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Jan 052018

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Tackling a renovation project can be fun and exciting. However, when planning to remodel your home kitchen and bathroom, it’s important to have a plan. Whether the project is big or small, the process can quickly become overwhelming without a clearly-defined goal. When I am embarking on a home renovation project, I like to create a master plan that outlines all the steps needed to be taken, all the long-term goals, and all the timelines involved. Depending on the scope and breadth of your renovation project, it may be wise to break down your master plan by room or by phase.

Tips for Remodeling on a Budget


As with many large projects, preparation is key! After choosing a professional to work with and creating a master plan, it’s time to figure out all the details. For example, if you are renovating your kitchen, this is a good time to pick out the products, appliances, cabinets, and hardware. Making these decisions before demolition makes it much easier to stay within the budget. After all, having the house torn apart during the demo phase is enough of a headache! Make life simple by making these decisions ahead of time, taking into account availability, supply and budget.

Tips for Remodeling on a Budget

Tips for Remodeling on a Budget

Smart Design

When tackling a home renovation project, sometimes the budget gets in the way of things. Maybe you wanted those brand new cabinets, but they are overpriced an totally out-of-budget. Well, get creative and find clever ways to get the same look – for less! Perhaps you can use white paint on your old cabinets to give them a modern look, while saving significant money in the process. Adding new hardware will also go a long way toward making a big impact. Overall, making smart design choices will serve you well.

Another way to avoid that pricey cabinet upgrade is to simply replace the cabinet doors (not the whole frame). Doors are a fraction of the cost of all-new cabinets. Make sure to get good measurements so you can order the appropriate sizes needed.

Cut Corners

Sometimes cutting corners makes a lot of sense. For example, adding a backsplash tiles all around the whole kitchen is expensive. Consider just finishing the tile where it meets the wall. You could also choose to only tile one accent area … perhaps the wall right behind the stove. This adds the desired visual effect without the astronomical costs. For bathrooms, consider investing in a fancy mirror to reduce how many tiles you’ll need on the wall. The walls can be spruced up with photos and modern wall hooks. Not only are these accessories affordable, but they can also be changed easily over time to suit your evolving taste.

Tips for Remodeling on a Budget

Tips for Remodeling on a Budget


Lighting always makes a big impact in a room. Well-designed pendant lights can add a lot of style to a space, while illuminating dimly-lit areas. In the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting can make a big difference and is not too expensive to install. In the bathroom, attractive wall sconces or pendants can truly elevate the decor in the space.


Always work around existing plumbing as much as you can. Moving a toilet or sink across the room is a big renovation. Using the existing piping and utility layout can save you a lot of money. Unless there is a compelling, life-changing reason to relocate these fixtures, leave them where they are and come up with a solution that works with the current setup.

Tips for Remodeling on a Budget

Tips for Remodeling on a Budget

Renovating your home and remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms can become a little overwhelming at times. The end product sometimes gets lost in the mess. This can be prevented by planning ahead. I hope these tips have inspired you to tackle your own home decor projects with confidence.

Now, tell me: Are you working on any home decor projects this year? What is your best tip for a smooth experience?

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12 Responses to “Tips for Remodeling on a Budget”

  1. This is a good set of tips for remodeling on a budget. Not moving plumbing will save you a bunch of money for sure.

  2. These are all great tips! I do a lot of projects around the house and have found I spend more money if I do not take the time to plan out my project beforehand. Having a good and realistic plan makes all the difference.

  3. Often times people don’t take into mind existing plumbing, utility layouts or physics and either get upset they can’t do something (like tear out a load bearing wall) or get hit with a huge expense (moving or installing pipes) so that was a great point you brought up. Nice checklist of suggestions … lighting and plumbing are especially important to keep in mind.

    My best tip for a smooth experience is hire it out to a reputable contractor but I’m also not very handy myself LOL 🙂

  4. I hope I have read this article before I did remodel of my house. My favorite tip is about the lighting. I am always particular with lighting

  5. Kitchen will be our next big project and we can’t do it by ourselves as it involves structural expertise. These are great tips.

  6. These are some high quality tips. I love being able to update and save!

  7. I’m going to be moving into a house soon (fingers crossed) and can use all of these tips!

  8. This is a great set of tips. We just remodeled out kitchen and we chose to paint the cabinets for the same reason you pointed out, budget. And it looks great!

  9. Great ideas – knowing what you have a budget for, then allowing a bit extra always makes the project go better. Sometimes it takes time to find what you want on your budget, but then worth it.

  10. I’m looking to redo my office space with a budget of $500. I’m excited to see if I can pull it off!!

  11. These are great tips to stay within budget. We are planning to renovate one toilet and bath in the house, the one that the children use. They are growing up fast and we have to make room for their toiletries. Out with the toys and cutesy stuff, and in with the razors, body wash, hair dryers and other “grown up” stuff. A nice big mirror would definitely be in there soon.

  12. Indeed such great tips and suggestions. Glad I came over this post. Now I have additional informations to consider.

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