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We have been in our current home for about three years now. When we first moved in, my husband and I had a blast designing each of the rooms. When it comes to interior design, he is pretty easy-going, but I know that designing shared spaces can sometimes be challenging for couples. Today I’ll be sharing some tips on how to best navigate the process of making style decisions with your partner using the collaborative feature of HomLuv to find creative ways to merge design styles.

Generally, it can be incredibly difficult for homeowners to know what home styles they like until they see it in front of them. While most sites don’t offer an easy way for multiple buyers to share likes & dislikes, HomLuv makes collaborative design easy and straightforward. Plus, the visual search function makes it simple for buyers to discover inspiring design ideas, pin them to boards and organize them for sharing with others. The site database contains over 100,000 homes and plans throughout the country and takes advantage of adaptive technology that makes it possible to offer search results tailored to your specific style and budget. On the HomLuv site, you can search by room and select the spaces that speak to you. Then you can easily share those favorites with your partner. I love sitting in my garden and designing the perfect rooms to share with my husband. We are currently working on redesigning my younger daughter’s bedroom.

5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

For us, the most important part of our home has always been the main living areas: living room, kitchen and dining room. After all, those are the rooms that we spend the most time… and those are the rooms, in which we entertain family & friends.

For my office, where I spend a lot of time every day, I decided to go with a bold yellow rug! It’s bright and cheery and always puts a smile on my face. Fortunately, my husband and I have always had a fairly easy time making design decisions together. Looking to design a shared space in your home? Here are my best tips to make this a smooth, successful experience for all involved.

1. Don’t rush the design process!
When moving into a new space, don’t rush into committing to a particular design aesthetic. Take your time and see what styles speak to you as you spend time in the space. Sometimes it can be tempting to pick out all the artwork, rugs, and accessories right away. However, if you take your time and live in the space for a few months first, you will be more likely to select a design style that works for the long run.

2. Open the lines of communication!
It’s imperative to take the time to discuss all the design options with your partner. Make sure you each know each other’s preferences when it comes to style, function, color palette and more. Find the answers to questions such as:

  • What is your preferred design style?
  • What are your must-haves?
  • What are you willing to compromise on?

When it comes to sharing design ideas with your partner, HomLuv is the way to go! This brand new site is the perfect resource for those looking to buy a new home or those looking to design their existing homes. On this site, buyers are the primary focus! Buyers can note their preferences and the site will specify their design style. Then the site facilitates sharing those preferences with a co-buyer and with a builder who will build the perfect home according to buyer specifications.

5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

3. Merge your tastes!
If you love the mid-century modern style but your partner prefers industrial, find pieces that can work in both contexts. For example, pieces with a modern shape that are made of raw, unfinished materials (leather, metal, etc.) should satisfy both partners. Get creative and try to establish a design motif that suits both of your styles simultaneously.

4. Visualize the room all set up!
It can sometimes be difficult to visualize what a room will look like when all the individual pieces are put into place. That’s why I love creating mood boards that feature all the room elements on one single board. It’s the perfect way to keep track of the various pieces and see how everything will fit together. Since there are plenty of inspirational images on HomLuv, it is easy to develop one’s design language and then choose the style of house that checks all the boxes. Thanks to intelligent recommendation technology, the site will present suggestions that overlap between you and your buyer’s preferences.

5. Choose the right colors!
When it comes to design, the right color palette is sure to bring everything together. When you stick to one palette (blues, grays, greens, for example), finding accessories becomes easy. It’s always best to keep things neutral in the main living areas. Should you wish to add some bold pops of color, do it with home accessories.

Don’t be frustrated by the home buying and decorating process. While most existing sites don’t offer the necessary resources for people making the biggest investment of their lives, this tool is different. HomLuv wants buyers to feel excited & empowered … and the site helps them find the home of their dreams! To get started with the site, enter your geographic region and simply browse the different rooms available. Select your favorites!

5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

Once you create a free account, you can share all your favorite rooms with your partner and you can see suggested homes based on your preferences & budget.
5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

5 Tips for Styling a Shared Space

Don’t forget to visit HomLuv for design inspiration and ideas that you can put into use into your home. How do you make design decisions with your partner? What is your best tip for designing a shared space?

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  1. what a helpful site. I am always at a loss of how to dress up a certain room in my home. Thanks for the tips too!

  2. We want to update rooms, so I’m glad I read this. We want to change the color in some areas, plus get better decor. I’ll check out HomeLuv for sure.

  3. I think its hard to have the exact same tastes as your partner. I know mine constantly evolve. I know I’ll soon want to paint our new home. At least the areas I feel will make spaces more desirable.

  4. HomLuv sounds like a great site for helping with the design process. When my husband and I remodeled, it took longer than it should have because we had a terrible time agreeing on and then finding exactly what we both wanted.

  5. We didn’t really took time to decide about the style of the room in our house. We need to change the decoration soon and apply these tips. Thank you for sharing!

  6. My husband never really has much to say about the design or decoration in our house. I think it helps that we have very similar tastes.

  7. We moved in about a year ago and have not styled at all. It just seem so overwhelming. I’ll have to check out this site for some inspiration.

  8. These are definitely some great tips for styling a shared space. Thank you for sharing.

  9. These are great tips! I always try to visualize exactly what I’m going for when I’m designing any space in our home. I think it’s so important to know what look you want before you start the process.

  10. I’m so glad I read this. I’m definitely going to have to show this so that we can come up with some better ideas!

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