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Nov 162018

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It is well established that a child’s reading skills are linked to their success in school. A child who reads often will have improved communication & language skills compared to a child who reads less often. How do you make reading fun? Today I’ll share some of my best tips… from choosing the right books (like Kabook!) to acting out the stories and more.

1. Read aloud!
The simple act of reading out loud can make story time more fun. Whether your child is just learning to read or is a seasoned reader, encourage them to read aloud to you. This will make story time more interactive and facilitate an educational conversation about the story.

2. Choose the right books!
Choosing the right books is essential to encourage a child to be motivated to read. With Kabook!, you can actually make your child the star of the story! It’s possible to create completely customized books using your child’s picture and personalized text inputs.

How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

It’s so simple to get started, too. Simply choose one of the children’s books available (The List, Wanted, We Hope You Remember, Hornswoggled!). Then add pictures of your child and answer some simple questions about your child’s preferences (favorite food, favorite color, etc) – you can even use your phone’s photo library for this step. Finally, order the book and wait for your masterpiece to arrive. See the photo of Sophia in the book? It features a filter that makes it blend right in to the rest of the book! How awesome is that?!
How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

Kids love to see their photo and details about their lives in print so these Kabook! stories are truly motivational!
How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

The book we received is called Wanted. It takes place in a magical kingdom filled with frogs and only one child (yours!) can help save the day. For this story, all you need to provide is one photo and some personalized answers (favorite food, favorite song, etc.) These will then be incorporated into the story to make sure the right child is found! It’s a really cute story and Sophia absolutely loves reading it!
How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

With Kabook!, it’s possible to create customized, one-of-a-kind books that star your own child. There are different titles intended for different ages of children. Want to learn more about Kabook!? Watch this video below:

Got a child on your holiday shopping list? Kabook! makes a perfect gift for the holidays! Orders typically ship in 3-5 business days and you can order either softcover or hardcover books. Want to try Kabook! for your kids? Get an extra 20% off your purchase with the promo code: HOLIDAY20
How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

How to Make Reading Fun for your Child

3. Act out the story!
Have you ever acted out a story? Whether you’re reading to your child or he/she is reading to you, encourage some fun by acting out the dialogue. The story will feel more like play time and less like homework. My daughters always love getting dramatic with the story’s dialogue!

4. Create a reading space!
I have always tried to create a dedicated space for my kids to do their homework and reading. I find that if the space is inspiring, kids will be more likely to dive into the work and get it done. A simple desk decorated with a child’s favorite things would suffice. Another option would be a tent filled with comfy pillows & throws. Any space that’s devoted to reading would work.

5. Use incentives!
Another solution for encouraging kids to do their reading is to include incentives. For example, if your child gets all her reading done for the full week, she might get a reward, like a trip to the playground or a favorite candy.

Don’t forget to learn more about Kabook! for your child this holiday season. How do you make reading fun for your kids?

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16 Responses to “How to Make Reading Fun for your Child”

  1. Reading is the best! I always loved to do it as a child. I did a lot of these with my kids, but my son isn’t as keen on reading. My daughter will if it’s a history book at least!

  2. I need to do something like this because my kid was not big into it. It is definitely something I want him to love!

  3. I absolutely love personalized books. They are the best presents ever! Will have to look into these!

  4. We did all of these things when our kids were little and they love to read now. Letting the kids see you reading is important. Go to the library.

  5. My grandkids love personalized books with their names, etc. I love that this one even has photos of your child. That’s awesome.

  6. My kids love personalized books! They are so much fun

  7. What great ways to make reading fun for children! My mother would take us kids to the library to check out new books and that was such a treat!

  8. These are great tips and I also did some of these like reading it out loud and act every characters every time we their favorite story book.

  9. I started reading with my children when they were very young. We read together at bedtime every night. As a result, they have all grown up to be book lovers and avid readers.

  10. I love reading, so I try to encourage them as much as I can. Reading regularly is really a must!

  11. Letting them choose their own books is one way we make reading fun. They treat their library card like a treasured gift.

  12. I love to read and I think finding books that kids are into and would want to read plays a huge part in getting them to like reading.

  13. Kabook! sounds pretty awesome! I wanted to get my boys a customized book for Christmas, so I’ll have to check this out! I think they’ll love it!

  14. This is great! It’s so so so important for kids to learn to love reading. I need to work harder at making sure I read to baby so she learns.

  15. Great tips!!!! Our kids LOVE when we read aloud!! We haven’t tried acting it out though!

  16. I’ve never heard of Kabook before, but it sounds like so much fun! I bet our kids would love this!

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