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Aug 122016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the makers of Clean Energy Patch. All opinions are mine alone.

Most days are pretty hectic around here! In order to fuel my busy, on-the-go days, I rely on various tips that help me boost my energy and focus. From making sleep a priority to using Clean Energy Patch, I’m sharing five easy ways to fuel busy days.

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

1. Make Sleep a Priority: As a mom of two young kids, my nights are somewhat unpredictable. Whether it’s an early morning toddler wake-up or a middle-of-the-night toddler nightmare, my sleep is often disrupted. I can’t always rely on a perfect night’s sleep, but I can take some steps to make my sleep a priority. For example, I try to go to bed early. I also put down electronic devices a few hours before bedtime to give my mind some time to relax and decompress. Another thing I like to do is spray a lavender linen spray on my bedding- the scent is very calming!

2. Schedule Some Down-Time: During the day, I’m often shuttling kids to & from various activities, taking care of household chores and running all sorts of errands for my business. It can often seem like there is no extra time during the day to relax, so I try to schedule in some down-time. When I make the effort to set aside an hour of the day to just read a magazine, go for a walk or take a bath, I find that I’m more productive during the rest of my day.

3. Burn Some Calories: Exercise definitely boosts my mood and my focus. I try to go for a jog or simply use one of my kickboxing DVDs to burn some calories. Spending just 30 minutes doing this really makes a difference in my energy levels.

4. Say “No” Sometimes: Yes, it’s important to say “no” sometimes. Very often, we feel obligated to agree to all sorts of tasks, chores, meetings, etc. However, some of these may not be necessary and if you can say “no” occasionally, you will find a lot more free time in your day. With less to do, your energy level will go farther!

5. Use Clean Energy Patch: Sometimes, I need a little boost to get me through a sleepy day. I love Clean Energy Patch, because it is a completely natural source of energy! This zero-calorie patch is a must-have for busy moms on-the-go! It comes in individually wrapped packs!

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

Each pack contains a Clean Energy Patch, which contains about 35 mg of caffeine. By taking advantage of the skin’s absorptive properties, the patch provides an even flow of caffeine for hours. Since the patch is made of kinesiology tape, it’s flexible and soft – you won’t even notice you’re wearing it! Click here to find out even more about this patch.
5 Ways I Fuel My Day

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

Personally, I don’t like the jitters or buzz I get from regular coffee. That’s why I really love Clean Energy Patch- it gives a subtle boost in mood & focus that lasts for hours. Containing only natural ingredients, such as Caffeine, Guarana, and Cacao, Clean Energy Patch uses nature’s stimulants to deliver 8+ hours of alertness and focus. If you plan on wearing it a few days in a row, it’s a good idea to vary the placement of the patch on the body.
5 Ways I Fuel My Day

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

Forget those energy drinks that are full of empty calories, artificial ingredients and unnecessary sugars! Try Clean Energy Patch to avoid the nasty side effects of ingested caffeine (jitters, stomach woes, etc.)
5 Ways I Fuel My Day

5 Ways I Fuel My Day

Want to try some Clean Energy Patches for yourself? I have some great savings to share with you! When you use coupon code EM2016, you’ll get 20% off through 9/30/16. Happy shopping!

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Now, learn more about how Clean Energy Patch can help you fuel your day and tell me: How do you keep your focus on sleepy days? Have you ever tried Clean Energy Patch? Would you like to try a natural patch that can give you a subtle boost in energy?

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17 Responses to “5 Ways I Fuel My Day”

  1. That’s a clever idea. I know when I drink too much coffee I get an awful feeling in my stomach.

  2. I have to limit my daily caffeine intake or I can’t sleep properly. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this product though.

  3. Ok this is a really neat way to get caffeine without actually taking it orally. I am going to have to check these patches out!

  4. These are great tips for fueling your day. Scheduling some downtime is a must when you are having a busy schedule.

  5. Making Sleep a Priority is definitely something that I need to do more of. There are days that I’m up working and editing all night that I only get four or five hours of sleep and that’s not good.

  6. I never knew they made these! You look like you are full of energy! Gonna look out for this.

  7. Sounds like you really know how to fuel up your day, glad you were able to share these ideas for us to get more fuel in our day with easy steps!

  8. I have never heard of these. Definitely something I would like to try. I think we all could use some help when it comes to getting more out of our day.

  9. I’m liking your ideas. That patch sounds super helpful for an easy boost of energy. What a cool concept!

  10. Sleep is very important in order to have a productive day. If we start out sleep deprived it can affect our whole day and into the next day.

  11. I have never heard of a caffeine patch! I bet this will be popular for college kids who need to stay up late studying.

  12. Ooooo I’m going to have to give these a try! I’m always looking for more energy. These sound great!

  13. What great tips, I am dragging by noon. I need to check out those clean energy patches to see if I can boost my energy to make it through the day.

  14. I have actually never heard of them before. What a cool thing to do to boost energy! I will have to look for them.

  15. Hmmmn, this is my first time I heard of this but will definitely check it out. Thanks for the coupon code!

  16. I’m really bad at making sleep a priority!

  17. These are great tips. I never seem to have enough energy and my days are so hectic. Have to try these.

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