Dollar Store Christmas: Our Stairway Banister Garland

November 23, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

It doesn’t take an arm & a leg to make your house look festive and elegant during the Christmas season. In fact, I argue that it can be done by selectively choosing pieces from the dollar store and pairing those with more expensive pieces. This post will be the first in a series called Dollar Store Christmas, which will include various inspirational ideas to decorate your house for very little money for Christmas!

  1. To decorate our stairway banisters, we started with the plain dollar store garland, the one that’s green and plain. We wrapped it around our banisters
  2. .

  3. Then we found these ornaments and picks from the dollar store.
  4. .


  5. We hung the ornaments from the bottom of the banisters and wedged the picks into the garland.
  6. .


  7. Finally, you could also wrap pretty, red ribbon intermittently throughout the garland, as in this picture of the stairs leading up to the loft.
  8. .

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