My Gift Wrapping Station in Closet

November 15, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

My favorite part of purchasing a gift for someone is getting to wrap it! I love picking out pretty wrapping papers, adorable bows, and coordinating ribbons. And when it all comes together, it’s a beautiful thing!

But keeping all the wrapping paper supplies wrangled and in order requires some planning. Otherwise, wrapping a present could take the better part of an afternoon! Well, not really, but you get my drift!

Here is how I have managed to organize my wrapping paper supplies, mostly in the empty corner of a closet. Wrapping paper organization and clever utilization of extra space – brilliant!

I have found that a good way to hold all my wrapping paper rolls is in a tall bucket like the green one above. I can see all the different papers and take one out without disturbing the rest. A simple wastepaper basket like this can serve the same purpose as the tall bucket, containing all the rolls of wrapping paper.

The small green basket contains all my ribbons, balloons, strings of faux pearls, ornaments, and other gift wrapping decorations. Yes, I take gift wrap decorating very seriously!

And finally, the orange box in the front is my DIY ribbon organizer and storage box, which I wrote about in detail here.

Although my system works well for me for now, I would love to upgrade to one of these systems in the near future, especially as my little baby grows up and starts developing more friendships. Friends = birthday parties. And parties = presents to wrap!

I love this Floor/Wall Gift Wrap Stand. It seems so practical for dispensing wrapping paper and ribbons.

I also love this Jokari Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer because it contains all the wrapping supplies in one portable unit. And the clear pockets make it really easy to see what’s inside!

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