Fancy Scrambled Eggs: Four Flavor Ideas

October 8, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

I am definitely one of those people that loves to have breakfast foods for lunch and dinner. And I absolutely love a good scrambled egg! Sometimes however, it’s a good idea to dress them up. A scrambled egg is simple and tasty in its purest form. But when you’re having a couple of eggs for dinner, you want to make sure that the flavor profile is kicked up a notch!

Greek Style

Place scrambled eggs in a pita pocket, along with feta cheese, kalamata olives and romaine lettuce. To save some calories, use whole wheat pita and low-fat feta.

Italian Style

Serve scrambled eggs in an italian hoagie roll with small marinated mozzarella balls, sundried tomatoes, and arugula lettuce. I usually find the marinated mozzarella in the Olive Bar at Wegman’s. If you can’t find the marinated kind, it tastes just as delicious with the regular mozzarella.

Meat Lovers

Serve scrambled eggs in a ciabatta roll along with bacon and sausage. To save some fat, I usually opt for turkey bacon and turkey sausage. It tastes great and saves a ton of calories, so I don’t feel as guilty.

Four Cheese

Serve scrambled eggs on an Everything Bagel, along with cheddar, mozzarella, provolone and asiago cheeses. Although this one is a bit high in fat because of all the cheese, it definitely tastes amazing. Then again, I am a huge fan of melted cheese! 


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