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Mar 232017

In the last post, I discussed how physical therapy seemed to help my sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I was told that my SI joint was stuck and that a mobilization of the joint would help. It did! After a few weeks of core strengthening, I felt better. Much better!

I was on Cloud Nine… living my life as any 32 year old should! I was pain-free, playing with my kids, exercising every day, remodeling our home, and so much more. I was even doing Tae Bo pretty much every day. I was living life and loving life! However, that streak was short-lived! My SI joint was about to get angry again.

When spring rolled around, I started doing some gardening. I remember one day in particular, where I gardened for hours and hours. Kneeling on the grass, leaning forward, digging little holes in the soil, planting flowers, etc. That day was a BIG mistake!

It sent me into a pretty BIG flare! Everyday life was difficult again. Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed was excruciating. Bending down to the floor to pick up one of my kid’s toys was nearly impossible. Getting in & out of the car was really painful. I told myself not to panic. I said, “I know what to do. I’ll go to physical therapy. It helped the first time and it will help me again this time.”

Not so lucky!

I went to physical therapy (the same guy I saw the first time) and felt confident that an SI joint mobilization and some core strengthening exercises would help me again. I got worse at first, but then I remembered that I got worse initially the first time, too. I had to stay the course and be patient.

The weeks turned into months. I was spending about $60 per session of physical therapy, but it wasn’t helping my SI joint pain. I was getting frustrated, angry, and confused. Why didn’t it help this time? It helped me so much the first time. I took a break from physical therapy for a month and then went back. All told, I spent about FOUR MONTHS in physical therapy (on and off… mostly on) and my sacroiliac joint pain wasn’t getting better. Damn!

I need to go back to the doctor and figure out what’s going on. It was time for some imaging tests! Tune in next time for an update of what radiology MRI scans I had for my sacroiliac joint and what they showed!

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