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May 082017

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With two kids in school and a husband with a very unpredictable schedule, our mornings can definitely be hectic. However, we have developed a routine that keeps everything running smoothly. From taking Hyperbiotics to brushing their teeth, find out what my kids do every single morning. Plus, get my best tips on how to successfully streamline your mornings.

We recently discovered Hyperbiotics at Target and we love that it’s such an effective probiotic supplement that’s available at an affordable price. Did you know that all Hyperbiotics formulas are vegetarian, non-GMO, and free of lactose, gluten, and sugar?! These great-tasting probiotics are available in different varieties for people at different stages in life. My daughters take the Hyperbiotics Pro-Kids variety, which is specifically formulated for children. Look for the complete line of probiotics at Target.

Kid’s Morning Routine


1. Brush those chompers!
The first thing my kids do upon waking up is brush their teeth. Practicing proper dental hygiene is something that I’ve always been very passionate about and instilling this healthy habit in my kids is very important to me. Here are some tips on making teeth brushing a fun experience for the kids:

  • Pick a toothbrush and toothpaste that feature your child’s favorite cartoon characters to get them excited about the process.
  • Set a timer for two minutes and encourage your children to brush for that long to make sure they are fully cleaning their teeth. An even better idea is to find a toothbrush that lights up or plays music for 2 minutes to make it fun for the kids. We got these toothbrushes that flash lights for two minutes and my kids know they have to brush until the lights shut off.
  • Young children will not know the proper way to brush teeth. Teach them to brush on all sides of teeth and at different angles. When they are still young, hold the toothbrush and brush for them at least some of the time.
Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

2. Eat up!
We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I wholeheartedly agree. I am definitely not one of those people that can skip breakfast. I need a satisfying, nutritious meal to start the day and my kids are no different. One of my kids’ favorite breakfast meals includes some scrambled eggs, string cheese and a piece of fruit. Other great options include oatmeal, whole-grain waffles, and breakfast granola bars.

Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

3. Protect the gut! I have always been a big proponent of probiotics and I’m even encouraging my kids to take a daily probiotic in the mornings. They have been loving the Hyperbiotics Pro-Kids variety and I can’t wait to share some details. Fist of all, all Hyperbiotics products are free of soy, iron, nuts, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives. I love that Hyperbiotics formulas survive past the stomach acids, by using a time-released delivery system known as BIO-tract that slowly releases over an 8-10 hour period. This means that the good bacteria will reach the intestines, which is where they need to work!

Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

Just one tiny pearl tablet (it’s the smallest on the market) contains 3 billion CFU of their Proprietary Probiotic Blend. It’s recommended for kids aged 4 and older, and the small size make it easy to swallow.
Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

My daughter actually enjoys the flavor of the Pro-Kids variety so she’s happy to take her daily pearl tablet. I love that it doesn’t have to refrigerated (so convenient) and is sugar-free (no extra sugar for the kiddos)! Plus, these probiotics contain zero artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

Did you know that there are many other products in the Hyperbiotics line at Target? #FollowYourGut to Target and check out the Hyperbiotics products for better digestive & immune health today.
Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

3. It’s time to get dressed!
After breakfast, my kids get dressed for school. In the past, this step has caused some stress and disagreements. Here are some tips on how we have managed to make this a seamless step of our morning routine.

  • We pick out the outfits the night before. Since mornings can be hectic enough, we spend a few minutes the night before selecting an outfit that is agreeable to everyone.
  • When letting the child pick out the outfit, I give them two or three choices. This gives her some freedom and independence, but it also ensures that she find an outfit that’s seasonally-appropriate.
  • Once the outfit is picked out, I place it on a hook that’s low to the ground (one that the child can easily reach). In the mornings, I can tell my child to get dressed and they can go to their designated hook and find the pre-approved outfit. There’s no reaching up high for hangers or arguing about clothing combinations.
Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

4. Brush hair!
Both of my kids have curly hair (just like my husband). I love the look of their delicate curls, but their hair can easily get unmanageable if we don’t tend to it regularly. Before leaving the house, I always brush their hair, apply a leave-in conditioner and give them some options on their hair bows, clips, ponytail holders, etc. Again, I try to provide several options for them so that they feel like they are in control of their appearance.

Kid's Morning Routine

Kid’s Morning Routine

5. Build in extra time!
Mornings can definitely be unpredictable so I try to always allot some time in the mornings for unexpected delays and random issues that may arise. Maybe the kids got into a fight and there’s a toddler tantrum. Maybe someone spilled some food of their shirt and needs to change. Sometimes the delay is as simple as my kids really want to play with some toys before leaving the house. I always make sure we schedule in some free time in the mornings (even 15 minutes) so my daughters don’t feel too rushed before school.

I hope these tips have helped inspire you to make your mornings with kids run more smoothly. Don’t forget to #followyourgut and check out the full line of Hyperbiotics products at your local Target store.

Now, learn more about Hyperbiotics here. I’d love to hear from you. How do you keep your mornings running smoothly? Do you/your kids take a daily probiotic?

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Probiotics support many facets of overall health when taken regularly as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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19 Responses to “Kid’s Morning Routine”

  1. Oh yes, we have a tight routine in our house. Without out, nothing would run smoothly. This way my kids know exactly what needs to be done in order to get out of the house on time.

  2. I recently started on a probiotics regimen and I can really tell a difference. Mornings go so much smoother when you develop a routine with the kids.

  3. I need to pick this up for my kids. My daughter has many of those Beanie Boo’s by the way! We also try to plan the night before what is going to be worn and all of that since we are NOT morning people. Anything to make life easier in the morning…

  4. We have to have a routine in our house or it’s just a free for all. My kids get distracted easily which drives me nuts so we stick to our schedule!

  5. Items are always laid out the night before. School items are packed and put in place. All kids have their own special toothbrush they picked out.

  6. I think it’s so important for kids to have a routine. Routines give them structure and let them know what to expect. It also makes morning so much easier!

  7. Mornings can definitely be unpredictable so I also factor in “extra time” during my own morning routine! I love taking my daily vitamins in the morning, they always help get me going.

  8. Morning routines are so critical for us. I’m a single parent household with a full time job, so without routines – it just doesn’t happen!

  9. For us routines in the morning and in the night have been so important. It makes everything go smoother when there are routines in place.

  10. It’s important to establish positive routines especially when kids are still young. It helps them be more disciplined.

  11. Totally agree with making kids follow a routine. It really helps to make things run smoothly in the mornings. My kids are all grown ups now and when they were young, they had to stick to routines. That was one of the house rules we all agreed to follow.

  12. As I brush my daughters hair very frequently I know that it can be a task. And building in time to your morning is essential. I wish I had more time to build in to our journey.

  13. Nice recommendation for parents for their kids. Having the right supplement for children will be beneficial for the growth and health.

  14. It is very important to have a clear morning routine. It helps your child know what to expect next!

  15. Noone in the house takes any probiotics. My youngest has his morning routine on auto-pilot, he’s really great with following it and it saves time.

  16. My whole family takes probiotics. Unfortunately we have a history of Krohns and asthma in our family. Probiotics is an extra boost to digestive health and the immune system.

  17. Your morning routine is pretty much like ours years ago when the kids were still young. Getting clothes, homework, and other stuff ready the night before helped a lot. Taking probiotics is also something we recently started too. Really helps with digestions and the kids are more energetic.

  18. Nice routine! Only a few more years before they can do it without you! Lol!

  19. Our morning routine is super hectic! We have an hour drive to get him to school, so we get up early and run around like crazy!

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