Pretty Paper Christmas Tree Craft DIY

November 17, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

I love the Christmas season, and I absolutely love filling my home with cute holiday decorations. This is how it boils down for me…

Paper Crafts + Christmas Decor = Paper Christmas Tree

So, let’s make a cute Paper Christmas Tree to display around your place. It’s simple, cheap and oh so pretty!

  • Start with some poster board and shape it into a cone. Using gift wrap tape or other strong tape, secure the edges of the poster board so that the cone holds its shape.

  • Find a cute seasonal gift wrapping paper! I chose this one below because it evokes an elegant, wintry Christmas for me!

  • Wrap the cone with the wrapping paper of choice. Use double-sided tape to keep the loose edge secured down.

  • Fold the excess wrapping paper underneath the cone and use strong tape to keep it there. By folding the paper underneath the cone, you are creating a more seamless look from the top.

  • Collect your embelishments. I used red polka dot ribbon and scrapbook stickers. I placed one big round white snowflake sticker at the intersection of my ribbons. I used several glittery, thick foam “gift” stickers along the bottom of the tree to represent Christmas presents. And I used a glittery, thick foam “bow” sticker at the top of the tree to serve as the tree topper.

Easy tree to make! Fun craft to do! Just find a great spot in your house to display it!

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