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When everyday life is busy and stressful, nothing is more rejuvenating than taking a trip to get away from it all. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a week-long escape to a serene paradise, going on a vacation is the best way to unwind. A destination that’s perfect for families looking for both adventure and relaxation is Kanab, UT.

Reflected light near the Buckskin Gulch Confluence.

Reflected light near the Buckskin Gulch Confluence.

Whether you’re a busy blogger needing to stay connected via social media (like me), an on-the-go professional needing to respond to emails throughout the day or a mom wanting to keep in touch with family & friends, we are all bombarded with technology on a daily basis. This over-stimulation from every angle can quickly lead to hectic, over-stressed lives. For me, it seems like I am taking care of errands & taking care of kids from morning until night every day, while also fitting in my blogging duties whenever possible. Sometimes it can seem like there’s not enough time to appreciate the simple joys in life.

Rather than continue to be stuck in the daily, monotonous grind, why not take some time to get away from it all? Visiting a land, whose beauty is magical and inspiring, sounds like a fabulous way to unwind. In fact, what makes Kanab & Kane County truly unique is that this area is unspoiled and serene. Unlike other destinations that are over-commercialized, Kane County offers an authentic back-to-nature vacation experience!


Interested in learning more about Kanab, UT? Here are five awesome reasons why you need to visit Kanab in the near future:

1. Gorgeous Scenery: If breathtakingly awesome landscapes are your idea of a good time, then you have to check Kanab, UT. There are so many awe-inspiring scenic drives to delight the eyes. You can check out the off-road drives along the Paria River Valley Trail or along the Alstrom Point Trail. If you’re looking for a longer off-road drive, be sure to check out the Hole In The Rock Trail or Smoky Mountain Road.


If you want to see more in less time, consider boarding a scenic flight. You can view the beautiful landscapes over Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Choose an airplane for 6 passengers or one for 9 passengers and really experience the beauty that this land has to offer.

2. Engaging Events for the Family: If you want the whole family to participate in seasonal events, then you will be quite pleased with Kane County. There’s an Events Calendar with plenty of activities & shows for everyone. Some events taking place over the next month include Balloons & Tunes (hot air balloon event) and Women’s Forum (event dedicated to women with workshops, food, speakers, etc.) How fun!

If you enjoy movies, you will definitely want to visit The Crescent Moon Theater, which offers musical entertainment, cowboy poetry, talent shows and dance productions. There are also feature films each week!

3. Action Sports: If being active and exploring the terrain is your preference, there are so many different activities to choose from. The hard part will be picking which one to do first!

  • There are ATV trails of many different lengths throughout the Grand Canyons regions.

  • Mountain bikers and cyclists can find a wide variety of trails from scenic road biking to strenuous mountain biking.

  • For those interested in fishing, there are various streams, lakes and reservoirs in the area, brimming with fish.

  • Hikers will find numerous hiking trails, from red rock trails to high mountain forests and so much more.

  • Horseback riding opportunities are offered in multiple spots throughout the vast open spaces of Utah and Arizona.

  • During the winter months, enjoy snowmobiling throughout the Dixie National Forest and Kaibab National Forest.


4. National & State Parks: Kane County is indeed well-known for being home to many State and National Parks. Bryce Canyon National Park is known for its mystical castles and amazing structures made from stone. Grand Canyon National Park is awesomely immense and because of its remoteness, remains a quieter, less-traveled area. The Lake Powell National Recreation Area offers 2000 miles of coastline and a magnificent lake. Other parks in the area include the Zion National Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Grosvenor Arch, Hole in the Rock Road, and more!


5. Arts & Culture: If art is your passion, then you’ll be delighted to know that art galleries can be found in various places within the Grand Canyons area. You can see exhibits featuring Native American art, pottery, rugs, jewelry, dolls and more. The area is also home to world-class restaurants and hotels for families on every budget.

There’s also the famous Bingham Gallery with many art exhibits. Oh, and you don’t want to miss the Maynard Dixon home & studio. He was a well-known American West painter, whose burial site is only 20 minutes away from Kanab. Dixon’s paintings are valued at six figures apiece! His home and studio are definitely worth a visit if you enjoy art.

Here are some fun facts about the Kane County area:

  • Kanab was nicknamed “Little Hollywood” thanks to all the Western movies made here in the 50’s.

  • The sand hills in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes park can move up to 50 feet per year.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park features some of the world’s most unique limestone rock formations.

  • The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is around 8000 feet above sea level.

What are you waiting for? Visit Kanab and experience an unspoiled gateway unlike any other place on the planet! Now, tell me: Have you ever visited Kane County? Do you enjoy scenic natural landscapes with plenty of opportunities for adventure?

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20 Responses to “Five Awesome Reasons to Visit Kanab”

  1. Heard of tons of beautiful places in Utah but never this one. Will have to look it up and find out more about this beautiful place. Being outdoors is important when we travel so this would be right up our alley.

  2. I have never heard f Kanab, UT. It looks like such a great place to visit. I could just sit and look at that beautiful scenery for hours.

  3. These pictures are AMAZING! I love scenic locations to begin with. I could get lost here and be quite happy. Going in a hot air balloon is one of my bucket list items. It looks scary and thrilling at the same time!

  4. I am in Colorado, so it is not too crazy far from here. I have a bunch on friends that have been. I really need to work on planning a trip for us to go!!

  5. I have driven through but I have never been there otherwise. I did not realize there was this much beauty in that area. I am definitely going to have to stop and check out places while I am there next time.

  6. My mom’s favorite place is the Best Friends Animal Society!

  7. What a beautiful place! I didn’t realize so many westerns were filmed there back in the 50’s. My husband and I have been talking about getting away for a week. This would be a great place to relax and unwind.

  8. Kanab sounds like it has something for everyone. The pictures in this post certainly make it look like a beautiful destination.

  9. Absolutely stunning! I have never been to Utah and these pictures alone are enough to convince me to plan a trip there. The scenery is just so breathtaking! Thank you for sharing information about Kanab!

  10. What gorgeous photos! I had never heard of Kanab but would love to visit. Looks so peaceful and like it would be really worth visiting!

  11. My mom has visited Kanab twice. Both times was to visit the Best Friends Animal Society after watching a show about them on PBS.

  12. I have never heard of Kanab before but it looks absolutely amazing. I am all about being out in nature and unplugged–it is so good for one’s soul.

  13. Wow, what amazing pictures. I love them, thank you so much for sharing them.

  14. I’ve only visited 3 places in the USA and Utah isn’t one of them! Really should! Kanab is breathtaking!!!

  15. Kanab is a place that indeed has beautiful sights to see. Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Canyon National Parks are two places we would love to visit very soon. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous places.

  16. Those views are to die for, I love visiting places like these where you can enjoy nature. Hopefully we could visit Kanab someday.

  17. wow these places look gorg. the photography is stunning. i would love to visit one day

  18. Wow, those photos are just gorgeous! Such great scenery!

  19. The pictures look good, I so need a vacation. I need to quiet my mind a bit and recharge. I love adventure and activities.

  20. OMG! that place looks amazing! i would LOVE to go visit there… I’m definitely going to have to remember this place when I’m able to afford traveling… your photos are awesome : )

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