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Jan 082016


I love a lot of things about Fall and Winter! One thing that I don’t love is how my skin gets dry and looks dull during the colder months. I’m always looking for great, innovative skin care products that address my skincare issues in the most natural, effective way possible. During a recent trip to Target, I was so excited to discover that one of my favorite skin care brands of all time, derma e®, is now available at Target! I’ve been testing out a few of their products that are available at Target, including the Firming DMAE Eye Lift, and I’m so excited to share all the details with you here!

I really enjoy shopping at Target. I visit the store at least once per week. I always find great products there at very affordable prices. I almost always pick up some snack pouches for my girls! I usually stop by the Dollar Spot, too, and always grab some entertaining activity sets for my daughters. The home decor section is such a fun place to walk around, too and I recently found a gorgeous throw pillow in that section. And of course, the beauty & skin care section is always a must-visit department! The derma e® products were right in the skin care department, and it’s so convenient to know that I can now stock up on my fave derma e® products right at Target!

Natural Skincare That Works

Natural Skincare That Works

I’ve written about my love for derma e® products before: here and here! What I love most about the brand is their dedication to fusing vitamins & plants together with modern science! They call it “Green Chemistry” and it’s totally what makes them stand out from all the other skin care brands out there! In fact, derma e® is one of the first brands ever to really focus on skin care that was eco-friendly, cruelty-free and all-natural!
Natural Skincare That Works

Natural Skincare That Works

Beginning in 2016, three of their best-selling facial moisturizers and their best-selling eye crème (the Firming DMAE Eye Lift with Instalift® Goji Berry Glycopeptides) are available at Target stores. In particular, I’m really excited about the Firming DMAE Eye Lift. Although I am only 31 and I still consider myself fairly young, I definitely think it’s time to start thinking about addressing anti-aging concerns in my skin care products. I feel like my skin is starting to look and feel a little less elastic than it was ten years ago, so I’m definitely looking for products designed to maintain & restore a youthful appearance!
Natural Skincare That Works

Natural Skincare That Works

The Firming DMAE Eye List is fabulous because it lifts and tightens the delicate eye area thanks to its doctor-developed natural ingredients! DMAE has been known for many years to be an effective skin-firming ingredient and is clinically proven to boost collagen for firmer skin! Furthermore, the InstaLift® Goji Berry glycopeptides increase the firming action and add additional antioxidant power. This eye cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which imparts moisture to the eye area, resulting in supple, toned & hydrated skin. As is the case for many derma e® products, the DMAE Eye Lift is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and gluten-free. Its scent is very mild and pleasant and it has a wonderfully rich texture.
Natural Skincare That Works

Natural Skincare That Works

After using this Eye Lift Crème for about a week, I definitely notice that the delicate skin around my eye area looks brighter, more hydrated and more healthy. I simply applied some with my ring finger to the area right underneath my eye at bedtime once a day. I even had my mother tell me the other day that I look well-rested and that was on a day that I was not well-rested at all! So I’ll definitely be sticking with this eye cream for a long time! And available for only $24.99, this is a great deal and a wonderful value for such an efficient, natural, high-quality skin care product! I keep my products right in my bathroom so I remember to use them every night.
Natural Skincare That Works

Natural Skincare That Works

I also got to try their Hydrating Night Crème and this product totally brings moisture back to my skin. When I put it on at bedtime, I always wake up in the morning with dewy, refreshed skin!
Natural Skincare That Works

Natural Skincare That Works

For more information about this eye product, see this video below.

During your next trip to Target, be sure to #NOTICETHELOTUS and discover the derma e® approach to modern skincare!

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18 Responses to “Natural Skincare That Really Works”

  1. Great review on the derma e products. I’ve always wondered where should I start as far as trying the brand, and I think I’ve found my answer, thank you!

    – Gabrielle |

  2. I love to shop at Target and I always stop by the dollar spot. Next time I’m there I’ll have to grab some of that eye lift. My skin is so dry during the winter and I need all the help I can get.

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’m always looking for skin products that do what they claim to. I’ll have to check this out!

  4. I really need to try this. Some of the other products I have used combat the acne but leave my skin very dry. I need to try natural stuff like this.

  5. Looks like this is a great brand of natural skin care product and not that expensive.

  6. I was actually just noticing that the fine lines are becoming a *teensy* bit more pronounced around my eyes. I really need a product like this that will hydrate and help with the lines!

  7. My skin always dries out horribly during the winter months. I have not heard of this brand, but would love to try it! I have to be careful what I use on my overly sensitive skin and all natural is just what I need!

  8. The older I get, the more I look for a really good skin care regime. I am always looking for a good moisturizer and a wrinkle cream.

  9. I like the green chemistry concept since it would not be toxic to the skin. It also looks effective.

  10. I’ve never heard of this brand before but thanks for reminding me that I need to start applying eye cream. I just started noticing the lines underneath my eyes and boy, do I need this.

  11. I love plant based skin products. I’m so glad the movement has gone from department store only to brands at Target, it just goes to show how conscientious we have become about the products we are using.

  12. I’m not one for beauty products (makes my face feel weird), but I could see the appeal. 🙂

  13. All natural products are the way to go and most things I buy are. My skin is very dry now that it is Winter

  14. I too suffer from dull dry skin in the winter. And I have sensitive skin. I may have to check this product out.

  15. I have never tried these derma e products sound amazing and I will have to try these for sure. Target always has a good variety of beauty products for great prices. Thanks for the review.

  16. It’s so nice I can find this at Target. I really want an eye cream to prevent any wrinkles.

  17. i love some natural skin care!!! i’m so here for it!

  18. This is a new brand for me! I am all for natural skin care as I am working on rejuventing my skin with better holistic products so thanks for the introduction!

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