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Jul 112018

This is a sponsored post written by me for Ministry of Supply. All opinions are mine alone.

Whether you’re a fellow blogger planning on attending influencer events or you’re an employee of a corporation and regularly participate in industry functions, networking is essential. However, making the most of these professional gatherings can seem intimidating at first. Today I’ll be sharing some easy-to-implement tips on how you can have a successful networking experience this year.

1. Hand out business cards!
When it comes to establishing a professional image, business cards are a must-have. Order a bulk set of business cards online for a discount. Make sure your business cards set the right tone for your particular industry and of course, make sure to include all your basic contact info. Every time you introduce yourself to a potential client or colleague, hand out a business card and shake hands. A little professionalism goes a long way!

2. Wear professional clothing!
Nothing sets a more professional tone than a great work wardrobe. I recently received the Kinetic A-line Dress (in Grey Heather) from Ministry of Supply and it’s so gorgeous! It’s true-to-size, comfortable & stylish. I love how it falls perfectly on the body!

Tips for Successful Networking

Tips for Successful Networking

This piece features the feminine look of an A-Line dress, along with the technology to ensure a flattering fit. In fact, the dress features spiral-shaped Primeflex® yarns, which effectively allow the fabric to maintain its shape all day long. Talk about performance clothing! Moreover, the X-shaped geometry on the side of the dress, combined with the A-line shape of the skirt, creates a silhouette that moves effortlessly throughout the day.
Tips for Successful Networking

Tips for Successful Networking

I love that this dress is machine-washable and features wrinkle-free fabric. By the way, there are also hidden pockets on both sides of the dress. How cool is that?!
Tips for Successful Networking

Tips for Successful Networking

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line dress clothes that are engineered to the highest specifications, check out Ministry of Supply. As an engineer myself, I love that this company has re-engineered dress clothes!
Tips for Successful Networking

Tips for Successful Networking

Skip all the stiff, high-maintenance clothing out there and check out Ministry of Supply’s selection. The company designs high-performing apparel that moves with you. It’s “performance professional” clothing at its best!
Tips for Successful Networking

Tips for Successful Networking

The folks behind Ministry of Supply started the brand at MIT. They studied the body and created clothing that’s sweat proof, high stretch, and easy care. For the latest news & offers from the company, check them out on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

3. Have a well-prepared, positive attitude!
Before the conference, Fine-tune your elevator pitch. Never heard of an elevator pitch? It’s a 30-second concise summary that outlines everything you bring to the table. Be sure to include your talents, strengths, skill sets, etc. Oh, and when you’re walking around & meeting people, don’t dismiss anyone as unimportant. Treat everyone you meet with respect and equal interest.

4. Ask the right questions!
Avoid asking any questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. The purpose of networking is to make connections and get to know others in your industry. Ask open-ended questions that start with the words: who, what, where, when and how. It opens up the conversation more and enables a more engaging discussion.

5. Follow through!
If you made a connection and you promised a follow-up, don’t forget to deliver. Take time to send that email or make that call. It sets a professional tone and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Boost your networking game this year. Don’t forget to check out the high-performance workwear at Ministry of Supply. Do you attend networking events often? Have you ever been to a blogger conference? What is your best tip for a successful experience?

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21 Responses to “5 Tips for Successful Networking”

  1. These are great tips! I think that people are too casual when it comes to interviewing. I am all for the relaxed look, but I think AFTER you have a new career can you go a little more casual.

  2. I used to run a local Networking Group and I taught the people who attended these tips and to also wear a watch as it shows your awareness of the time.

  3. Professional clothing is a must. I can’t tell you how many people didn’t get a job at the doctor’s office I worked at because they came in looking homeless, or way too much cleavage trying to be sexy or just so unprofessional, lol. Your tips are spot on.

  4. These are such great tips! I really need to get some business cards. I’ve been meaning to do that so I can pass them out at events.

  5. I do really love the look of your A line dress. A dress like this can be dressed up or down. Wear heels or flats. Accessorize or not. Great look anytime.

  6. These are some great networking tips when you are out and about. My only attempts at networking are at blogger events so I will remember your ideas.

  7. This is a really informative post and these are great tips. Networking is so important in life.

  8. I really love a great A line dress. I chose one to wear for my daughters high school graduation and her graduation from Navy boot camp.

  9. I love that it has pockets on the side, that’s the kind of dress I like. It really looks good on you.

  10. Wow! These are awesome tips especially for people who are just starting out with their business. Networking is really important and it allows you to grow your following as well.

  11. I attend several conferences a year and am never sure what to wear. Conferences are such an excellent way to get out of our comfort zone when many of us are mostly at home.

  12. This is great advice. I really need professional clothes. I’ve never met people in person with my blog. I have always been too far away to go to premiere events or had anyone able to watch my kids for longer than an hour to work on things outside of my home. I love seeing bloggers making more of a business out of their blog than a hobby. Now I feel like the industry is so saturated with bloggers it’s impossible to be unique. It feels like an uphill battle. Oh well, I love your attire and your simple strategies.

    • EngineerMommy

      Thanks for your comments, Heather! I can totally relate to the feeling that the market is saturated. It’s important to keep creating content and finding ways to differentiate yourself. Hope you keep doing it, Heather! Love reading your posts! 🙂

  13. Looking professional is a huge star to it. I absolutely love this grey look for you!

  14. Yes to all! Following through is important as it might also open doors of opportunity. Great tips!

  15. I do a lot of networking online so I’ve never really needed to dress up. I know that over the next year, I need to step my game up and meet people face to face.

  16. Such great advice! I need to hand out more business cards. I need to get some more made thanks for the reminder!

  17. Following through and emailing contacts is something many people miss out on. I love that stunning dress.

  18. I love how simple yet elegant looking dress! Also, the idea of having a pocket is a big plus too! Definitely wearing something like this would increase the physical presence.

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