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Aug 152017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NECTAR Sleep Mattress. All opinions are mine alone.

We’ve all been there… lying in bed, tossing & turning, and being unable to fall (or stay) asleep! It’s a miserable experience, especially if it’s during a night, when you have to get out of bed early the next day… and isn’t it always on a night like that? If you’d like to improve your sleep routine, check out these easy tips to achieve better sleep tonight!

Easy Tips for Better Sleep

1. Put down that phone!
Many of us have taken our phones, tablets, and even computers into the bed. It’s convenient to check e-mail, surf the web, or scroll through our social media feeds while lounging in the evening. However, did you know that the light emitted by electronic devices disrupts one’s circadian rhythm, tricking our brains into thinking it’s time to wake up & become alert? Banish electronic devices in bed and see your way to more peaceful zzzz’s tonight. In fact, set a time around 7pm, after which you will not check any devices.

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

2. Spray a relaxing lavender scent!
Many studies have shown that a scent like lavender can have a very calming effect on the body and mind. If you have a lavender linen spray, then just simply spritz some onto your pillow & bedding in the evening. If you don’t have such a spray, make one easily by simply combining a few drops of lavender essential oil (found at any big box store) with some distilled water in a spray bottle. Easy peasy!

3. Sip a calming tea!
Chamomile is a famous tea that has a relaxing effect on the mind. Get into the habit of sipping some tea in the evenings. However, for a restful night, make sure the tea you choose is free of caffeine, so look for herbal or decaf varieties. In addition to the calming effect of the tea blend, the actual act of slowly sipping a warm beverage can be quite relaxing for the soul.

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

4. Rest on a comfortable mattress!
We all spend 1/3rd of our life in bed, so it’s important to sleep on a mattress that provides a premier level of comfort. With NECTAR Mattresses, you can enjoy the perfect balance between firmness for support & softness for rest.
Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Here are some reasons why I’m loving NECTAR Mattresses:

  • The Tencel Cooling Cover facilitates air circulation, heat wicking & is resistant to bedbugs.
  • The Memory Foam Gel offers an even distribution of weight.
  • The Base Layer provides a stable foundation with support layers.
  • The Hi-Core Memory Foam supports the body, providing the perfect level of bounce.

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Still not convinced? Rest assured that NECTAR Mattresses are backed by the Full Comfort Guarantee, which comes with a full year sleep trial – at no risk to you. NECTAR will arrive at your door (within 1-5 days after placing the order) and you can try it out for 365 days. If, for some reason, you decide that you’re not pleased with the mattress, the mattress can be returned for a full 100% refund. By the way, less than 3% of customers decide to return the mattress. That speaks to the comfort level!
Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

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Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Try “the best mattress money can buy”* and experience premium comfort today!
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5. Don’t force it!
It’s the night before an important interview and you’re lying in bed, unable to get comfortable and restful. Avoid the temptation to stay in bed and try to force sleep – it won’t work. If you don’t feel sleepy after ~20 minutes in bed, get up and go to the living room. Do something low-key, such as reading a book, and then get back in bed after a short while. Always avoid the temptation to force yourself to sleep.

I hope these tips have inspired some better nights ahead for you. I have certainly experienced my share of restless nights and I can personally attest to the frustration & desperation that goes along with such nights. However, with the right tips in mind and a positive attitude, you can definitely improve your chances of more peaceful nights in the future.

What is your best tip for a good night’s sleep? Would you love to experience the magical comfort available on a NECTAR Sleep Mattress?

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7 Responses to “Easy Tips for Better Sleep”

  1. I’ve been looking for a new mattress for my guest room. I’m trying to spruce it up before the holidays and guests start piling in. This sounds like my kind of mattress and I need your tips for better sleep too!

  2. Need to get out my diffuse and start using it again. Love smell of lavender.

  3. The phone is my downfall! I agree on the lavender. I have a bottle of lavender essential oil that I use to dab my wrists when I have trouble falling asleep. It does the job.

  4. Lavender is definitely one of my fave scents to calm the body and ease into relaxation. Another is a hot shower or bath at bedtime. Nothing like a warm soak to help me fall asleep.

  5. I find that reading before bed helps me to relax. That mattress certainly does look comfy! A good cup of tea helps relax me too.

  6. These are some great tips, I swear by a lavender spray and even turning off the blue light on your phone / computer a while before bed can make a real difference to your sleep.

  7. Great tips! Lavender essential oil works for us. I put some on my pillow and even a few drops in my son’s bath!

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