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Mar 292016


I’m so happy that Winter is basically over and we are facing warmer weather now. Whenever Spring & Summer roll around, I always try to make sure that my home reflects some of the brightness and freshness that’s iconic of these warmer seasons. So today, I am sharing some easy ways to freshen up your home for the warmer weather. From installing Plissé Retractable Screens to arranging beautiful collections of freshly-cut flowers, I’m covering it all today.

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring & Summer


1. Use fresh flowers! In my opinion, nothing typifies Spring & Summer more than some beautiful freshly-cut flowers. I love the bright colors, the sweet scents and the freshness they add to a space. Whether you purchase them at a local florist or cut them from your own garden, adding flowers to your home is an easy way to spruce up your home.

2. Add bright pops of color! During Winter, we have mostly neutral, earth-toned (brown, beige, olive green, etc.) decor throughout the home. On the other hand, during Summer, we love to add bright pops of color throughout our house. Sometimes the color of choice is a beautiful sea-green and sometimes it’s a pastel pink. We usually incorporate bright pops of color in the pillows, wall art, candles, rugs and even curtains! It’s a fun way to brighten up a space!

3. Do a Spring cleaning of your home! In order for your house not to feel heavy, spend some time de-cluttering and deep-cleaning your home. Look through everything and purge items that are damaged, old, outdated or otherwise undesirable. Either donate or discard items you no longer wish to keep. Organize the items you wish to keep in logical groups: all bedding together, all wall art together, all pillows together, etc. Also, spend some time dusting, mopping and scrubbing to get your home in sparkling clean condition.

4. Hang mirrors on the walls! A key element of a bright space is lots of light! If your home isn’t blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows (as most homes aren’t), then utilize plenty of mirrors to bounce light around the room, thereby creating the illusion of a brighter space.

5. Install Plissé Retractable Screens! One of my favorite things to do during Spring & Summer is find ways to bring the outdoors inside! I love to open windows and doors, but I hate worrying about bugs or other small animals finding their way into my home. With Plissé Retractable Screens, you can enjoy a “bug free breeze”!
I love that the Plissé Retractable Screens offer a perfect, streamlined fit for all styles of doors: in-swing, out-swing, sliding doors, etc. They are also easy to install (thanks to plenty of informative videos on their website). Available in a wide variety of elegant colors (mocha tan, dark oiled bronze, forest green, French crème and so many more), Plissé Retractable Screens will fit in with your home’s specific decor style. You can customize so many things about these screens, including the height, width, handing, threshold adapter, surface mount adapter, and more. Check out all the ways you can customize one of the Single Door Retractable Screens by clicking here and seeing the below image!
In fact, one of the coolest things about these screens is that they practically disappear when not in use! And the adjustable handle makes it so easy to use by anyone! The doors are custom-built for your job in the company’s Austin, Texas facility. Each order comes with detailed, written installation instructions, which (along with the videos available online) make installation a breeze! Keep up-to-date with the brand by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter.

Want some design inspiration about how Plissé Retractable Screens can make your home fabulous this Spring and Summer? Then, check out their Design Gallery here for tons of gorgeous pictures of these screens in action!
Now that I’ve shared how I like to freshen up my home for Spring & Summer, I’d love to hear from you! What are your tips for brightening and freshening up your home for the warmer weather? Where would you love to install a Plissé Retractable Screen?

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19 Responses to “5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring & Summer”

  1. My sister got that type of screen for her sliding door at the shore house. It’s such a beautiful option.

  2. Adding pops of color is a sure fire way to make your house seem more ready for spring or summer. I just pulled out a bunch of throw pillows in bright colors and traded them out for my winter pillows in darker shades.

  3. These are super easy ways to freshen up your home for Spring, appreciate the ideas! I will have to try them soon.

  4. thanks for the great tips! I especially love the fresh flowers and pop of color : )

  5. I always use fresh flowers to improve the look of my home. These are great and helpful tips.

  6. This is good to know. I think flowers can make such a difference in any room. Really lights up any space. Thanks for these tips to freshen up for Spring and Summer.

  7. I need to check this screen out. I like letting fresh air in when it is cool outside. I have a mesh screen but it’s looking kinda sad these days.

  8. I love the idea of bringing flowers cut flowers from the garden! I have never heard of these blinds before but they look like a great product!

  9. I need to add some fun color to my house. I think I’m going to sell the furniture I have now and get something lighter and airier! Plus, add fresh flowers!

  10. These are some amazing tips – I really need to try and sort ours out fully this Spring we seem to have piled up stuff over winter.

  11. This is a great idea, although not for someone like me who lives in Florida and the air conditioner running daily. My home would be way so hot if I had that.

  12. I really love your tips and ideas. I try to have fresh flowers as often as my allergies will allow, lol. I also add pops of color in as well. I’d like to try your other tips too.

  13. Those screens are really neat. I’d love to have one for the door between the garage and the house. It would be nice to leave it open some during the summer when we’re running in and out all day.

  14. We just finished up the last of our spring cleaning last weekend, what a relief! I love the idea of extra mirrors in the front room, I wonder if I could convince my husband it’s a good idea! 😉 Thank you for sharing these great tips!

  15. What a timely post and these are some wonder tips!! I love the idea of bringing flowers!

  16. I love these! I would definitely love one of these for my back door so I can easily see the kids when they’re in the backyard playing.

  17. some good tips. I was just thinking the cheery little things I put out to brighten the winter seem to be feeling heavy now. That’s a perfect way to describe it.

  18. These are such great ideas! Now that I’m going to local farms, I’m deciding to sprucen up my house more, with local flowers.

  19. beautiful idea… thanks for sharing

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