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Sep 062017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are mine alone.

Last weekend, we went shopping for school supplies. Pencils, notebooks, rulers, folders & more all made their way into our shopping wagon. We were shopping for Sophia’s first day of first grade. How is my baby entering elementary school? I remember when she was born, when she took her first steps, when she uttered her first words… I remember when she was obsessed with small figurines and play dough. Now she is interested in lip gloss and stylish headbands. We took some time yesterday to enjoy one of the last days of summer together and we discussed everything that’s exciting about the new school year.

Both of us were outfitted in comfy clothing & the iconic Classic Leather sneakers from Reebok and we were ready to have an easy, relaxing day together. Throwing a ball around has always been one of our favorite things to do in the back yard. She is getting so much better at actually catching it and we have been moving farther apart from each other recently. I love that the Classic Leather sneakers from Reebok feature a timeless silhouette with a low-cut design. Keep reading for a super useful promo code for free expedited shipping!

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

After we threw the ball around for a bit, we decided to move to the driveway to draw with chalk. Is there a better way to celebrate the end of summer vacation than with some chalk on the sidewalk? She loves drawing and anything related to art, so this is definitely a favorite activity of hers. Plus, she actually calls me her “fashion mommy” (she is really developing a sense of style & looks up to me for guidance), so when I showed her our matching pairs of sneakers, she jumped for joy! I love that these sneakers feature a soft leather exterior for style & support.
Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

I love that the Classic Leather sneakers are both stylish and comfortable! They have a truly classic elegance that has stood the test of time. In fact, these sneakers have been around since 1983 as the first running shoe ever made with premium leather. Pretty neat, right? Plus, with the thick rubber outsole, these sneakers are durable enough for very active days, too!
Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Whether you’re looking for a pair for yourself, or for matching pairs for you & your child, check out Reebok’s wide selection of fabulous sneakers today. Reebok is a global brand that is built on a strong heritage of being a leader in the sports and fitness categories. Break those sneaker boundaries today and experience the supreme comfort of these casual, athleisure sneakers for yourself. Use promo code CLASSICFAST for free expedited shipping today!
Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

How are you enjoying the last days of summer? Do you love the timeless look of Reebok’s must-have Classic Leather shoes?

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22 Responses to “Enjoying the Last Days of Summer”

  1. I love these retro Reeboks! I think I need to get a pair for myself! They’re adorable!

  2. Summer is my favorite season so I’m enjoying these last few weeks of summer before fall officially arrives. Playing outside with the kids is always fun and they love to draw on the driveway with chalk. Love the shoes too!

  3. These are some fabulous sneakers. I’ve always liked Reebox. Thank you for the code for free shipping!

  4. Fall definitely seems to be coming early in my area. Although, we’ve had a mild summer with some heat waves, but not horrible. I need to find a good bonfire somewhere to enjoy. Haven’t been to one in ages :).

  5. Been busy with finishing up everything from the garden and mowing one last time. Just enjoy being outdoors and starting the bon fires.

  6. I love your leggings! I want me a pair. I don’t need them, I want them. Just like I want fall. I am so over summer – I was over it even before it started, ha! So I am counting down the days until Sept 21 so we can all officially talk FALL! 😉

  7. Our school started a few weeks ago and I can tell you right now I was not ready. I really enjoy the summer with my kiddo and we squeezed every minute of summer out that we could before he went back to school. It looks like you all did too. If I had known about these shoes before hand I might have got them for him because we were looking.

  8. Ending our Summer with one last Summer road trip. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in our region and we are going to take advantage of it before rainy season and cool weather begins. Oh, and loving those Reebok Classics. I rock mine quite frequently.

  9. Our summer is officially over, as we started homeschooling back up the first week of August. We are loving every minute though of our spare time still swimming in the pool.

  10. These sneakers are looking amazing. I love them.

  11. It is so important to really enjoy those last few days of summer! It seemed to go really fast this year, so it is good to make the most of what we have left.

  12. They remind me of the Reeboks I had growing up. I remember they were the must have cool pair of shoes.

  13. Hard to believe that summer is over. These retro Reebok’s bring back lots of memories.

  14. I went to the beach one last time before fall. I love the Reebok’s! They’re such a classic.

  15. love this!!! i remember having to have a pair of white reeboks way back. glad to see they are still such a classic! you wear them well!

  16. I do like certain plain white sneakers. They can actually be surprisingly hard to find so it’s nice to know a brand that’s offering them.

  17. I still make it a point to enjoy the summer time! Hahaha! I love wearing comfortable shoes too as I maximize my time having something like this.

  18. It seems the days are flying by so fast. Can’t believe it is almost Fall. My family and I take advantage of the last days of summer by enjoying good food on the grill. I remember asking my mom if she could get me Reeboks. She looked at me and said, “Is that something to eat?” LOL.

  19. So sweet, I miss those days of doing things like that with my son. Enjoy, because they flyby fast.

  20. I love the matching sneakers! It made me remember the time when my daughter was that age! I find it so cute to see a mommy and daughter with matching outfits.

  21. I’m looking for white sneakers, good thing I found this. Will check it out.

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