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Feb 142018

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Purchasing a car is a big investment. That’s why it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Today we will be talking about family vehicles and the features that are important for safety, convenience and overall experience. From a back-up camera to anti-lock brakes, these are the must-have features for your next vehicle.

We currently have two vehicles. One of them is on the newer side with only about 30K miles on it. The other one is getting up there in years and mileage. I think it’s just about time to start finding another vehicle. Here are some of the things we are looking for in our new vehicle.

Best Family Car Features

Anti-Lock Brakes
When it comes to family-friendly vehicles, safety is always a top priority. An anti-lock brake system (ABS) is essential. If you ever need to brake suddenly, you want to have confidence that the brakes will not lock up. The anti-lock brake system is a feature that is quite common among new vehicles, but surprisingly it’s not mandated by the federal government to be present in all new cars. So you will have to ask questions and ensure that your new vehicle is equipped with it.

Spacious Trunk
There is a lot of gear that comes with kids. Whether it’s the stroller or the tricycle, finding somewhere to put all the stuff is essential. That’s why a spacious trunk is key. One of the vehicles we are considering is a Buick SUV because I love all the room available in the backseat & trunk.

Another important safety feature, airbags are an occupant restraint system. It is designed to rapidly inflate and rapidly deflate to help cushion the impact of an accident. Side airbags are not mandated by the federal government to be present in all new vehicles. So make sure any vehicle you are considering is equipped with airbags.

Back-up Camera
A rear-view camera makes it easy to see directly behind your vehicle. This feature is especially important on larger vehicles & SUVs, where it can be difficult to see if something is close to the ground right behind the car. This is essential because a small object (like a bike, animal or child) can be difficult – if not impossible – to see using the rear view mirror. Our current car has a back-up camera and I love it – I don’t remember what life was like before it!

Rear Seat Entertainment
Having a built-in DVD system for children riding in the back seat is a smart move. It will make all future road trips and longer car rides much more pleasant for everyone. You can always hook up some headphones to the DVD players so the front row passengers can listen to the radio. This is a feature missing in our current vehicle, but is one we are looking for in all future cars.

Bluetooth functionality
When riding in a car with children, you definitely don’t want to be dealing with a handheld phone. Keep your hands free to hold the steering wheel by making sure your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth technology. This way, you can connect your phone to your vehicle and make calls without taking your eyes off the road – or your hands off the wheel. My current car has Bluetooth functions and it’s a real convenience!

LATCH system
LATCH stands for “lower anchors and tethers for children”. This is a system built into the back seat that makes it easier to load a child car seat into the vehicle. With a LATCH system in place, it is much easier and more convenient to install/replace a child car seat. This system will likely become increasingly popular in the future.

Keeping the sun off kids in the backseat is a worthwhile goal for many parents. We have all seen those stick-on sunshades that can be applied via suction cups directly to the windows in the back seat. However, these temporary solutions are often unsightly and easily fall down. The good news is that many automakers are offering built-in sunshades that block the whole window. No more worrying about the shade falling down on Timmy in the back seat!

Now that I’ve shared the features important to me, I’d love to hear from you. Are you shopping for a new car anytime soon? What are your must-have features?

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17 Responses to “Best Family Car Features”

  1. Backup cameras were the best invention ever! I don’t even know how I did it without one 🙂

  2. I love my SUV because it has so much trunk room. That’s one of the features I check out first when shopping for a new car. It must be roomy and have heated seats.

  3. Getting the kids in and out without killing yourself is a plus. Tons of storage of course is needed. Good gas mileage.

  4. Sounds like this car is a really good one for the family. I always liked latch system! I think that has been the best invention in the car for safety ever.

  5. You always need space in your car for big families. My family is big so we need the extra space.

  6. Learners permits in hand and talk about glad we invested in a vehicle with a lot of the safety features you mentioned. I do admit backing up is a little different since I rely so much on the Parking Assist and Back-up Camera that I have to work on teaching them to park without them. Bad mom huh?

  7. Having a hatch back is so helpful. It lets you get so much more loaded a lot easier.

  8. These are some great features for any car. I would love to have a back up camera, I tried a car with one and I found parking so much less stressful.

  9. I agree with all of these so much! I have had a car with a back up camera and that is my favorite luxury feature. Also enough trunk space is a must!

  10. I agree on all those things for family vehicles. Right now, even though we haven’t used it much, I’m grateful for our third row seating. We’ll be having family visit us in May and we will need to pop up that third row!!

  11. Anti-lock brakes and spacious trunk are the two most important things for me when considering a family car. Other accessories can be sold separately but these are foremost priorities when buying a new car.

  12. For a family car some of the main features that we look for are of course the size of the boot. After all we need to do a lot of road trips. The next is are the safety features including things like airbags and braking systems.

  13. These are great features to have on any car! I’m a single lady, no family and I find that I look for all of these things in my own car.

  14. Back up camera is so important especially if you have a bigger car. Big trunk is also a great plus when you have kids and you have to haul a lot of stuff, sports stuff.

  15. As an old retired lady, I am loving my seat, neck and steering wheel warmers! 🙂 I also drive a convertible, so the back seat entertainment is the wind! 🙂

  16. I drive an SUV and a back up camera is that important. It does help provide an adequate view of the rear of the vehicle. Roomy interiors and a spacious trunk is always a plus!

  17. You’re so right, purchasing a car is an investment, my first car has all you’ve mentioned except for a spacious trunk because its only for me.

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