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Nov 032017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Now That’s What I Call Music. All opinions are mine alone.

Music has always been a big part of my life. In fact, I have always said that the best way to listen to songs is with others! My daughter, Sophia, and I actually love many of the same songs and singing together is one of our favorite hobbies. I recently had the privilege of getting a sneak preview of the Now That’s What I Call Music 64 album and I’m totally loving it. It’s a great compilation of today’s hottest and latest hits (from artists like Charlie Puth, Alessia Cara and Shawn Mendes).
I think of music as the soundtrack of my life. I listen to it every day and it’s a powerful force. With the right music, our moods can be lifted, our energy levels can be boosted and our attentions can be improved. I listen to music in the car, at the computer desk and in the shower/bath.
I work out several times per week. To be honest, I cannot remember ever heading to the gym without my music player and earbuds. Listening to an upbeat song is the easiest way to boost my speed on the treadmill or increase the intensity of my reps with dumbbells.
Did you know that the NOW brand has sold over 100M records and has had a record 19 #1 albums? Now that’s impressive! With Now 64 (the latest release in the NOW franchise), you can enjoy 22 of today’s best songs in one album. It’s actually available everywhere starting today (November 3rd) and it’s the perfect compilation of what’s popular RIGHT NOW! My daughter and I absolutely love to sing together.

Bonding Over Music

Bonding Over Music

Nowadays my daughter actually knows all the top songs before I do! So when I shared some of these #NowThatsMusic hits with her, she was super excited to have a singing party with me. By the way, Now 64 songs are edited to be family-friendly and parent-friendly, so we can enjoy these songs together without worry!
Bonding Over Music

Bonding Over Music

We grab a toy microphone and just sing to our heart’s content. There’s usually a lot of giggling involved! 🙂
Bonding Over Music

Bonding Over Music

The kids love listening to songs with me because it means “Mom is cool”. I love listening with them because it means I am sharing special moments with her.
Bonding Over Music

Bonding Over Music

The NOW 64 album contains 22 of the latest hits from the best artists of our day. With the holiday season just around the corner, NOW 64 would make a perfect gift for any music lover on your shopping list! Here are the tracks on the album:

  • Charlie Puth “Attention”
  • Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber “Despacito”
  • Shawn Mendes “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”
  • Sam Hunt “Body Like A Back Road”
  • Liam Payne ft. Quavo “Strip It Down”
  • Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean “Feels”
  • Maroon 5 ft. SZA “What Lovers Do”
  • French Montana ft. Swae Lee “Unforgettable”
  • Childish Gambino “Redbone”
  • Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid “1-800-273-8255”
  • Sam Smith “Too Good At Goodbyes”
  • Kesha “Praying”
  • P!nk “What About Us”
  • Bruno Mars “Versace On The Floor”
  • ZAYN f/Sia “Dusk To Dawn”
  • Imagine Dragons “Thunder”

NOW Presents What’s Next:

  • Barns Courtney Golden Dandelions
  • DaniLeigh Play
  • Moon Taxi Two High
  • The Accidentals Odyssey
  • Billie Ellish Ocean Eyes
  • Molly Kate Footprints

My favorite #Now64 songs are “Attention” and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”. Check out this fun video from our music party, where we sing along to these songs.

Look for the album in stores everywhere beginning today and share these catchy songs with your family!

Check out the fabulous selection of songs in the NOW 64 album and tell me. What does music mean to you? How do you like to share music with your loved ones?

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27 Responses to “Bonding Over Music”

  1. Agree music can set the tone or mood and certainly lift you up out of a crappy mood. I love to sing and think it is wonderful you and your daughter sing together.

  2. My daughter would want this. She’s into the music of today. I find a lot of it to be pure noise, but naturally she loves most of it!

  3. Music can really be a great way to bond as its a source of fun and laughter. Its nice that she loves to sing even at a young age.

    • EngineerMommy

      YES! She has always had an ear for music and loves singing along! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! 🙂

  4. I love the NOW music cd’s. I still have like one of the first few that came out! Haha. I will still jam out to it in the car every now and then.

  5. I love the Now albums! It’s all my favorite radio hits in one. Great holiday gift idea!

  6. I always have music on and because of that, music was a fun way for us to relax at the end of the day. Now that I’m a grandma, I still have my music going and the grand kids seem to respond well to music. I need to check out Now 64!

  7. There is something wonderful about music the way it brings people together and it can make you feel a while host of emotions.

  8. OMG, 64? WOW! I have a few of them from when I was a kid and my kids have some, I guess it’s safe to say my grandkids will have a NTWICM someday as well. We rock out all the time and it is so much fun

  9. I have so many of the NOW CDs. I love listening to them while I’m driving on long road trips.

  10. Ah! We love this line of CD’s in my family. My kids always get excited when new ones come out. We do lots of dance parties in the kitchen

  11. We’ve bought the NOW albums for as long as I can remember. The kids love them and so do I!

  12. I have not checked out the NOW music compilations for years now but I always love that its a compilation of all the latest {at the time} top hits.

  13. My husband is a record collector so we have music around here all the time. Music can bring back so many memories.

  14. All the songs you guys are jamming are my kids favorite songs to listen to. I can totally relate since we do this too sometimes.

  15. I’m about to age myself but I remember when the NOW! cds came out and I always thought NOW! 3 was the BEST! HA!!

  16. This sounds really good! My daughter and I have always bonded over music from the time she was a baby. We still do now and I think we’d both really enjoy this CD.

  17. Holy cow, how did I not know Now That’s What I Call Music is on #64? We certainly bond around music in our house, if there’s a song in your heart you’ve gotta sing it!

  18. Music is extremely therapeutic. I totally have to check out Now That’s What I Call Music. I am surprised it’s all the way up to 64 lol

  19. How cute. That’s great that you both have songs that you like to sing together. What a great memory she is going to have.

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