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Jan 042017

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Recently, I have been trying to make lifestyle decisions that are more environmentally friendly. From using Esse Reusable Bags to switching to a low-flow shower head, keep reading to see the simple changes I have made that make a big difference over the long run.

1. Grow your own food: Growing one’s own food can have a significant impact in one’s carbon footprint. Ideally, you would create a substantial backyard garden that will grow lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, and more. However, if experience or room is an issue, start by growing some herbs in your kitchen. It will still save plenty of money!

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

2. Create a compost pile: Don’t waste money on fertilizers for your lawn. Save all those food scraps and build your very own compost pile. The compost can even be used to grow new food. Look for a compost bin at your local home improvement store and start small.

3. Stick to reusable water bottles: Purchasing those disposable plastic water bottles is a habit that’s worth breaking! Tap water is drinkable in the vast majority of regions throughout the country. Grab a BPA-free bottle and simple re-fill it with tap water! Your wallet – and the planet – will thank you!

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

4. Install a low-flow shower head: Did you know that using a low-flow shower head can save almost 50% of water when compared to a regular shower head? That means there will be a big savings on the water bill! What’s even better? With the modern shower heads available nowadays, you can typically switch from low to high flow throughout any given shower.

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

5. Use Esse bags: One of the easiest ways to make a big impact is to bring reusable bags with you when you go shopping. My favorite reusable bags are the Esse Reusable Bags! Avoiding those supermarket plastic bags is the responsible thing to do, especially when these Esse reusable bags are so attractive and practical.


I originally tried Esse bags because a few of my friends raved about these bags. Although I have used a few other brands of reusable bags in the past, once I tried the Esse bags, they have since been my preferred choice! Unlike other bags that feel flimsy, Esse bags are rugged and heavy-duty. I could fill one of the bags with plenty of canned goods & a big container of milk and not worry about the bag falling apart.

Esse bags are premium reusable grocery bags, produce bags and shopping bags. I love that they are offered in fashionable colors and come in convenient storage packs. Here are some of my favorite Esse bags:

  • Errand Bags: These fold to a mere 1″x2.5″ size and can clip onto your handbag or belt. These can hold one meal’s worth of groceries or your purchases from a department store.
  • Grocery Bags: These heavy-duty bags can hold up to 35 pounds and feature a luggage-grade construction. In fact, these bags are so environmentally-friendly that they’re made from recycled water bottles! These bags fold into an 8″ square and snap closed for storage. These well-made bags will last for many years!
  • Grocery Bag Tote: The tote contains extra pockets for coupons or lists, but is small enough to fit in a seat of the car. With a long adjustable handle, these bags can be toted on the shoulder for convenience. Plus, there are so many fun color choices available!
  • Produce Bags: These bags can hold a lot of product (12″x15″) yet weigh less than an ounce. Made from 100% nylon mesh, these bags make it possible for the cashier to scan your produce without having to take them out of the bag. Talk about convenience! Keep these bags together in the pack-it bag, which is included.
  • Clip-on bags: These pint-sized bags fold into a mere 1″x2.5″ but can easily carry 3 bottles of wine! The unfolded size is 9″ x 12″ so there’s plenty of capacity for your groceries. Don’t let the small size of these bags fool you into thinking that they are not durable!


Esse Reusable Bags are gaining popularity throughout the country. Here is why! Many states and cities are mandating that stores no longer provide disposable bags, so consumers need to find reusable bags that are durable and affordable. Esse offers a premium reusable bag that is attractive, rugged and practical. Many people trying to be more eco-friendly are realizing that one reusable bag actually replaces thousands of plastic bags over the long run. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it! Keep reading to find out how you can enter a sweepstakes to win a set of Esse Bags for yourself or a friend!

6. Replace that light bulb: It’s so easy to replace all the lightbulbs in your home with a CFL, or compact fluorescent light bulb. That quick swap will result in much lower energy usage and a much longer lifespan. Yes, the CFL bulbs cost more upfront, but the savings is well worth it over the long run!

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly

7. Let clothing air dry: A clothing dryer is one of the biggest power hogs in the home. Instead of throwing your wet clothing in the dryer next time, consider setting up a clothes line. The clothing will be dry in a day or so, and your lower energy bill will surely put a smile on your face!

I hope these tips have given you some ideas on how you could be more eco-friendly. Ready for details on the Esse Bags giveaway? Simply visit the Esse Bags website between January 1 and February 3, 2017 for a chance to win one of the following 3 amazing prizes:

  • Grand Prize (valued at $39.95): 3 premium Esse grocery bags + a set of 4 Esse produce bags in a pack-it bag + a clip-on bag.
  • 2nd place prize (valued at $29.95): 3 premium Esse grocery bags + a clip-on bag
  • 3rd place prize (valued at $12.95): 4 Esse produce bags in a pack-it bag

Good luck, friends!

Now, learn more about what makes Esse Reusable Bags unique and tell me: Have you ever used Esse bags? Are you trying to be more eco-friendly?

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17 Responses to “7 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly”

  1. We are trying to be more green this year. I am thinking about starting a compost pile in my backyard.

  2. These are great ideas. Sadly I live in NYC apartment so I can only take advantage of a couple of the ideas. I do know people who save their garbage and go to the compost pile at the local green market but that is so not me.

  3. I do everything you have listed which makes me feel pretty darn good. I always just used those canvas bags you can buy from the store. Will have to look into these new bags never heard of them.

  4. When I was a little girl, my mom and dad grew all of our veggies and I remember my mom hanging the wash out to dry. Those were much simpler times and looking back, they were the best of days. We were eco-friendly and didn’t even know it.

  5. I love this! I’ve always tried to remain fairly eco-conscious over the years. Some of the ways we work towards being a more eco-friendly family includes re-purposing things whenever possible and making some things ourselves instead of buying them. 🙂

  6. I love these tips!! There is so many small things we can do to make a huge difference to our environment.

  7. It’s a nice idea to grow your own food. It’s also best to reusable items. It can save you a lot and save the environment.

  8. This is a great list. I have swapped out my light bulbs for efficient ones and I love reusable shopping bags.

  9. I currently have a low flow shower head and I’ve switched all my lights out to florescent bulbs. I don’t have the room to grow my own food, but I’m hoping that will change in my next home!

  10. I love the idea of using re-usable water bottles. Too often I find myself buying the throw away ones and before you know it they are built up in my car!

  11. I used to let my clothes air dry years ago. I agree with the water thing but, at the same time, when the water tastes like bleach coming out the tap, sometimes I am driven to buy the multipack of bottled water. But, I guess a filter could better that. Anything to help the economy. Some stores charge for bags now. Recycling is important.

  12. These are all awesome ideas! We have wanted to have a vegetable garden for years, and this spring we are committed to doing it, finally! I am excited!

  13. These are awesome Ways to be Eco-Friendly! I love using reusable water bottles and recyclable bags when I go shopping. They’re both so simple and yet they can make a huge difference.

  14. These are awesome tips! It’s one of my goals to be more environmentally conscious, so this is great!

  15. I need to look into a low flow shower head. I love to take a long hot shower when I get home from work!!

  16. Great tips. We try to be eco friendly in our house. definitely the way to go

  17. Great tips. We try to be eco friendly in our house. definitely the way to go for a better planet.

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