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Feb 172016

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Although I love to spend time outdoors in the Summer, I really enjoy staying warm & cozy indoors during the Winter! There’s something special about cuddling up inside when temps drop lower, the snow accumulates on the ground, and there’s no sunshine in the sky! Today, I’m excited to share with you all the essentials I use to stay cozy indoors in the Winter. By far, my favorite must-have item is a warm, decadent drink! I’m really loving the Starbucks® Hot Cocoa K-Cup® pods– they let me indulge in a perfectly cozy moment indoors!

I recently received the Starbucks® Cozy Collection! It features all the essentials required to stay cozy during Winter. Here is my Instagram post showing off my Starbucks® package.

Do you want to know how to stay cozy during Winter? Here are my essentials!

1. Hot Cocoa: Is there any drink more iconic of the indoor comforts of Winter? When the temps drop, I love to cuddle up and stay warm with some Starbucks® Hot Cocoa K-Cup® pods! Getting cozy with hot cocoa has never been easier! It’s so convenient to simply pop one of the K-Cup® pods into my Keurig® brewer and enjoy a rich, creamy Starbucks® Hot Cocoa only two minutes later! I love that this rich hot cocoa is made with real cocoa and non-fat milk, so it’s definitely a treat worth indulging in.

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

There are actually two varieties to choose from! The Starbucks® Classic Hot Cocoa is a rich, creamy, classic favorite! Made with real cocoa and non-fat milk, the Classic Hot Cocoa has an undeniably delicious, chocolate-y taste every time. The Starbucks® Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa features a beautiful combination of smooth cocoa, natural caramel flavor and a pinch of sea salt. Each cup of this hot cocoa is crafted with real cocoa and non-fat milk for a perfectly balanced sweet chocolate flavor and a savory sea salt note. You can enjoy these drinks as they are or dress them up with your favorite toppings (hello whipped cream, chocolate shavings, chocolate syrup, etc.) Find the Starbucks® Hot Cocoa K-Cup® pods wherever you buy groceries.
Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Want to dress up your hot cocoa even more? Here’s a simple recipe to try! Add some maraschino cherry juice to the bottom of your mug. Brew your Starbucks® Classic Hot Cocoa right on top. Add some whipped cream, a sprinkling of cocoa powder and a cherry on top! Deliciously festive!
2. Comfy Throw: I definitely have a thing for throws! I have a few throws in pretty much every room of our house. There’s nothing quite as comforting as cuddling under a warm, cozy throw. I love the throw that comes in the Starbucks® Cozy Collection. Draped over our sofa with some pillows, it makes the sofa very inviting!
Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

3. Favorite Mug: My Starbucks® mug is definitely a must-have item to stay warm & cozy! I love holding it in my hands- the heat from my drink always warms my hands! This mug is part of the Cozy Collection, too!
Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

4. Fireplace / Candles: There’s something really warm and inviting about hanging out by a lit fireplace. Don’t have a fireplace in your home? Don’t worry- just light a bunch of candles! Watching a flickering flame is beautifully calming.
Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

5. Fuzzy Slippers: When the weather gets colder outside, I love to slip into some thick, fuzzy slippers. I recently got these fuzzy slippers that look & feel like boots. They keep my feet & toes so warm- I love them!
Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

6. Hearty Stew: A homemade, hearty soup warms the stomach and the soul! This soup I made features beef and mixed vegetables! After playing outside in the snow with my daughters, I love to heat up a big batch of a hearty stew to warm up!
Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Now that I’ve shared my essentials to get cozy, are you ready to get cozy this Winter? Be sure to visit the Starbucks® Hot Cocoa site here to enter to win a Cozy Collection of your very own! Each Cozy Collection includes:

  • Gorgeous blanket, perfect for cuddling
  • A lovely mug to fill with hot cocoa
  • Starbucks® Classic and Salted Carmel K-Cup® pods
  • Marshmallows, for topping your hot cocoa
  • Shortbread cookies, for dipping in your hot cocoa
  • $5 Starbucks® Card and exclusive offer on Starbucks® Hot Cocoa K Cup® pods

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Enjoying Starbucks® drinks is already a daily routine for so many of us. Enjoy the same decadent, rich flavors you love so much from the comfort of home with the Starbucks® Hot Cocoa K-Cup® pods! Treat yourself and enjoy a perfect moment!
Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter

Keep up-to-date with the latest news & promotions from Starbucks® on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. And don’t forget to enter to win a Cozy Collection of your own by visiting the Starbucks® Contest site here!

Now, learn more about Starbucks® Hot Cocoa K-Cup® pods and tell me: What is your favorite way to enjoy hot cocoa? How do you stay cozy during Winter?

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23 Responses to “Essentials To Stay Cozy During Winter”

  1. It’s so crazy, we barely had winter here this year… It was 80 degrees yesterday! Hard to believe. But this does look cozy!

  2. I’m all for staying warm and cozy AND inside during the winter. I’m longing for spring, but Starbucks helps me make it through the cold, wintry months.

  3. Yes to all of this list. I can never have too many thorws or pillows in the house. Our family is all about the “cozy”.

  4. This sounds like the ideal winter setup to me. We’re going to have to try some of those Hot Cocoa K-cups.

  5. Posts like these make me miss cold winter nights (and days!). I am definitely going to add the cherry juice to the kids hot chocolate this weekend after ice skating (the way we experience cold in Southern California).

  6. Great tips for sure. We’ve had a lot of cold and snow in the DC area. I love a warm blanket, fuzzy slippers and a hot beverage.

  7. I agree with all of these! Your hot cocoa looks so good on this cold winter day.

  8. Oh wow, why haven’t I heard of the marachino cherry juice trick before?? That’s an awesome tip. I’m totally going to try it as soon as possible!

  9. I have never met a cup of Starbuck cocoa I have resisted 🙂 Love your tips to keep cozy!

  10. YES!! These are perfect – i looooove starbucks too!!

  11. Yes on the Starbucks K-cups to keep me cozy at home 🙂 Great post!

  12. I didn’t know they had hot cocoa k-cups! That looks amazing!

  13. I love hot cocoa… perfect for cold winter days. I also love Starbucks coffee

  14. Those are great essentials, I love the cozy slippers! I wish I had a fireplace that is my favorite essential!

  15. Coffee is a great way to warm up. I use a throw or blanket when I get cold.

  16. Our winter in South Florida is basically two weeks of heavy rain at 60 degrees, I def do not miss the cold and snow! I am super jealous over your Starbucks box though : )

  17. The salted caramel Cocoa. Looks delicious. I like to be cozy and looks like Starbucks has the answer for me.

  18. Sadly I live in Arizona and don’t get real winters! It would be nice to have a cold day sometimes though!

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