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With Halloween only about a month away, I have some Wickedly Delicious Halloween Treats to share with you all today! Where did September go? It feels like it just flew by! And now we need to start gearing up for Halloween! I already have costumes for both girls. Sophia will be Elsa and Charlotte will be Anna… needless to say, those are characters from FROZEN! Anyway, in addition to dressing up and going trick-or-treating, we will be making deliciously festive Halloween treats and snacks! We want to make a few of these per week for the next several weeks to keep the fun Halloween spirit in the air in the weeks leading up to Halloween!

It’s a fun, festive way to get the kids excited for Halloween! So, are you ready to see the list? There’s a lot of fun stuff here. I think the hardest part will be to select only one Halloween recipe at a time! I know I’m struggling to narrow down my must-make list to a manageable number! Ok, here goes the list!

15 Wickedly Delicious Halloween Treats

Wickedly Delicious Halloween Treats

Wickedly Delicious Halloween Treats

Ok, here goes the list!

1. Candy Corn Push-up Pops: How amazing do these look?! I love candy corn (and so do my kids!), so I know this one will be a definite hit in our house! It’s a wonderful Halloween treat! via

2. Candy Corn Cake: Speaking of our love for candy corn, check out this super festive Candy Corn Cake. This one is actually much easier to make than it looks! via

3. Creepy-Crawly Cake: This cake is just teeming with deliciousness! Check out all the delicious creatures crawling on this cake perfect for Halloween! via

4. Chocolate Ghost Cakes: Perfect for Halloween, these chocolate treats and delicious and spooky!! via

5. Poison Candy Apples: How festive and fun do these “poisonous” apples look?! I would love to try this one! via

6. Spooky S’mores: I know everyone in our family loves s’mores, so this one is sure to be a winner around here! Love this spooky orange version as an easy Halloween snack!! via

7. Halloween Popcorn Balls: How easy are these popcorn balls full of chocolate, almonds and candies? I’d love to have a few of these! via

8. Freaky Frankenstein Treats: How wicked do these Frankenstein treats look! So scary but also so, so delicious and perfect as a Halloween treat! via

9. Ghoulish Petit Fours: Perfect for a sophisticated take on Halloween, these Ghoulish Petit Fours are an elegant way to scare your closest friends!! via

10. Pumpkin Fudge: Is there a food more iconic of Fall and Halloween than pumpkin?! I think not! Make this delicious and easy-to-prepare pumpkin fudge! via

11. Peanut Butter Acorns: How adorable and delicious-looking are these edible acorns made with peanut butter cookies and a chocolate kiss?! via

12. Marshmallow Ghosts: How tasty do these marshmallow ghosts look?! Perfect Halloween snack! And this one is surprisingly easy to make, too! I love that! via

13. Halloween Spider Bites: These yummy spider bites only take three ingredients to make! Grab some chocolate covered pretzels and you’re almost done! via

14. Witching Hour Chips & Dip: Looking for a savory snack this Halloween? Then, look no further! These shaped cheese balls sit atop some tortilla chips and are a great way to celebrate the season! via

15. Cereal Bar Hay Bales: Make these Halloween themed cereal bars that actually look like hay bales! How creatively clever! via

So, that’s it! Hope you found some yummy new Halloween treats to try this season! Let me know in the Comments which one you’d love to make!

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27 Responses to “15 Wickedly Delicious Halloween Treats”

  1. They all look spooktacular! The candy corn pushups and the acorn kisses are my favorites and I would jump into both of those photos if I could!

  2. I want them all! So cute. I love Halloween treats and themed foods. I think my favorites are the candy corn pushups… and the candy corn cake… oh and the marshmallow treat monsters… okay Ijust love them all.

  3. I so want to try those candy corn push up pops! I have a feeling they would be the talk of any fall party 🙂

  4. Oh these are just too cute. I need to whip up some fun Halloween treats ASAP!

  5. Cute!! I really like those candy corn push pops:-). I tried the poison apples last year, but the black kept running off. I think it was too hot or something.

    • EngineerMommy

      Interesting about the poison apples! But those candy corn push ups look amazing- I know my kids would love them!
      Thanks for stopping by, Angie!

  6. They all look amazing! The Ghoulish Petit Fours were probably my favorites though.

  7. How fun! This is such an awesome list! I want to make everything on it! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Awesome list! Pinned and shared on facebook!

    Found you on Wine’d Down Wednesdays blog hop!

  9. Wow these are all such fun and delicious recipes. I would love to serve the creepy crawly cake at a party.

  10. Lovely desserts. Too cute to eat but yes, they look all delicious.

  11. I don’t like candy corn but I have to say that that cake is impressive…that’s one of my faves!

  12. Cuteness overload!!!!! I can’t even I love all of these! I might be a bit biased because Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  13. So many ideas! I’m going to have to definitely try a few of them. Those cereal hay bales look so cool!

  14. I love this! It makes me want to have a Halloween party just because!

  15. I don’t even know where to start with all these yummy treats! They all look so good! The candy corn cake is super cute.

  16. Great ideas! Pinned and tweeted. We truly appreciate you taking the time to be a part of our party. Please stop by and party with us again. The party starts Monday at 7 pm and ends on Friday at 7 pm. Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

  17. You ruined it when you threw the bugs on that cake. I would never touch that cake or those bugs. I HATE BUGS! Everything else looks yummy!

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