Michael Kors: My Favorite Products & Wishlist

October 16, 2011 2 By EngineerMommy

Honestly, I never had a so-called favorite designer until quite recently, when I realized that I never found any Michael Kors products that I didn’t absolutely LOVE! So I decided to devote a whole post to some of my favorite MK pieces. I’ll start out with a few MK pieces that I already own, and then finish with a few that are on my Christmas wishlist. Hubbie, take note!

Favorite MK Items I Already Own:

Michael Kors Fulton Moc: These are my favorite everyday flat shoe perfect for errands around town. They are even comfy enough to walk in for several hours at the mall. I love the color and the soft leather!










Michael Kors 5079 Watch: This watch is so versatile, because I feel like it goes so well with jeans and a tee, but also looks great with a dress for a special occasion. I love the bright crispness of a white watch- perfect for those popular “white winter” looks!








Amazing MK Items On My Christmas Wishlist:

Kors Michael Kors – Nicolette Distressed Leather Knee-High Boots – Saks.com : These boots look so cool and I love the distressed leather look on them. I think these would look so wonderful paired with skinny dark jeans and a white sweater!










Michael Kors – Gia Embossed Leather Flap Shoulder Bag – Saks.com : This bag is perfect because it is small and doesn’t take up much room – ideal for storing keys, wallet & lip gloss on quick trips out of the house!










Michael Kors – Croc-Print Leather Bracelet – Saks.com : I love leather bracelets for the fall – I even included them on my 5 Must-Have Fall Accessories list. And this one is just stunning!










Do you own any Michael Kors items? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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