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Apr 082016

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What stresses you out?! We all have unique stressors and each of us reacts to stress in our own way. Whether it’s sweaty palms or a generalized overwhelmed feeling, stress affects everyone at some point in time. However, there are various techniques that can boost a sense of well-being and improve one’s mood. From a calming session of yoga to the relaxing Moji massage products, here are some easy ways to combat stress in your everyday life.

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

1. Exercise: Did you know that regular exercise can help combat stressful reactions? Aim for regular aerobic activity most days of the week to help prevent stressful reactions in the future. If you’re currently leading a sedentary lifestyle, don’t feel like you have to run a marathon in one week. Just get outside and get the body moving! A brisk walk for 45 minutes will do wonders for your body – and mind! Other simple ways to get more movement every day include parking farther from the store and taking the stairs rather than the elevator.
2. Music: Music is a part of our everyday culture, but interestingly, relaxing music has been shown to help people feel less stress. Make it a habit to play some calming music in the background as you work on other tasks throughout the day. Wondering which music is considered “relaxing”? Stick to slow tempos (60-80 beats per minute) and music that mimics relaxing sounds in nature.
7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

3. Meditation: Finding a sense of stillness every day is a great way to actually reduce the effects of stress within the body. If you’ve never meditated before, please note that it can take some practice. Simply observe your shoulders, chest and belly. Focus your attention on your breath, but don’t try to control your breathing. Maintain this state for 2-3 minutes and then practice increasing to longer stretches.
4. Yoga: It’s well established that practicing yoga regularly is a great way to keep your stress levels in check. A few particularly effective yoga positions for combating anxiety include the Heart Opener and Eagle Arms. You can search for videos of these positions online. If you’ve never tried yoga, see if your local YMCA offers yoga classes for beginners. If not, you can always order yoga DVDs to practice from the comfort of your own home.
5. Sleep: Getting adequate rest every night is a necessity to keep your body – and mind – in top shape. After you’ve had sufficient rest, you are in a better position to handle stressful everyday situations. Aim for sufficiently long (7-9 hours) & restorative sleep every night. Some tips to improve sleep quality include maintaining a consistent sleep-wake schedule every day, abstaining from electronics (phone, tablet, etc.) before bed, and creating a relaxing bedtime ritual.
6. Tea: People have been drinking tea for centuries. The act of preparing a hot tea and sipping the beverage is a relaxing ritual that should be added to your everyday routine. When you choose a tea that has calming qualities like chamomile, then you get even more relaxing benefits.
7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7. Moji Massage Products: Whenever we get stressed, our muscles tend to tense up. A great way to calm down is to massage those muscles. I recently tried two of Moji’s massage products and I’m so excited to share with you all the details. I received the Moji Foot PRO and Moji Mini PRO.
7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

The Moji Mini PRO is perfectly sized to be a portable, travel-friendly massager for sore muscles. It features many small stainless steel spheres, along with one medium sphere at the top (by the fingers) and one large sphere at the bottom (by the heel of the hand). This creates a wonderfully targeted massage that deeply relaxes muscles! The clasp is adjustable and the massager is super comfortable to wear on the hand.
7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

You can use this massager by applying pressure on your calves, shins or PSOAS. For the strongest massage, use the heel of your hand against the largest metal sphere. Another great spot to use this massager is along the neck & shoulders. For a less intense massage, apply pressure from your fingertips into the medium metal sphere. Also, if you place this massage in the freezer for a few hours, you can enjoy a nice Ice Massage! That would feel amazing after a strenuous workout!
7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

The other massager I tried is the Moji Foot PRO. This one feels fabulous on the foot and features engineered stainless steel spheres. The spheres dig into tired, tense muscles to relieve pain. It’s really a great way to rejuvenate feet after a long day. Simply place the massager on the floor.
7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

Place either foot on the massager and roll over. Again, if you place this into the freezer for a few hours, you can enjoy a cooling, relaxing Ice Massage on your feet! Perfect after wearing heels all day!
7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

7 Simple Ways to De-Stress

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Now, learn more about how Moji massage products can help relieve tension in your muscles and tell me: How do you de-stress? Do you practice yoga? Have you ever tried a Moji massage product?

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33 Responses to “7 Simple Ways to De-Stress”

  1. I get really stressed when I am not sleeping well. Getting enough sleep definitely helps me, and so does listening to upbeat music.

  2. I NEED to get the Moji foot massager, that looks like a little bit of heaven : ) I’m happy to say I practice all the other things you have mentioned on your list!

  3. These massage tools from Moji look like something both my husband and I could benefit from. We both carry our stress in our shoulders and feet.

  4. I have not seen these massage products before!! Music and working out is my favorite way to destress!

  5. These Moji massagers look awesome! I could use a set for my feet and shoulders. I like to destress by working out and that makes my shoulders and back tight.

  6. My sister in law has been doing yoga, actually hot yoga and she says its just amazing for the stress relief. I would love to give it a try!

  7. Exercising always helpe me de-stress too! So do going to Yankee games, my fav!

  8. The massager tool looks interesting. I suffer from fibromyalgia so I always have widespread pain and muscle aches. I do have a muscle roller. I use it on my legs.

  9. That massager looks amazing and would come in handy when traveling. I have never done yoga before but think I need to try because I need to destress.

  10. The Moji Massage looks awesome! I bet it feels great. I like to de-stress by going for a walk and listening to my audiobook, or singing some karaoke is always good to. It is amazing how these help melt the stress away. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  11. I do drink tea to help destress. I am long overdue for a massage but this massager looks like it does an amazing job.

  12. Exercising is definitely by stress reliever too! I get an hour lunch break at work and will go run three miles to refresh myself 🙂

  13. This is an epic giveaway! I have never heard of this brand but would love to try.When I am stressed I read, eat, go for a walk, color, play video games, and today I got a professional massage 🙂

  14. What a great giveaway. I really need those in my life. I’m always stressed…

  15. I love your tips. I love getting massage, very relaxing and good for our body

  16. Since working out on a regular basis I’ve had the best sleep of my life. This means stressing, no anxiety just relaxing. I also have mint and lavender oil.

  17. oh gosh, I really need thosed. My feet ache every night and feel like they need a massage. I go to bed later than the rest of the family, so I never have anyone to help. This would be perfect.

  18. Those are all really great ways to de-stress. I always find that going for a walk, especially to the beach, really helps me to blow away the cobwebs and clear my mind.

  19. I always feel better after some cardio. I also relax before bedtime with a bubble bath.

  20. I relieve stress by going into a room and being by myself for a couple of hours, then i go workout.

  21. I listen to peaceful music to relieve stress to be honest. I think listening to any jams or tunes is a great stress relief for myself anways.

  22. I exercise

  23. I relieve stress by taking a long hot bath on those tough to deal with days! Nothing relaxes me more!

  24. I relax by working in the garden. Dig in the dirt; pull weeds; plant flowers; divide plants for sharing – anything to get my hands dirty.

  25. I usually relieve stress by soaking in a warm sudsy bath.

  26. I use essential oils.

  27. I relieve stress by watching a mystery movie or listening music
    Thank You for the chance!

  28. I do yoga to relieve my stress.

  29. I take relaxing baths and read to relieve stress.

  30. Reading, coloring and exercising helps me relieve stress

  31. I lay in bed and binge watch tv when I’m stressed out to calm myself down and just relax!

  32. Exercising helps me to relieve stress in my life!

  33. A long,hot shower.

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