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Dec 192017

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While we are in the middle of the busy holiday season, I am not bidding farewell to my healthy lifestyle. I fully intend on continuing to make smart choices for the rest of December and throughout the next year. If you are looking for tips on starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle in 2018, keep reading for all my simple, actionable tips. Also, find out why I rely on iHerb as a convenient online destination for vitamins, supplements, healthy snacks, and other wellness essentials. By the way, keep reading to find out how to save on your first order!

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Take a multivitamin!

I have always believed in the power of a great multi-vitamin. I recently picked up SmartyPants Women’s Complete vitamins from iHerb. Each bottle contains 180 gummies, which provide omega 3s, vitamin D3, CoQ10 and more. I really love the gummy formulation. For once in my life, taking my vitamin is something I look forward to!

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Each daily dose is 6 gummies. By the way, it’s available in 3 delicious flavors: Lemon Creme, Blueberry, and Orange. Here are some features of these vitamins that really appreciate:

  • Omega-3 Fish Oil From Small Fish (pure taste)
  • Vitamin D as D3 (better absorption)
  • Folate as Methylfolate (more bioavailable)
  • Biotin & Iodine (important minerals)

If you’re looking for a particular vitamin, check out iHerb for more options. They have a wide variety of formulations, brands, strengths and more.

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Consume more fruits & veggies!

One of the tenets of my healthy lifestyle is the consumption of plenty of fresh produce. I try to stick with seasonal fruits and vegetables- these are typically fresher and more affordable. I also sneak in fruits & veggies into my family’s recipes so my kids get extra food-based vitamins & minerals. For example, I’ll put grated zucchini in brownies (can’t tell that they’re in there) or I’ll add pureed butternut squash to my pasta sauce recipe (adds a delicate earthy flavor). Look for unique ways to add fruits & veggies to your everyday recipes, too.

Choose smart snacks!

I definitely have a sweet tooth. Although I am focused on a healthy lifestyle, I don’t deprive myself of sweets. I simply choose the right ones and enjoy them in moderation. I recently tried Stoneridge Orchards Chocolate-Covered Montmorency Cherries from iHerb. With 70% cocoa, this is a treat that I feel good about enjoying! The flavor is super rich & indulgent-tasting. Plus, the resealable bag makes it the perfect portable snack to throw in the car.

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Also, I tried the Alter Eco Salted Burnt Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar from iHerb. This one is free of gluten, soy, artificial flavors, and emulsifiers. It’s also made with 70% cocoa and is non-GMO certified. What I love about this chocolate bar is that it combines a deep salty crunch with a sweet indulgent chocolate.
Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

If I’m craving a savory snack, one option I have been enjoying recently is the Kettle Foods Potato Chips in Honey Dijon. I picked them up from iHerb and these chips are made from natural, real food ingredients. Made from potatoes and oils, these chips are simple & delicious! Also, they’re free of trans fat, MSG, gluten, preservatives. Perfect snack when watching a movie! ๐Ÿ™‚
Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or something savory, iHerb has you covered! Browse from the multitude of delicious, better-for-you snack options on their site.

Drink plenty of water!

Drinking water every day is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To add some variety to my water, I will sometimes add some fruits and/or herbs. Watermelon and basil make a great combination. Another favorite combo is mint & cucumber. Even just a spritz of lemon adds a refreshing flavor to my water.

Get enough rest!

We all need rest at night to recharge and give our bodies the chance to recuperate from busy days. Aim for around 7-9 hours of sleep at night. Some ways I have prioritized my sleep is by not looking at any electronic screens in the evening. The color & light of these screens can disrupt the sleep cycle, so avoiding these devices during the evening hours is a simple change that can make a big difference in the long run.

Take probiotics!

I have been reading about the importance of gut health recently so I was excited to add a great probiotic to my daily routine. I decided to get the Jarrow Formulas Bifidus Balance +FOS from iHerb. Each bottle contains 100 Veggie Caps. This formulation includes 4 Bifidobacteria Probiotic Strains and there are 5 Billion Cells Per Capsule. Quite an impressive number!

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Just one pill is all I need to take per day. I usually take it with my breakfast and a tall glass of water. Another thing I really like about this formulation is that it contains FOS, which is a natural prebiotic fiber that enhances the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria. That’s super important, because if we’re trying to promote the “good bacteria”, we have to give them something that will help them thrive!
Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

iHerb has plenty of probiotic options for whatever your needs are- be sure to browse their site today.

Choose the right supplements!

Another super supplement I have been reading about recently is collagen. So I added Z!NT Collagen Hydrolysate Pure Protein to my iHerb shopping cart. Collagen powder has been receiving a lot of positive attention recently- and for good reason. This supplement helps to stimulate collagen production in our bodies and the benefits range from reducing fine lines & wrinkles to strengthening hair, nails & teeth. I love that this formulation is non-GMO, gluten-free and sourced from grass-fed bovine.

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Collagen Hydrolysate also helps to support healthy liver function. This is imperative to achieving optimal health and overall well-being. Other benefits of collagen include promoting hormonal balance, strengthening the immune system, aiding digestion, and more. I simply add 2 tablespoons of Zint Collagen into my favorite beverage in the morning. To make this delicious Earl Grey Tea Latte (one of my favorite ways to start the day), I simply brew a strong cup of earl grey tea. Then I add 2 tablespoons of of Z!NT Collagen Hydrolysate, along with a bit raw honey & some frothed almond milk. I also top it with a dash of cinnamon. Perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day!
Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Don’t forget self-care!

When it comes to an overall approach to wellness, I always take into account self-care. During the winter, my skin gets so dry and dull-looking. To add a bit more moisture to my skin, I picked up Madre Labs Camellia Care Green Tea Skin Cream from iHerb. Featuring EGCG from Green Tea (antioxidant & anti-aging benefits), along with Resveratrol (antioxidant & anti-aging benefits) & Hyaluronic Acid (attracts water to skin), this is a multi-tasking powerhouse for my skin. I love that it’s pH-balanced, unscented and cruelty-free. The way I use it is I simply apply a thin layer to my face after cleansing in the morning. My skin feels super soft & smooth afterward!

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

To keep my hands looking & feeing their best during the cold winter months, I also chose the EOS Hand Lotion in the Fresh Flowers scent . This lotion is fast-absorbing and provides an impressive 24 hours of moisture! I love that it’s not greasy, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic and paraben-free.
Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

This velvety lotion has a delicate fragrance and is enriched with aloe, oats, and antioxidants for beautifully soft skin. Its portable size makes it a breeze to fit in my small crossbody bag.
Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Simple Tips for a Healthier 2018

Want to learn more about iHerb? Here’s why I’m loving their site as a go-to destination for health & wellness essentials: vitamins, supplements, snacks, beauty products & more:

  • There is a wide selection of products. In fact, there are over 35,000 brand name products available on their web site. I can always find what Iโ€™m looking for on their site. Plus, itโ€™s easy to navigate their site.
  • Shipping was super quick! I got my order within days.
  • iHerb has been in business since 1996 and has been serving customers in over 160 countries throughout the world. In fact, they have one of the highest product turnover rates in the industry. This means that their products are always super fresh.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in ten languages. If there is ever an issue with an order, I know I can easily get in contact with someone who can help.
  • iHerb gives back to those in need. In fact, they have been involved with educational projects in Cambodia to provide a method for impoverished kids to obtain an education. To date, the company’s charitable contributions have been over $3.1 million. I love doing business with companies that care about the community.

Ready to shop? Customers can get a discount off their iHerb Order by clicking here. Have you ever shopped at iHerb? What are your health & wellness goals for the new year?

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  1. Those snacks loo so tasty. I’m a big fan of snacking healthily, and it’s so important to supplement with a good probiotic daily.

  2. I have to admit, I am a very healthy person…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I am going to keep on trucking!!

  3. This is great info. I am a stickler for taking probiotics daily. I feel so much better when I religiously take them.

  4. I need to up my vitamin game in 2018. I feel like I got a good start this year but I feel like I could do more!

  5. We love Smartypants vitamins! Even my kids do not mind eating them. I also love the collagen, that is so good for your skin.

  6. We can all learn from all of these tips. I never really take any supplement but I guess it can’t hurt. Fruits and veggies and lots of water intake!

  7. We really cannot underestimate the power of enough sleep! I feel so much more energized when I sleep for at least 8 hours. Drinking water is really important as well. These are all good tips!

  8. Great tips! I’ve been taking multivitamins for a couple years now and my energy level has always been good. Some days are different but I try to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water.

  9. We have been focusing more on self-care this year and will continue into next year. It has done wonders for attitudes in general around our house.

  10. Getting enough rest is a toughey! It feels like rest is out of my reach nonstop anymore, ha!

  11. My health changed a ton for the better when I started taking a probiotic. These are amazing tips!

  12. iHerb is seriously a 1 stop shop for home and health items! I just placed an order with them last week!

  13. These are such a brilliant tips! It’s really important to stay healthy especially next year to improve ourselves.

  14. Those Kettle Chips are my weakness! So yummy!!

  15. These are great tips. I’m adding some of these to my goals for 2018.

  16. I take Smarty Pants mens formula gummies all the time! I need to get more Omega 8 and they are the tastiest way to get it that I’ve tried. So much better than swallowing fish oil tablets. Great brand to try out if you are looking into vitamins supplements plus they have a number of varieties including versions for children, men and women.

  17. Great ideas! We take probiotic gummies daily and I think that makes a big difference. The salted caramel dark chocolate bar looks delicious. Visiting from Wonderful Wednesday party.

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