail sorters and organizers. Keep the outgoing mail near the top, and the incoming mail near the bottom.
  7. Use a toothbrush holder on your desk to store pens- one pen for each compartment. Use the matching soap dish to hold business cards or small office items (paper clips, rubber bands, etc.)
  8. Wrap tin cans with scrapbook paper to store pens and pencils for your office.
  9. Use a tie rack as a mail organizer and sorter.
  10. Use a placemat as a mouse pad.

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