Repurpose candleholder to organize miscellaneous stuff in the bathroom

July 26, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

I was at IKEA the other day. Wow, I love that place. I have always enjoyed shopping and eating there. But now that I have a young daughter, I love it even more! They have a great little kid’s area in the dining room with kid-sized tables, chairs, toys, and a TV. They have a dedicated play area with soft rugs, several rockers, a plethora of toys and a ball pen.

Anyway, while I was perusing the marketplace section, I came across this adorable little candle holder. I didn’t know it was a candleholder until I read the label, because it looked like a small dish. I loved the size, shape and color of this little gem. I picked it up as a candleholder, but after I got home, I realized that there was another use for this little item that was more practical for me.

I had plenty of candleholders, but I needed better organization for all the small items in my bathroom. I order plenty of beauty products online and get a ton of free samples. I find that if I just lump all of these samples into a big container, they get lost at the bottom and I can never find the one I want. So this little candleholder solves my problem perfectly.

I love the way it looks in my bathroom and I love the way it helps me organize my little samples. Who doesn’t love a free sample?

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