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Oct 302015


I’ve always believed in the power of good lighting! I think a fabulous lighting fixture just makes a room spectacular! Conversely, a room with outdated lighting fixtures will never look all that glamorous!

Since we’ve moved into our home a few months ago, I’ve been taking one room at a time and trying to update the lighting fixtures. My living room side table needed a lamp for a while, but I could never find the right one to put in that space. So when the folks at Parrot Uncle invited me to collaborate with them, I jumped at the opportunity to find a lamp that would complement my space! I found the most gorgeous light that not only brightens the space (literally & metaphorically), but also just makes the space feel so sophisticated & elegant!

The Power of Good Lighting

The Impact of Good Lighting

The Impact of Good Lighting

I love subtle vintage touches and this lamp fits the bill perfectly! I love how the clear glass shade lets the light bulb shine through. And it also adds so much light and character to my living room! The name of this lamp is the Vintage Style Wooden Table Lamp with Simple Clear Glass Shade if you’d like to check it out online. It looks gorgeous whether the light is turned on …

The Impact of Lighting

The Impact of Lighting

…or off!
The Impact of Good Lighting

The Impact of Good Lighting

Parrot Uncle sells many different products, including lamps, ceiling fans, LED lights, outdoor lights and much more. My package arrived very well-packaged and even though the glass shade is super fragile, everything arrived in perfect condition! Oh, and shipping was pretty fast, too!

I’ve browsed their website, and I’ve seen so many beautiful table lamps and lights that would look gorgeous in any home. Is Tiffany lamps your thing? They have a fabulous selection of Tiffany lamps with reasonable prices! There are so many options to choose from with so many different color/style choices! It would be hard to pick just one!

The Impact of Lighting

The Impact of Lighting

Or what about these chandeliers with a vintage industrial vibe? These are absolutely stunning, and I could definitely see one of these adding so much pizzazz to a dining room or office! Love pretty much everything in this category!

The Impact of Lighting

The Impact of Lighting

Want to learn more about Parrot Uncle? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to keep updated with their latest products and promotions. And visit their website here to find beautiful lighting options for your home!

Now, tell me in the Comments below: Are there any rooms in your home that need an update in the lighting department?

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23 Responses to “The Power of Good Lighting”

  1. I love that simple vintage lamp – looks like a legit “exposed” bulb without being dangerous. Cool lamps give a place so much personality!

  2. I completely agree with you, lighting is EVERYTHING! Those Tiffany lamps are so cute (and so reasonably priced!) <3

  3. Your lamp is absolutely gorgeous – I really fancy one like that myself now, it is amazing the difference good lighting can make. x

  4. I have a few rooms in my house that I could sure use some GOOD lighting in. My bedroom is one of them.

    • EngineerMommy

      When we first moved in, I pretty had to update every room. Now I just have a few more spaces to work on. It takes time but it’s so worth it!

  5. I really like that we have lighting in our rooms that comes from multiple directions. The overhead is fine for reading or general activity, but I like the lower lighting for relaxing and watching tv together.

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, each type of lighting serves a different purpose. I already have some overhead lighting in the living room and now with this table lamp, I have some task lighting!

  6. That’s a really cool lamp! I’m all about the lighting, too and I remember spending so much time when I was remodeling – just trying to get the perfect lighting for each space.

  7. One of my home design must-haves are lighting fixtures…I am obsessed with them because they really make a difference in a room and showcasing your abode. Thank you for sharing your wonderful selections!

  8. One thing my house lacks is great lighting. I need to change that. I find without great lighting it can be so depressing. Very gloomy and dark. I am not a fan.

  9. They really have a lot of unique lighting here. Good lighting is really important.

  10. I love the style of lamp you chose with the clear shade. It is just gorgeous and it really does add character. I will have to check Parrot Uncle out for sure. Lighting is so important to a room I believe.

  11. I love the lamp you got!! Lighting can make such a huge difference in how a room is.

  12. every room in my opinion!!! i like bright, white lights but my husband likes low, dim lights sooooo it’s only me who wants a change! ha

  13. I totally agree! Lighting is everything. I do not exactly love the lighting in our house, and often wish I could change the living room and upstairs hallway lights!

  14. You know, I didn’t appreciate good lighting until I had bad lighting. It definitely does make a difference.

  15. I agree that a good lamp can either make or break a room. It sets the mood for everything.

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