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Medical bills can be astoundingly high these days. How do you keep the costs in check? Find out my 5 easy ways to keep medical bills from getting out of control. From using SingleCare to sticking to generic drugs, keep reading to find out how you can start saving today!

How to Save on Medical Bills

1. Stay in-network!
Most insurance companies have a list of providers that are in-network. Securing services and treatments from these providers is often more affordable than going out-of-network. Simply call your insurance company or log online to find a list of in-network providers. I always stick with in-network doctors to keep costs in check. Occasionally, it means I might have to travel to see an in-network specialist but I almost always find in-network physicians within a short drive of my home. My particular insurance company offers no out-of-network benefits, so if I saw an out-of-network provider, I would be responsible for 100% of the bill!

How to Save on Medical Bills

How to Save on Medical Bills

2. Choose generic!
Some people mistakenly believe that generic drugs are less potent or less safe than the brand name alternatives. However, the truth is that all drugs undergo thorough scrutiny before being placed on the shelves and generic versions are just as effective as their brand name counterparts. What’s amazing is that you can save significant money by simply going with the store brand. Even prescription drugs offer a generic option that’s typically much less expensive.

How to Save on Medical Bills

How to Save on Medical Bills

3. Use SingleCare!
Use SingleCare! SingleCare offers an easy way to save money on prescriptions, dental, vision and on-demand virtual physician consultations. SingleCare wants you to avoid the hassle of worrying about coverage limitations or deductibles and wants you to get the medical care you need at a great price.
It’s completely free to join. Simply download the free app on the iTunes/Google Play store or visit their website here. You can save money when you fill a prescription using a SingleCare card. The card is accepted at over 35K pharmacies across the country, including Walgreens, Rite Aid, & Walmart. The pharmacist will take your card and process the order using the BIN & PCN number found on your SingleCare card.
There are even dentists, optometrists & online physicians that offer discounts to SingleCare members. You can save up to 80% on these services! That savings will surely put a smile on your face! You can check out their website (or use their app) to see the costs after taking into account the SingleCare discount. I compared the prices of a recent prescription medicine I needed. If I had used the SingleCare discount, I could have saved 70%! Please note that you can use either the SingleCare discount or your insurance, so have the pharmacist ring up both prices and choose the lower one!  
Even scheduling a virtual visit with a licensed physician through their app is totally affordable. I have used virtual physician visits in the past and the convenience of this service cannot be beat! You don’t have to deal with parking, traffic, long wait times, etc. Simply log on and chat with a doctor in no time!

So what are you waiting for? Download the app for iTunes or Google play store today.

4. Review every bill!
This one is an important one. Did you know that over the last several years, I have found at least five significant errors on bills I’ve received from providers? Sometimes the insurance company was not charged properly- it was a simple administrative error of a typo in my insurance ID number. Sometimes the provider over-charged me at the time of the visit and after the insurance made their adjustments, it turned out that I was owed a refund. It always pays to go through every line in your medical bills. Look for errors or typos. Make sure what you’re being charged is fair and accurate.

How to Save on Medical Bills

How to Save on Medical Bills

5. Set up a health savings account!
A health savings account is a dedicated account you set up with your insurance company to set aside some money for medical expenses throughout the year. There are significant tax benefits of using a health savings account, so it’s an easy way to stretch your dollar farther when it comes to medical expenses.

How to Save on Medical Bills

How to Save on Medical Bills

Now, I’d love to hear from you. How do you keep your medical bills in check? Do you stick with generic? Have you ever found errors on medical bills? What is your best money-saving tip?

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21 Responses to “How to Save on Medical Bills”

  1. We have a FSA plan, which comes out of my husband’s check to pay for medical expenses. Luckily we are pretty healthy, so that covers our co-pays and generic prescriptions.

  2. The medical costs in this country are out of control! If you didn’t get charged $10 for a bandage, I am pretty sure costs could be cut to a reasonable amount! Just think of the days when a doctor would set a broken leg for a chicken!!

  3. I need to check into that Single care discount! Prescriptions are so expensive and I could definitely use something to help me save more money.

  4. These are fabulous tips. Health care can be so expensive and it’s important to be able to take care of yourself.

  5. With the high cost of medical bills and just trying to see the doctors now it is expensive. Don’t know how older people can afford it. Getting more difficult all the time.

  6. Medical bills are truly insane at times and these are great tips to help save money! I just have to remember I submit my receipts for the FSA :/

  7. I just recently had a baby and so I am dealing with tons of medical bills right now. It was really important that we stayed in-network to keep the costs down as much as possible.

  8. These are really good tips to keep a check on the medical bill.

  9. I have saved so much money by using generic medicines. It is a great way to easily cut your medical costs.

  10. These sound like some great tips, it always amazes me how much medical bills can come to. It makes me thankful we have the NHS.

  11. SingleCare seems like a really great app – we’re always looking for ways to budget and save money! I’m sure my mother-in-law would love it!

  12. SingleCare seems like a really cool app! It’s also definitely important to stay in network – going out of network is SO expensive!

  13. The cost of healthcare is getting insanely out of control. Anyway to save some money is appreciated.

  14. Medical bills can be very expensive. Thankfully, there are ways to save. Thanks for the tips.

  15. This is really informative and useful. The app is a great tool that can be used. I also use some generics medicine and it is effective.

  16. I neve know about Single Care and I am interested to it. I will need to check more details about this. Glad I came over this post.

  17. Staying in-network is key, I have a PPO plan so it gives us a wide net to fish in. I believe in the generic brand of medication.

  18. I need to use your tips to save on my medical bills. I have quite a few because of failed back surgery. This information will really be helpful.

  19. This app sounds awesome! So helpful, and reviewing every bill is super important too. You never ever know! Great tips!

  20. Excelente lista! All the suggestions were spot on- especially about checking the bill. Oh the errors Sweetie and BB have found!! Will be looking into the SingleCare app for sure; gracias for the suggestion. BB2U

  21. Excelentes consejos para no pagar un duro

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