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Dec 172015

Although these faux birch logs look spectacular during the Christmas season, I love that they can actually extend throughout Winter. They just add a little whimsical touch to any space. And you will NOT believe what these faux birch logs are made of!!

I’m always looking for easy ways to decorate my shelves for the different seasons, and these birch logs just look so cute. I love the way they look with some faux berries or with some fake snow. They actually look really authentic as long as you don’t pick them up. When picked up, their light weight will definitely reveal the fact that they’re not real wooden logs! But that’s okay- they’re quick and simple to make!

Faux Birch Logs

Faux Birch Logs

Faux Birch Logs

Ok, these faux birch logs are made from toilet paper rolls and decorative paper!!

toilet paper roll
paper towel roll
decorative “birch wood” paper

Find “birch wood” paper from a local craft store or online. Print out a few sheets.

Faux Birch Logs

Faux Birch Logs

Wrap the paper around the cardboard rolls. Trim the edges. Done!
Faux Birch Logs

Faux Birch Logs

Wasn’t that easy? Set this anywhere you’re looking to add a bit of easy Winter decor!
Faux Birch Logs

Faux Birch Logs

I have these placed on a shelf in my hallway. I placed them near some other some Christmas themed decor. If you’d like to see how I decorated my home for Fall, be sure to check out my Fall Home Tour!

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17 Responses to “Faux Birch Logs”

  1. I love TP roll crafts! I’ve seen these made out of pool noodles, but this is a first for TP rolls. Love these!

  2. I love love love these! Will for sure use this!

  3. Hey that is awesome! I would have never thought to make my own burch logs. What a great idea! I am going to try this tonight.

  4. Very creative decorating idea for Christmas!

  5. These are so cute! I would love to make these with my daughter. We could be crafting all day, sounds like fun!

  6. This is such a great idea! They would make great photo props as well.

  7. That turned out so cute and just in time for your holiday decorations. Definitely creative crafty and cool – nicely executed!

  8. This looks creative and beautiful. I think they will are great to be displayed any season of the year.

  9. Ack! These are too stinking easy for me not to try myself. I love birch. Such a classy look for winter time.

  10. What a creative holiday decoration craft! These would be perfect for some Christmas photo opportunities.

  11. These are awesome! These would fit great with the rest of my Christmas decor! So pretty!

  12. That has to be the easiest diy ever! Faux birch logs are so nice to decorate with during the holidays!

  13. I always admire people that love doing crafts. I’ve recently started to get rid od a ton of stuff do I’m more of a craft gawker not a craft maker. So great though.

  14. What a brilliant idea! I thought the first image was of real birch branches! My brother is an arborists – so I always get some good tree stuff

  15. Very creative DIY faux birch logs (and so much more affordable than buying real faux birch logs) – thanks for the idea!

  16. What an easy, yet creative idea! I’m tired of the same old decorations each year so this is a great way to liven things up a little! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  17. I have to say that what you posted is absolutely creative and unconventional! Thanks for sharing!

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