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Nov 292017

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During the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, many of us are on the go all day long. We may be shopping for holiday presents, baking up delicious treats in the kitchen and trimming the tree with handmade ornaments. However, as we go about our days, we probably take for granted the one thing that makes all this possible: our freedom.

The sobering truth is that the freedom of many have been wrongfully taken away. There is a human rights crisis going on at Berks County Residential Center in Pennsylvania, where dozens of fathers, mothers and children are being held in jail. Their only so-called crime is seeking safety for their families. Amnesty International USA is fighting to ensure that people fleeing violence are given a fair hearing & humane treatment and we can help them achieve their goals.

This holiday season, think about your own freedom. What does your freedom let you do? Maybe it’s getting up early in the morning & whipping up the most decadent hot chocolate and enjoying it in your favorite part of the garden!

The Value of Freedom

The Value of Freedom

Maybe it’s spending a fun day with the family listening to classic Christmas tunes while decorating the Christmas tree with your favorite ornaments.
The Value of Freedom

The Value of Freedom

Maybe it’s heading to the local swimming pool for a fun family day outing with the kids.
The Value of Freedom

The Value of Freedom

Let’s stop taking our own freedom for granted and start helping Amnesty International restore the freedom of those that deserve it! These families have been forced to flee their homes because their lives are under threat and their human rights are being violated. We all share a responsibility to help people who have lost everything, and to give them a chance to rebuild their lives safely the same way all of us would need to if we were in this horrible situation. For more information about the current situation at Berks, check out the video below:

A lot of the people fleeing violence have few decent options available to them. For example, parents are facing an impossible choice: stay and risk violence or flee to the U.S. and risk ending up behind bars with their children. In August, four families were released after being held for nearly two years at Berks. Some of the Berks children spent a significant amount of their lives essentially behind bars, some learning to walk and talk in jail. Whether for two weeks or two years, no family should be jailed for seeking safety.

The situation is not getting any better at Berks! In fact, Berks is currently holding at least 60 parents and kids. Many of them are from Central America, where Amnesty International has documented horrific violence. We must welcome refugees & do everything we can to ensure protection for people who are fleeing violence. Visit Amnesty International today to learn more and see how you can help.

The Value of Freedom

The Value of Freedom

What can you do about this? You can make your voice heard! Simply sign a petition, attend a local group meeting, organize a peaceful protest, volunteer your time, donate money, or become a member of Amnesty International online. There are hundreds of students, community advocates, workers, spiritual leaders and young professionals, who are taking a stand on this human rights crisis. And you can join them!

For Amnesty International, the power is in the numbers! The organization has been a leader in the protection of human rights since 1961. When a group’s justice, freedom, truth or dignity is denied, Amnesty International steps in. They find the facts, expose the truth and rally people together to create change! It’s a powerful process that has a big impact throughout the country and around the world. Remember to log on to Amnesty International and make your voice heard today!

The Value of Freedom

The Value of Freedom

Let’s stop imprisoning parents & kids for seeking safety! I am already committed to helping Amnesty International achieve their goals. Would you consider joining me to help Amnesty International fight for the human rights of these families that have been wrongfully jailed?

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23 Responses to “The Value of Freedom: The Berks Kids Crisis”

  1. Living here in the US it’s easy to take for granted that we have freedom. It’s sad that many others do not have such freedom.

  2. I think we often take our freedom for granted here in the US. It’s so sad that children are growing up behind bars.

  3. Amnesty International is really doing a lot to hear the plight of the people in need. It’s really good to be a part of the change.

  4. I will have to check this out. It sounds like a good program to be a part of. Everyone deserves their freedom and deserves to be safe.

  5. You should be proud for speaking out loud on such an important topic that not many people know about. It’s important to stay grateful for what we have here but nice that there are organizations trying to make a difference for those less fortunate.

  6. I have traveled a lot in my life and I can definitely say our country is spoiled. I take my kiddo everywhere I go because I want him to know what it is like another places so he can have more compassion for people.

  7. It sounds like Amnesty International is a great program to help those in need. We take our own freedom for granted at times, and don’t think about others.

  8. When I was a teacher, I taught ESL and had additional training to teach refugees. What those families went though in their countries is heartbreaking.

  9. We know several people who are from Central America. I can really see why people flee from there. It is great that Amnesty International is helping fight for these people.

  10. It’s very easy to take freedom for granted thats why its causes like this that are so important. Some privileges we have been afforded in the last few decades have not been the same for all.

  11. I think we should be more empathetic and compassionate towards these people. Just think if you were in their situation? We take our freedom for granted that we fail to see the real picture of what is going on around us. Thank you for raising awareness to this issue.

  12. This is so sad, I had no idea any of this was even going on. We take so much for granted. Every year I help out with Operation Christmas Child but this year have got my 5 year old son involved and I am so proud of him he has donated so many of his things to help others and came with me to volunteer and help out. Helping those in need is so important, its too easy to bury your head in the sand and get on with your own lives.

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, I agree. It’s so easy to bury one’s head in the sand, but it’s important to be aware of what’s going on – AND try to help!
      Thanks for your comment! Kudos to your son for donating his stuff!

  13. I have never even heard of the situation going on in the Berks! How absolutely awful! Thank you for using your voice and platform for good and to raise awareness!!

  14. I like just about two hours from Berks County and didn’t hear about this until recently. What a horrific place. I’d like to say I’m shocked and surprised that something like that is happening right here in PA, but then again, this is the state that brought you judges making deals with for-profit juvenile detention centers. That place needs to be shut down. People seeking refuge shouldn’t be jailed.

  15. Amnesty International is such a wonderful organization that does great work not just for families, but for the world. Thanks for using your platform to shine a light on a very important issue.

  16. It always breaks my heart to hear how rough others have it sometimes. I always do what I can to help.

  17. I think Amnesty International does such wonderful work and is a great organization. Thank you for sharing it with more people. There are so many in this country who could really use a long talking to about the need for safety and freedom that many people don’t get easily in the places they’ve tried to flee from.

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