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Feb 022018

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We have been in our current home for over two years. While I love our ’50s split, it certainly is a work in progress. We have accomplished a lot of renovations in our current home, but the truth is that we have a long list of projects that we still want to complete.

Here are some renovation ideas that we have either completed already or plan to complete in the near future.

1. Remodel the kitchen!
Kitchens and baths sell homes. They are the focal point of the home for many homeowners. So if your kitchen is a few decades behind in terms of finishes and appliances, consider an upgrade today. When we moved into our home, we upgraded a few appliances and the counter tops to bring our kitchen up to date.

2. Upgrade the siding!
One way to overhaul your home’s curb appeal is to upgrade the exterior cladding or siding materials. Vinyl siding is a very popular choice for many homeowners thanks to its beauty and low maintenance requirements. Other popular options include brick (long lasting, termite proof), wood (environmentally friendly, energy efficient) and metal (low maintenance, fire-resistant). To determine the best choice for your home, it’s wise to take into account your budget, maintenance requirements and aesthetic preferences.

3. Stain the floors!
Are the wood floors in your home looking a bit dull or drab? Consider staining them for an easy update to your flooring. This is a project that I have added to our renovation to-do list, because I would love dark wood floors. Our current wood floors are a medium wood tone and they are really worn-out & scratched.

4. Beef up the baseboards!
Baseboards are one of those things that most of us don’t even think about when it comes to upgrading the home. However, beautiful thick baseboards can make a big difference in the look of a room or hallway. We beefed up our baseboards using extra wood molding and white paint. It made a fun project that made a big difference in the look of our hallway. I totally want to do this trick in other rooms, as well.

Sprucing up the Baseboards- on a Budget!

Sprucing up the Baseboards- on a Budget!

5. Paint your door!
Giving your front door a fresh coat of paint can make a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. We did just that a few years ago and I’m still in love with the way our front entryway looks now. Find out how we did it and get tips to make the process smooth & successful.

Painting our Front Door: Awesome Tips I Learned Along the Way

Painting our Front Door: Awesome Tips I Learned Along the Way

6. Create an accent wall!
Want to transform the look & feel of a room? Paint is the easiest way to completely change a space. Painting a room is relatively easy and affordable and can be accomplished in one afternoon.

7. Install an addition!
If you’re looking for more square footage in your current home, consider installing an addition. It’s a great way to increase your living area without having to move. This is the perfect solution for a growing family that really loves their neighborhood. My husband and I are currently contemplating an addition to add another bedroom & bathroom to the second floor.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Have you renovated your home in the last 5 years? What is on your renovation to-list?

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12 Responses to “Home Renovation Ideas”

  1. I would love to renovate our home but since we’re renting, it’s not an option. One day!

  2. These are great ways to make changes to your home. I like to keep up with updates and make upgrades on a regular basis. We have done a bunch of these, like change our siding and redo the molding.

  3. I am totally remembering this baseboard idea. Love it! We are considering turning our dining room in the front of the house into a bedroom and along the way pushing our pantry into it to make it more walk in. I am dying to make a few changes around here.

  4. Great tips, I’ve never seen that type of base board. We are moving soon so I’m looking forward to remodeling a bit.

  5. I love these , especially adding to that beautiful base molding

  6. We had to do a bit of remodeling when we put our house up for sale over a year ago. It had a huge impact in the way our house looked and helped it sell quicker.

    I like the bigger baseboards.

  7. We rent so I’m not able to renovate, but I sure would love new counters in the kitchen!!

  8. We are working on a few home improvement projects right now including our bathrooms. Next up is the kitchen, but I am loving these ideas and the DIY! I am going to be tasking hubby with some more projects LOL

  9. Like what you did on the baseboards. Great idea! We painted our door last year. Hopefully we get to upgrade our kitchen this year.

  10. Great ideas! We’re putting in new flooring this month. New baseboards will come next.

  11. One of my neighbor’s biggest complains was about their outdated kitchen. I totally understand lol Mine is outdated and it would be against me to try to sell as is.

  12. If you don’t have the means I suggest a few kitchen clean ups that make a huge difference:

    1. Add cabinet hardware if you do not have any. Keep in mind that if you use a single hole handle, they can be swapped out. A handle that has two screw hole points has a specific spacing and you may be “married” to that size.

    2. Upgrade a faucet – Easily done for under $200

    If you can do a kitchen, don’t forget the floors, and think ahead for correct electrical placement; do you want a charger for a device like iPad or cell in a drawer? Under counter lighting?

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