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Jul 292017

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I have always said that experiences are better than possessions. Rather than spending our money on a bigger TV or a new toy, I’d much rather invest in vacations that are full of experiences & memories. After all, when I look back at my own childhood, I barely remember what I had – I mostly remember what I did.

So now that I am trying to plan vacations for my own family, I am finding that it can be difficult to coordinate all the elements of an adventure from home, especially when the destination is on the other side of the planet. For example, one of my dream vacations has always been to go climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. However, finding the right trails and the right accommodations for this hiking activity is not necessarily easy. However, I recently discovered Mojhi, an online marketplace for adventure activities around the world. I love that this site makes the whole process of booking a trekking adventure a breeze!

How To Book the Perfect Adventure

How To Book the Perfect Adventure

How To Book the Perfect Adventure

Whether you’re interested in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (or doing another adventure throughout Africa or Asia), here’s how the booking process on Mojhi works:

1. Visit the Climb Kilimanjaro webpage and select your preferences. Here are some of the specifics you can select:

  • the particular route you’d like to take
  • the size of your party
  • whether you’d like a group tour or a private tour
  • whether you’re looking for a safari tour, and if so, for how many days
  • the preferred dates for your adventure

How To Book the Perfect Adventure

How To Book the Perfect Adventure

2. Mojhi then works to find a good match between your preferences and their database of local operators in Tanzania. There are over 350 operators in their database.

3. Mojhi then presents to you the top five competitive quotes from their partners. You choose the one you prefer, saving yourself both time & money.

I love how streamlined this whole process is. Rather than spending hours of time researching various Mount Kilimanjaro adventures, you can simply visit Mojhi and take advantage of the system that does all the work for you.

…the system that does all the work for you

Still unsure? Here are some more reasons why I love Mojhi:

  • There are over 4,000 adventures available to choose from, including ones in India, Tanzania, Dubai, Nepal and more.
  • There is customer support available 24 hours per day & 7 days per week. You can get in contact via email, chat or phone.
  • It’s easy to compare adventures between different operators within a single interface, saving time & energy.
  • Conveniently pay for your vacation online using a credit card, debit card, PayPal or other approved methods.
  • The dynamic pricing engine ensures that you are offered the best possible price every single time.

How To Book the Perfect Adventure

How To Book the Perfect Adventure

My family has always wanted to visit Tanzania and with the convenient interface available at Mojhi, it’s no longer an intimidating process to book our trekking adventure. I love that everything can be done conveniently on one webpage and it’s super simple to compare all the options available. So if you’re looking for a fun experience this year, be sure to get started today and search by adventure or location!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What is your idea of a dream vacation? Would you love to book every aspect of your vacation conveniently with only one interface?

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3 Responses to “How To Book the Perfect Adventure”

  1. I remember going on a trip and calling my bank the day before to make sure everything was good, and it turns out they had actually placed an unrelated warning on it that day, so it sure was a good thing I called ahead of time. Always a hassle to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cash.

  2. It has been a while since we have been able to go on vacation. I’m hoping we can plan a trip to Disney in the next year or two. My youngest hasn’t been yet.

  3. I agree, I’d rather invest on vacations too rather than possessions. We’ve just had our dream vacation – a month-long vacation to my home country, the Philippines.Thanks for sharing about Mojhi. Will keep it in mind for our next vacation.

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