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Jan 162017

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Like many other women, I have a pair of skinny jeans in the back of my closet. It’s a pair that used to fit pretty well, but it’s way too tight to wear nowadays. However, I won’t throw those jeans away. I know that with some basic lifestyle changes, I will fit into those jeans again! Today, I will share with you some tips on leading a healthy lifestyle, including making smart snack choices throughout the day.

For me, a healthy lifestyle comes down to a few basic principles:
1. Balanced Meals: I try to eat well-rounded, nutritious meals that are balanced and delicious. I find that if I eat well-rounded meals throughout the day, I will be more likely to stay on track with my health goals.
2. Exercise: I am incorporating plenty of cardio into my weekly routine. Whether that’s simply 45 minutes on the treadmill or having a dance party in the living room with my daughters, I need to get my heart rate up to burn those calories every day.
3. Water: Staying well-hydrated is essential to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I find that if I’m thirsty, I’m much more likely to reach for food. So I make sure to keep myself hydrated throughout the day by keeping a water bottle with me at all times.
4. Sleep: Studies have shown that getting adequate sleep at night is essential for a healthy metabolism. That’s why I have created a bedtime routine for myself that lets me unwind- this includes turning off electronics, taking a relaxing bath and spraying some soothing lavender water onto my pillowcase.
5. Snacks: For me, snacking in between meals is something I have keep under control. I have found that if I plan ahead and keep the right snacks on hand, it will be much easier to stay on track with my health goals. Luckily, I have some smart snack options that I keep on rotation every day of the week.

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

When I’m craving something sweet, I usually opt for some fruit. My favorite fruits to take with me on-the-go include a banana, an orange or some blueberries! When I’m craving something crunchy, I’ll opt for some plain popcorn. It’s delicious, crunchy and low in calories. When I’m craving something savory and satisfying, I’ll opt for some Weight Watchers Light String Cheese. Made from milk, this delicious cheese has an awesome taste you have to try to believe!
On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

Of course, I try to stay hydrated throughout the day, so I always bring my bright pink stainless steel water bottle with me when I leave the house (I love that thing). With my cheese, a banana, an orange, and my water bottle, I’m ready to tackle any snack cravings that may come my way during the day.
On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

In fact, Weight Watchers Light String Cheese is the perfect post-workout snack for me. These days, I am trying to get outside and exercise almost every day of the week. I gotta keep that metabolism high … remember those skinny jeans?
On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

After a workout, I love to grab one of the Weight Watchers Light String Cheeses. It’s a delicious & filling snack and perfect source of protein after exercising.
On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

In addition to having a yummy flavor, this cheese is so much fun to pull apart. It’s a satisfying option when you need to snack on the go!
On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

Oh, and I love that the cheese is individually wrapped so portion control is a no-brainer! With only 1 SmartPoint per serving, this cheese doesn’t throw off the rest of my day’s meals or snacks.
On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices

I picked up the Weight Watchers Light String Cheese from the dairy section of my local Walmart store. I love the great everyday value I get there on this staple snack.
If you’d like to try this cheese, I have a fabulous promotion to share with you today. You can save $1.00 on 2 Weight Watchers Cheese items at Walmart when you use this coupon here. This offer begins January 1, 2017 and ends January 31, 2017, so use this before it expires. Please note that there is only a limited quantity of coupons available.

.Great Taste GuaranCheesed!

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Find out what makes Weight Watchers Light Mozzarella String Cheese the perfect everyday, on-the-go snack and tell me: What are your favorite snack options? Do you have a pair of skinny jeans in your closet?

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17 Responses to “On-The-Go Smart Snack Choices”

  1. We buy those WW cheese sticks all the time. They are low cal and you’re right – easy to grab and go. Plus they are delicious.

  2. My kids love string cheese and I’m always sneaking theirs. I’ve been trying to snack healthier lately too, so thank you for the tips! I’ll look for the Weight Watcher’s String Cheese the next time I’m in the supermarket.

  3. I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. String cheese is a favorite and I’m definitley going to pick up some Weight Watchers light. I also have a pair of skinny jeans I need to get back in. Don’t we all? 🙂

  4. Cheese can be a good source of nutrient. It’s great that there’s some snack options that can be you the nutrients in cheese.

  5. I never had the weight watchers string cheese, but will have to try them. I like to have them once in awhile string cheese especially my son goes through them like crazy.

  6. I am a workout fanatic. I am working hard to eat right and string cheese and fruit are always on my list for healthy snacks!

  7. I think we all have a pair of skinny jeans hanging in the back of the closet or in some drawer some where. As long as you are eating healthy, getting more exercise and drinking tons of water you will get back into those jeans.

  8. I do a lot of the same things! I’ve never tried those Weight Watchers cheese sticks though. I’ll have to pick some up next time I’m at the grocery store.

  9. Having healthy snacks handy makes a huge difference. I always try to put snack together the night before so I can grab them as I am running out the door.

  10. I too have several pairs of jeans stored away in the cupboard in hopes I will fit into them again haha. I’m a sucker for cheese so these little snacks would be perfect!

  11. I do most of these things but sl;eep, I lack of it big time. I have a hard time falling asleep so it’s a big issue of mine.

  12. Yum! I like my fruit topped with plain yogurt for probiotics, and my popcorn with salt and butter – still better than grabbing a bag of chips! Smart choices!

  13. I had no idea Weight Watchers had string cheese! I usually snack nuts, berries, and fruit. Have to try the string cheese too!

  14. Great ideas! Water and sleep are things I am working on so much more. It sounds weird but life gets so busy, sometimes I am lacking in those areas of my health. These are great snack ideas and ones I almost always have on hand for my family.

  15. Great ideas.. I love string cheese and my kids always bring string cheese + fruits for snacking!

  16. I snack on string cheese all the time! It’s seriously my go to and everyone always knows I have it in my fridge

  17. Snacking can be tricky, but your tips are very helpful, Jennifer! No matter how much busy I am, now I can snack healthy!

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