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Aug 192017

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First impressions are very important. When it comes to houses, curb appeal can make a big difference. Keep reading to find five easy ways to easily improve the look of the outside of your home today. From painting the front door to sprucing up the landscaping, boost the home’s curb appeal today.

5 Ways to Boost your Curb Appeal

1. Paint your front door!
A front door with a bright coat of paint can make a big difference in the overall look of a home. In fact, it’s a simple DIY job that only takes one afternoon (even with two coats). The effect is quite extraordinary and I love that you can personalize the paint color to match the rest of your home. We recently undertook the job of painting the front door and we are absolutely in love with the color we chose.

Painting our Front Door: Awesome Tips I Learned Along the Way

Painting our Front Door: Awesome Tips I Learned Along the Way

2. Go for symmetry!
When it comes to creating an attractive look for the outside of your home, symmetry is everything. There is something very pleasing to the eye about seeing something symmetric on each side of the front door. One way to achieve this is to add a set of planters to flank the front door. You can see how we achieved this symmetry on our front door.

DIY Large Planters for the Front Door

DIY Large Planters for the Front Door

3. Focus on landscaping!
Nothing will ruin a home’s curb appeal faster than a dead lawn or a lawn with plenty of bare/brown patches. Focus on your landscaping to restore the look of your home. If you already have some patchy grass issues, try to plant some grass seed. It’s remarkably easy to grow some grass seed and take that lawn from mediocre to fabulous.

4. Add visual interest!
Sometimes an architectural element in the garden can really make a big difference. Consider adding a beautiful garden orb to your flower bed. Alternatively, you can incorporate a fairy garden fountain to your lawn- the sound of trickling water will be very calming. If your budget is bigger, you can always install some steps and a front porch.
5. Incorporate some lighting!
A lawn that’s well lit always looks better than one that doesn’t have any lighting. There are so many ways to add lighting fixtures to your home, such as with path markers, flood lights and sconce lights.

How do you keep the outside of your home in top shape? Have you ever painted your front door? Do you maintain your own lawn?

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15 Responses to “5 Ways to Improve the Outside of your Home”

  1. These are lovely tips, my parents added some lights and flowers to the front of the house. I live in an apartment building so can’t do much

  2. I think a BOLD door color sparks up the front of a house IMMEDIATELY!

  3. I so want to paint my door teal. I’ve been chicken so far though.

  4. I’m the resident lawn mower in our house, and have noticed that a well-manicured lawn really does make the house look better! We haven’t painted the front door yet but we do love keeping the outside bright and interesting with flowers and such. Love these tips!

  5. I love that front door! Too bad I’m renting and can’t paint mine!

  6. Painting the front door is such a great idea for improving curb appeal. I’m surprised you don’t see more people doing it?!

  7. I have a bright red door and a white house and LOVE it. My landscaping needs some TLC though.

  8. Great ideas! I think in the Spring I’m going to paint our front door. I think it’s a great idea and will make the house look so much better!

  9. this gives me an idea of what color to use..

  10. Great tips to improve the front area of the house. I will employ these tips.

  11. Unfortunately I don’t own my home, but my landlord surprised us a few days ago and had some landscapers come. It looks so much better now. If I was allowed to do anything I would paint my door.

  12. Great tips to improve the outside area! We’ve been talking about painting our front door for a long time now. I think it’s finally time to do it.

  13. Some beautiful ideas for keeping the outside of your house looking good. I have painted the door but it’s been such a long time.

  14. These are all awesome tips for curb appeal! I’m in marketing and one of my clients is a realtor, and he mentions these tips all the time!

  15. The outside of our home needs more attention and you’re right, painting the door to add color may add curb appeal.

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