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I have always been pretty passionate about financial management. Back in college, I used to read book after book on best practices for investing, money growth, allocation of funds, and more. Now as a busy mom & blogger, making sure I stay on track with my money goals is a top priority for me. Today I’ll be sharing some smart financial moves you can make today to prepare for a better tomorrow. From tracking one’s monthly spending to taking advantage of PayPal cash in and cash out services exclusively at Walmart stores, I’m discussing my best tips today.

1. Contribute to a 401K!
Whether you’ve just graduated college or you’re nearing retirement, contributing to a 401K, or other retirement plan, is definitely a smart move. Saving up for your future will not only create a nice nest egg for a comfortable lifestyle in your golden years, but it will also come with tax advantages in the meantime (deductions to a 401K are made with pre-tax income). Your money then grows tax-free; you will have to pay taxes upon withdrawal. If at all possible, contribute the maximum allowed by the federal government (for 2018, that amount is $18,500). At the bare minimum, if your employer matches your contributions up to a certain dollar amount, contribute at least that amount.

2. Enroll in PayPal Cash In Cash Out Service!
To streamline my finances and simplify my everyday life, I have started using PayPal cash in and cash out services exclusively at Walmart stores. What is this service? Well, PayPal has partnered with Walmart to make managing one’s finances more convenient & accessible than ever before. In fact, PayPal users can now access their PayPal balances and conveniently load or withdraw money at any Walmart store in the country. Talk about convenience!

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

This service has revolutionized the way I manage my own finances. As a blogger, I receive payments via PayPal regularly and I always have a balance in my PayPal account. In the past, I used to wait for checks to arrive and then make a special trip to cash them. Now I can simply access my PayPal balance while I’m already in Walmart doing my everyday shopping. On a typical week, I’m in Walmart at least 2-3 times picking up everything from groceries and clothing to gifts and household essentials. Thanks to this new partnership between Walmart and PayPal, I can now manage my finances right in the same place I do most of my shopping! Being efficient gives me more time to spend quality time with my family at home… and that is always a WIN in my book!
5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

I no longer have to buy prepaid cards to make purchases online, nor do I have to worry about high fees. In fact, PayPal Cash Mastercard customers can simply pay bills or make purchases online… anywhere that ‘Mastercard’ is accepted! You can now access your cash balance using Walmart Service Desks, ATMs, and cash registers for the low fee of $3 per service. Load and withdrawal limits apply.
5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

Now with the convenience of PayPal cash in and cash out services exclusively at Walmart stores, I can access my money on my own terms. If you’re looking for more flexibility in your financial life, be sure to check out PayPal cash in and cash out services exclusively at Walmart.

3. Track monthly spending habits!
Ever since I graduated college, I have made it a habit to keep track of monthly expenses. Maybe it’s the engineer in me that just loves data & spreadsheets! I originally used to create a spreadsheet that would list every single expense… from housing & utility costs to the gym membership and those pricey cappuccinos. Nowadays I use an automated service that does the tracking for me. Either way, looking at my expenses like this helps me spot trends and find ways to cut back expenses. For example, we realized that we weren’t visiting the gym often ever since we purchased our own bike & treadmill. So we cancelled our gym membership, which saves us over $60 per month. Teaching my daughters some basic tips on money management and the importance of saving is very important to me.

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

4. Monitor your credit report!
One’s credit report is not just important when you’re purchasing a house or financing a vehicle. In fact, employers, utility companies and other organizations will sometimes evaluate an individual’s credit report. If you are indeed looking for a loan, note that higher credit scores are associated with lower interest rates, potentially saving you thousands over the life of the loan. Everyone is entitled to one free credit report once per year. Take advantage of this service to keep tabs on your numbers.

5. Pay off credit cards!
Holding onto a credit card balance is never a good idea. The high interest rate means that you’re paying way more for your purchase. If you do have any credit cards with balances, make paying them off a top priority. Set aside some money each month just for the purpose of eliminating credit card debt. My older daughter has even taken an interest in finance, so we will sometimes read age-appropriate kid’s books that discuss things like how to allocate an allowance and saving up for a big purchase! I love that she is interested in finance… just like mama!

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today

Don’t forget to try PayPal’s cash in and cash out money services today! Have you also been looking for more flexibility when it comes to managing your finances?

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18 Responses to “5 Smart Financial Moves to Make Today”

  1. These are some great ideas to make our finances. I do like how PayPal and Walmart have partnered up to allow people to top up and withdraw PayPal funds at Walmart. This would make shopping easier to do! I hope this service comes to Canada soon (I don’t think we have it here yet.).

  2. Paying off credit cards completely every month is a must unless you want to spend twice as much for what you bought. Budget and tracking all wonderful ideas.

  3. What great tips! We always pay our credit card off every month. I taught personal finances to high school kids for years. I hope they remembered a few things they were taught. It’s so important to make smart financial moves.

  4. We do most of these things so it looks like we’re in good shape! We never keep a balance on cards and my hubby’s company matches 401k contributions so how could you not?

  5. Thank you for your tips. They are so useful. I use PayPal a lot so it’s a great idea to know more about this new service.

  6. Paying off my credit card debt was the best thing EVER! I wish I was more financially savvy when I first started working so I could have avoided some of the financial pitfalls I’ve experienced. C’est la vie. Thanks for the intro to the Paypal deal. I use Paypal a lot and mostly to shop at Walmart. *smile*

  7. I’ll have to look into this for PayPal, since I use it almost exclusively. Thank you for sharing these awesome tips!

  8. I love that you’ve listed all of these. I’m forever preaching to my kids to contribute to a 401K and make a planner to keep up with expenses spent and saved.

  9. I really enjoyed your post. Your tips are so helpful and came at great timing. Contributing to a 401k is so important.

  10. I just love Paypal and I use it often. I always try to be smart with my money.

  11. We do the 401K and don’t carry a balance on our credit cards. I do need to do a better job monitoring where we spend our money each month though.

  12. These are great and smart financial ideas. I didn’t realize PayPal had partnered with Walmart so I will have to check it out. Thank you for your great insight.

  13. I love PayPal! They making shopping online safe and it’s super easy to transfer my balance to my bank account!

  14. My husband is so good about this, which is great because I’m not! Great tips

  15. I think what I have to do most is track spending habits. It’s crazy how we can get carried away with certain expenditures and I think tracking these will help a lot in budgeting.

  16. These are great tips and looks like I’m on the right track! Sounds like a great partnership between Paypal and Walmart.

  17. Wow, these are smart tips and I really do agree with all them managing for finance properly is so important but remember invest your money wisely. I will also try to check out this Paypal cash in and cash out services it sounds really interesting!

  18. Thanks for all these tips, we try to hold of on our expenses possible every month still it goes out some time.

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