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A few weeks ago, we took a fun family vacation with the kids. When it comes to having a successful family road trip, there are definitely certain must-have items that make the trip more enjoyable for all! From keeping the kids entertained on the road to making sure we have enough snacks with us, keep reading for a list of Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip! We actually used smartphone apps to look up directions to our destination, listen to music along the way, and more, but we didn’t have to spend a penny! When it comes to finding 100% free apps for an Android smartphone, nothing compares to Amazon Underground, where all the apps & games are 100% free, including in-app purchases, extra lives, advanced levels, etc.

If you have an Android smartphone, Amazon Underground is the destination to find apps that are 100% totally free – for every interest! And it’s so simple to get access to it! Simply click here to download and install the Amazon Underground app on your mobile Android device. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be downloading the app in no time! If you’re reading this on a desktop or laptop, you can enjoy Amazon Underground ,too! Simply click here and follow the instructions for access to Amazon Underground.

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

After the app is installed, you will be taken to a Welcome page and then to the home page of the app, where you can find a huge selection of 100% free, family-friendly apps & games! Enjoy unlimited downloads, too!
7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

We used Amazon Underground to find a number of apps to make our road trip fun & successful! So, here are my must-have items for a family road trip!

1. Snacks/Drinks:
We always bring along a few snack and drink options, because someone always gets hungry or thirsty along the way! During our recent vacation, we brought along some fresh fruit and popcorn! We also brought flavored waters along for everyone!

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

2. Directions:
You’re not going to get very far if you don’t know where you’re going! So we always like to have a few good maps of our route, along with the directions to get from point A to point B! During our recent trip, instead of dealing with the hassle and inconvenience of paper maps, we used the free “Maps HD for Kindle Fire Free” app from Amazon Underground! Did you know that the Amazon Underground app for Android smartphones includes premium content that isn’t available on the Amazon Shopping app found on Google Play? These additional features include Amazon Video and 100% free apps and games!

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

I loved being able to check the app to see how far we were from our destination! It’s so convenient!
7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

3. Music:
Listening to great music always helps the time in the car pass more quickly! We really enjoyed the free “Spotify Music” app from Amazon Underground. We listened to free streaming music from amazing playlists! There were a lot of other music apps on Amazon Underground, too, so be sure to check out the selection for your listening pleasure! Don’t forget that all the apps on Amazon Underground are free! Actually 100% free, including in-app purchases, lives, levels, upgrades! This is such a nice change from other mobile stores, where purchasing apps can get expensive quickly.

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

4. Entertainment:
Keeping the kids entertained on long car rides is a must, but it can definitely be challenging. In addition to bringing along some small play dough containers, portable activity books, and some favorite stuffed animals, I also find that a fun, educational app can really keep the kids busy for some time in the car! During our recent trip, the kids loved the “Frozen Free Fall” app! If the kids are content and occupied, I’ll hear less “Are we there yet?” questions! That’s a win-win, if you ask me! Available to customers in the United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, the Amazon Underground app combines a convenient mobile interface with instant streaming of Amazon Instant Video PLUS 100% free apps & games!

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

Here’s a picture of my daughter really enjoying the game! With other mobile stores, my daughter has completed in-app purchases that cost me money! With Amazon Underground, I never have to worry about that, because apps are all 100% free, including the in-app purchases! Playing games can be fun and carefree again!
7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip

5. Magazine:
It’s not just the kids that need to stay busy in the car! While my husband drives, I sometimes like to browse through a few of my favorite magazines! During our recent trip, I brought along three of my fave magazines and it totally made the time pass quickly!

6. Camera:
One of the best parts of a vacation is being able to look back on some of the moments from vacation and relive all the happy memories! That’s why I never leave for a vacation without a camera and a backup battery!

7. Good Attitude:
Things don’t always go as planned on vacation. You may get lost, the kids may throw tantrums, the weather may not cooperate… With the right attitude, none of these things will matter much! I always try to approach our vacation with a go-with-the-flow attitude so that any mishaps or obstacles don’t have a big impact on our trip!

Now, learn more about Amazon Underground and tell me: Which apps are your favorite ones? Are you tired of spending money on apps? Would you love to get access to premium, 100% free apps & games for your Android smartphone?

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19 Responses to “7 Essentials for a Successful Family Road Trip”

  1. Snacks are the big one for us. My kids get HANGRY when they are hungry, so I always make sure to have lots of snack options for them.

  2. As an RD to be – I’m SO happy to see that you included HEALTHY snacks. So often on road trips we reach for the processed junk. While every now and then its okay, sticking with nutritious options keeps our moods more stable (which is always good on a long road trip)!

  3. I have never heard of Amazon Underground before. I will have to see if we have it in Canada.

  4. I’ve never heard of the Amazon Underground app but sounds fascinating. I won’t use it to see where I’m going though since I have a GPS for that. However those tips are spot on!

  5. For a family who loves singing like us (though most of us are not good singers) listening to great music is a great way to kill boredom while traveling. Spotify Music is a must have when travelling. 😀

  6. I can’t remember the last time we did a road trip! We have too many kiddos now to even fit in any car or van we could rent lol so I’m waiting a few years to be able to. These are some great tips!

  7. This just about covers all of our necessities for a good road trip! Snacks are so important because we tend to get hangry on long drives.

  8. We’re on a mini road trip now. Too funny!! Our kids love road trips as we play word games and of course I Spy!!!

  9. These are excellent tips for having a successful family road trip, I love all that you listed here. While I have no kids, I do have friends that would benefit from reading this!

  10. Oh wow, that sounds like a great way to get some great apps for free! I need to look into Amazon Underground for my kids.

  11. This is indeed and awesome list of essentials for a successful family road trip. The Amazon Underground app I have never heard of but will be checking it out for sure. A good attitude is a major thing to bring when on a family trip. Thanks for sharing the essentials.

  12. I was never too fond of road trips because I tend to get car sick. I just try to sleep lol. No fun at all!

  13. These are all great essentials for any summer road trip! Great post!!

  14. How did we road trip before smartphones!! Love these tips for a family road trip, we have a couple planned for this summer!

  15. Music, snacks and directions are definitely a must for road trips! I can’t wait to take a few road trips this summer with my friends and family.

  16. Your post made me ready for a road trip! I have been itching to go somewhere, just toss a bag together and go… I am going to share this with my husband and maybe he will get the travel bug as well. A road trip, utilizing your essentials, sounds great!

  17. This is such a great list for road trips! I’m not s fan of long drives but this will make them so much easier if everyone is kept happy!

  18. And now I know what to do for my next road trip with the kids. It can be so stressful with 3 active boys but these tips will definitely help!

  19. I never go on a trip without snacks!!! My daughter can get angry pretty quick if I forget the snacks!

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