The easiest felt flower you've ever seen
Dec 302012

I like felt. A huge pile of different, brightly-colored felt sheets puts a smile on my face. Oh, the possibilities!

I love making cute hair bows and headbands for my daughter, but I wanted a project that was quick, fun and easy to customize. And I found it. This felt flower you’re about to see is the easiest way to create a felt flower decoration. And it looks pretty darn good, too!

The easiest felt flower you’ve ever seen tutorial

  1. First, select your felt color and cut concentric circles out of the felt. Make each circle a little bigger than the one before it. I cut out 9 circles, but you could do more or less.
  2. Also cut out two leaf shapes out of green felt.
  3. Are you ready? Here is the kicker! Using your hot glue gun, simply attach each circle to the next one evenly. Attach the leaves behind the finished flower.
  4. Attach a hair clip on the back to use in the hair. Voila!

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