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Teaching young kids to use the toilet can be an adventure. Having potty trained both of my kids in recent years, I know what works and what doesn’t. Today, I’m sharing with you some of my best tips and tricks for a successful potty training experience. From ensuring that the timing is right to using Pampers Easy Ups training underwear, keep reading to find out my five best tips for an easy transition to underwear.

In order to facilitate our underwear training experience, Pampers sent us a super cool Pampers gift box. My daughter, Charlotte, helped me open the package. Check out our unboxing video below!

We were so excited to get our gift box filled with Pampers Easy Ups training underwear! The box had a mirror and some cute sounds. My daughter really loved opening it repeatedly!

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

1. Set up a routine: When it comes to potty training, I have found that a predictable routine is best. For example, my toddler knows that when she first wakes up, it’s time to use the potty. When she comes home from being outdoors for a while, it’s time to use the potty. Creating predictable expectations helps to improve the odds of a smooth, successful potty training experience.

2. Incorporate rewards: The fact is that kids really respond to treats. Having an incentive to use the potty really helps motivate them. In fact, when the child knows that successfully using the potty will result in a fun reward, she is much more likely to try to make that happen. Don’t want to give the kids candy? No problem! You can use stickers, temporary tattoos, small toys, play dough, crayons, etc.

3. Focus on timing: When it comes to potty training, timing is everything. Make sure that your child is physically and emotionally ready to start the process of underwear training. He/she should be able to communicate a need to use the potty, show an interest in the potty/toilet, and display an ability to remain dry for a significant amount of time.

4. Have the right attitude: Even if all the elements of potty training are there, potty training is always an adventure. Accidents will happen- it’s inevitable. Make sure you’re ready for them and make sure you keep a positive outlook at all times.

5. Use Pampers Easy Ups: Having the right products on hand will be crucial to the success of a potty training experience. An essential element of successful potty training is the NEW Pampers Easy Ups! They look, fit and feel just like real underwear, but they have that amazing leak protection offered by Pampers products. For more than 50 years, Pampers has been dedicated to caring for the happy and healthy development of babies and toddlers. We have personally used and loved plenty of Pampers products over the years, including diapers, wipes and training pants.

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Here are some reasons we really love the new Pampers Easy Ups:

  • They fit just like underwear. The 360 degree stretchy waistband make them super comfortable and flexible.
  • They feel just like underwear. The outside material feels as soft as cotton!
  • They look just like underwear. My daughter is absolutely in love with Dora the Explorer™, and these Pampers Easy Ups feature the cartoon’s graphics all around the pant! For boys, these underwear feature the Thomas the Engine™ graphics. These designs make underwear training so much fun for the kids!
  • They offer premium leak protection. I can be confident that my toddler will be dry and comfortable during the day and night!

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

My daughter absolutely loved the fun graphics on these underwear!
Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

If you have a little one about to start underwear training, be sure to see how Pampers Easy Ups can help your little one during the all-important potty training journey. Did you know that Pampers Easy Ups is the only training underwear with Extra Absorb Channels™? These channels are uniquely designed to keep toddlers dry during the day AND night. With the dual Leak-Guard Barriers™ around the legs, leaks are prevented even when the little one is on the go!
Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Starting in August 2016, look for Pampers Easy Ups nationwide in sizes 2T-3T, 3T-4T, and 4T-5T. Before you head to the store, be sure to take advantage of this fabulous offer! Pampers is offering a coupon for $2 off 1 pack of new Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants. See how Pampers Easy Ups can help make the potty training process easier with this coupon!
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Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition

Now, tell me: What are your best tips for a successful potty training experience? Have you used Easy Ups on your kids?

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70 Responses to “Underwear Training: Five Tips for an Easy Transition”

  1. My best potty training tip is to try and do it in the warm months when the kids are wearing less clothes so it is easier on you and them!

  2. I think consistency is the best advice to potty training. Order and doing the same thing makes good habits.

  3. We used easy ups for my son to and he loved them. It made him feel like such a big boy. They are so cute they look like regular underwear is still protects their bed if they wet it. Total win/win!

  4. Looking for the cue in your child’s face. You can tell when they need to go if they are crossing their legs.

  5. Timing is everything when it comes to underwear/potty training. If you try to do it too early then you will just end up with a frustrated child and parents.

  6. I used Cheerios in the potty for my boys to aim at! It was great and taught them some aim!

  7. Great tips, and great training pants! The biggest problem I see with most training pants is that they look too much like diapers, which only serves to confuse the little ones, IMO.

  8. I would love to have a pair of these

  9. These are all great tips for an easy transition from diaper to big panties. Love these tips, I will share with my mom friends!

  10. My tip is to let the child choose their own training potty so it will be more fun for them.

  11. Have patience with your child. When potty training I would set the timer every 15-20 minutes and make the child sit in the potty and try to go.

  12. My best potty training tip is to be consistent, give lots of encouragement and give rewards for a job well done.

  13. my tip is to be consistent. don’t go back to diapers once you started potty training

  14. We use a reward system and it works really good.

  15. My best potty training tip, do not force the issue. All children are different and it will go much easier when the child is ready and positive! 🙂

  16. Aww your girl is so cute! It’s so important to get them trained. Having comfy underwear helps for sure!

  17. Aww she looks so excited to unbox! I remember those days and am glad they are behind me. However, it’s always nice to see the latest in innovation.

  18. My best tip is to use a rewards system.

  19. These are great tips for underwear training. It’s been along time since my girls were this young, but I sure remember how hard it was.

  20. Stay patient. And the reward system always works best for us. But don’t punish them for accidents.

  21. The best potty training tip is to make sure you reward them for going potty.

  22. I love these tips! Pampers has really saved me with potty training my son this time around!

  23. I have not had the privilege to train a child on how to use the potty, but I have heard several stories from my friends so I am going have to send them this information.

  24. My tip is to try to train during the summer, when less clothes are necessary.

  25. Look for signs of readiness and don’t rush them!

  26. My tip is to not potty train around a holiday or a time when your schedule is way off.

  27. My best potty training tip is to have lots of patience and use a good reward that excites your child! My oldest grandson loved getting 1 M&M for each potty success and it kept him motivated.

  28. I remember when I first met my ex and his daughter was about 4 and had just reach the “done with potty training” stage but she would have accidents from time to time. That was quite a few years ago and all they really had then was pull-ups and those were pretty bulky. These would have been nice to have.

  29. Excellent tips! Underwear training can be a challenge and these tips are so helpful! I’ll be sure to pass these down to my friends. Thanks!

  30. Be patient, use reward systems.

  31. I can’t imagine potty training without pull-ups! They make life so much easier – and that giveaway makes it even better.

  32. ….wait until they’re ready. be consistent. and make it fun! 😀

  33. The nice design of pampers would really entice them to wear underwear. Treats always work for kids.

  34. Maybe this sounds really simple.
    What worked best for us was lots of praise and patience.
    thank you

  35. We love easy ups! I have a 3 year old who wears them at night right now and they are working like a charm! Such a great product!

  36. Give a small reward to incentivize and encouragement 🙂

  37. Great tips for potty training! My youngest is 9 days old, but i remember the potty training days with my older 3 kids and I am hoping that this littlest one is as easy to potty train as they were

  38. My best tip is to stay consistent!

  39. The best tip I have is to always stay positive whether or not they make it in the potty! Thanks for all your tips!

  40. We are just starting our potty training journey. But I think it is important to follow your childs lead. Some kids like on the potty activities…some like after potty celebration. They are all so different!

  41. we gave our son treats when he went on the potty

  42. Pampers is such a great brand! These would make potty training so exciting for little ones!

  43. My best tip would be to put some story books by their little potty chair. We go there often throughout the day in hopes that something will happen! He loves stories…so he enjoys sitting on his little potty and having me read a book to him!

  44. I like to be prepared. I read them books about the potty, have underwear/pull ups with their favorite characters and talk about it often.

  45. we just finished up potty training and it went better than expected. we also used a lot of the tips you share here, and they worked perfectly. my boy used swaddlers, transitioned to easy ups, and now he’s fully potty trained, with the exception of a pull up at night. got one more kiddo to go once she’s old enough 🙂

  46. Make using the potty fun. My youngest kids are 9 year old twin boys and honestly they were easier than 3 older girls because they found potty time more fun than my girls. I have grandkids potty training now and I tell my daughters to just be consistant and find what works for each child. One daughter has a son and another daughter has a girl and they are almost the same age but my grandson seems to enjoy his potty a bit more.

  47. My best tip is to reward potty training successes and not get frustrated.

  48. my tip is to be consistent

  49. The reward system works good!

  50. I would say that consistency is key to potty training!

  51. My baby is still too young for potty training so no tips yet but I am eagerly reading these tips!

  52. Don’t rush things, let your kid learn at his or her own pace.

  53. My tip is to give lots of praise. My sons loved when we were proud of them.

  54. My Best Potty Training Tip Is To Make It Fun, Use A Chart To Track Progress And Offer Rewards Along The Way.

  55. I let my kids potty train in their own time. I didn’t push them to potty train before they were ready just because other kids their age were.

  56. be consistent

  57. I think its best to wait until the child is ready

  58. I think you just need to be patient and try to make it fun -not stressful

  59. We use sticker reward system and it works great.

  60. Patience and prizes and prizes and more prizes

  61. Don’t be disappointed by setbacks and always keep a positive attitude.

  62. Be patient and consistent!

  63. You must be consistent 🙂

  64. My best one is to stay consistent!

  65. My best tip is to wait until your child shows many signs of readiness and to train during warm weather.

  66. I used the reward system with my kids while potty training and it worked great.

  67. My best tip is to approach potty training with a sense of humor and lots of patience!

  68. wait till your little is ready! cant force it if they’re not developmentally there yet! 🙂

  69. Find a reward system that your child is interested in during the potty training process.

  70. My best potty training tip is to try and try again.

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