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Mar 302017

In my last post, I discussed how a sacroiliac brace changed my life and took my pain level from a 6 to a 0. I wore that brace for about four months successfully, until I decided to try exercising. Big mistake. HUGE mistake.

Apparently, I decided to try an air glider. Similar to an elliptical, it forces you to take long strides. By the way, taking long strides is very dangerous for those who suffer from sacroiliac joint dysfunction and SI joint pain. The long strides put excessive motion in the already-irritated SI joints.

Well, here we go again. Another flare! Another couple steps back. The pain was unbearable at times. Pain in the buttock (primarily), but also pain in the front of the thigh, the side of the hip, and the back of the thigh. Walking was difficult and running was downright impossible. I could not bend down to pick up something from the floor. I was wearing the brace but it wasn’t helping this time. It wasn’t the miracle cure for me, again.

Some doctors recommend the stationery bike or pool aerobics for those suffering from SIJD. Most of the land exercises can be too rough on already-inflamed joints. I debated joining the pool, but honestly, I didn’t feel like I could even enjoy that at this point. It was pretty hard to walk. How would I even get to the pool? At times, I literally could NOT bear weight on my left side. Like I needed to wake up my husband in the middle of the night to help me get to the bathroom 5 feet away! Yes, it was bad.

So I gave up on exercising for a while. And I vowed that I would not revisit the issue until after I had been stable for a few months! That is when I would try the pool for exercise! For now, my goal was to just be able to walk around the house to pick up toys, put dishes away, etc.

After suffering for about another month, I decided to give physical therapy another try. Instead of going to the same guy I went the first time, I decided another pair of eyes would be useful. I tried a new physical therapist who had amazing, glowing reviews online. I was hopeful and scared at the same time. What if she couldn’t fix me? What was next for me?

The sacroiliac joint is a joint that most of us have never heard of, but yet it was capable of producing the worst pain and disability that anyone can imagine. I was determined to get this situation fixed and I tried to stay optimistic that I would eventually conquer the pain. However, the truth is that it was tough to stay optimistic at times. At times, it was almost impossible not to give in to the tears, the despair and the utter helplessness of the situation.

Next time, I’ll talk about my experiences with the new physical therapist and how her treatments helped.

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