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Oct 072014

In this post I will share some of my favorite, most useful organizing hacks that I’ve discovered and utilized around my house. These are tips to keep your space organized and free of clutter. We are currently trying to sell our condo, so staging the home and finding organizational solutions are a top priority around these parts! The rooms that tend to be most problematic for us are kitchens and bathrooms, but with these organizational hacks, these areas can now be neat & tidy!

Genius home organizing hacks

Genius Organizing Hacks

Genius Organizing Hacks

  1. Measuring spoons: Place dollar store adhesive hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinet, print out basic labels for each spoon size, and organize all your measuring spoons effectively!
  2. Organizing measuring spoons

    Organizing measuring spoons

  3. Hair tools: Get a dollar store hanging shoe organizer, cut it short and hang it from small picture hangers on the inside of your bathroom cabinet to store your hot curling iron and flat iron.
  4. Organize flat iron and curling iron

    Organize flat iron and curling iron

  5. Bathroom toiletries: Nobody wants to look at your facial cleanser, moisturizer, toner, toothbrush and more- hide them in a pretty, decorative box placed on your counter to conceal these necessities.
  6. Toiletry Box

    Toiletry Box

    Organizing toiletries

    Organizing toiletries

  7. Baking pans: Store all your flat baking pans, baking sheets, cooling racks and more on a standard office supply store letter organizer.
  8. Baking pan organization

    Baking pan organization

  9. Foil and plastic wrap: Store aluminum foil, plastic wrap, plastic bags and more in a basic letter organizer. I got this pretty yellow one from the Dollar Spot of Target.
  10. Organizing aluminum foil & plastic wrap

    Organizing aluminum foil & plastic wrap

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