5 Must-Have Accessories for Fall 2011

October 16, 2011 2 By EngineerMommy

Although I definitely pay attention to trends, I typically like to stick with classic pieces that will make sense in future seasons as well. Finding that perfect balance between trend and timelessness is what I always strive for. Here are some accessories I am absolutely loving for this fall!

Leather Bracelets






Tory Burch Leather Logo Buckle Bracelet | Nordstrom.

I love how leather bracelets look best when stacked. I have a bunch of leather bracelets in earth tones and I always find that when I stack a bunch of them together, it makes a stronger impact. These bracelets have an amazing design!


Faux-Fur Scarves






Juicy Couture “Middlebury” Faux Fur and Knit Loop – Jewelry & Accessories – Bloomingdales.com.

I’m usually not a huge fur (or faux-fur) fan but I think this look can be done tastefully. By simply pairing a faux fur scarf with a nice solid sweater, you can achieve quite a polished look. These scarves above are the perfect colors for fall.








Fossil Belt, Leather & Tweed Stretch Belt, Macy’s

I am a huge fan of belts, particularly over bigger sweaters to achieve a more hourglass shape. I love the big metal clip design on this belt.

Large Leather Totes







Michael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Distressed Tote, Nordstrom

Michael Kors is officially my favorite brand, and this bag… well, enough said! Stunning leather, big roomy pocket, and chain handle!

Animal Print







Salvatore Ferragamo Animal-Print Wristlet – Handbags – Bloomingdales.com

Animal print, I think, needs to be added to your look in moderation. Nobody wants to see a full head-to-toe leopard walking into the supermarket tomorrow! This wristlet brings animal print to your wardrobe in a tasteful way.

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