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Sep 072018

This is a sponsored post written by me for Chorus Fabriq Speakers. All opinions are mine alone.

I have always loved tech gadgets! Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite everyday tech products, from my smart toothbrush to my smart speaker and more!

1. Smart Toothbrush:
What is a smart toothbrush? It’s a WiFi powered brush that syncs to my smart phone. Through the app, I can get realtime feedback on brushing length and efficacy. There’s also an automatic vibration every time I’m supposed to switch from one area to the next.

2. Smart Speaker:
I recently received a Fabriq Chorus Speaker and it has been such a nice addition to my home office. These units are WiFi-compatible and it’s possible to connect up to ten units for wireless sound throughout the home! With this speaker, I can easily stream my favorite music & podcasts from Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Prime and iHeartRadio. In fact, I love to catch up on my podcasts while working so this has been a fabulous boost to my productivity levels. By the way, the sound is crisp and clear!

5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

Equipped with Alexa Voice Service, the Fabriq speaker is voice-activated. That means I can simply ask the speaker to play music, set alarms, tell me the weather and ask other general knowledge questions (how many cm in an inch, for example). It’s basically like a digital assistant!
5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

I really love that these speakers have wireless capability so I can bring the speaker with me when I move through the house… or even when I’m headed outdoors! I personally love to listen to music while I put on makeup in the morning and this speaker comes right with me as I get ready!
5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

Thanks to the dual Wifi and Bluetooth functionality, it’s possible to switch modes easily & conveniently with the push of a button. If you have your favorite songs on your phone, you can stream those songs via the speaker! The music never has to stop! Want to try one of these speakers for yourself? Get 30% off all the speakers by clicking this link and using the code: ENGINEERMOMMY
5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall

3. Smart Doorbell:
I have this doorbell and it makes my life so much easier. If I’m away from home and someone rings my bell, I can check the app and see a live feed of who is at my door. I can even speak to them in real time.

4. Smart Thermostat:
Not only is this thermostat programmable, but it also connects to an app on my phone. Through my phone, I can easily change the temperature settings, turn on/off the unit, and more. We once went away on vacation and forgot to switch the thermostat to “Away” mode. Thanks to the WiFi capability, I was able to connect to the thermostat from thousands of miles away and switch it to “Away”.

5. Smart Light bulb:
Our smart bulbs connect to a central hub, which lets us control the settings (turn on/off, brighten/dim, etc.) via an app. You can control the lights when you’re home or away. Plus, you can even set schedules to suit your everyday routines. For example, you can program the bulbs to turn on 5 minutes before you get home at night.

I love my smart home gadgets. Do you have any of these products? Which one would you most love to add to your home?

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5 Responses to “5 Favorite Tech Essentials for Fall”

  1. I do like all the smart doorbells and security items easy to turn on and off when not home. Never thought about a smart toothbrush before.

  2. I want the smart doorbell and the speaker. I would love to see who is at my door without having to open it. The speaker is so cute. It doesn’t even look like a speaker.

  3. I love some smart stuff, but I wouldn’t want to go too crazy. I like the “old fashioned” basic stuff as well. I do like the idea of a smart light bulb! I tend to be a fan of things that can save me money.

  4. I think that toothbrush is a great idea and it ensures you get a good brushing. I don’t listen to a lot of music but when I do having that wireless speaker is perfect.

  5. I have been coveting that doorbell. I am glad to hear that you love it. What a great safety idea.

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