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Dec 032017

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I am definitely one of those people that hates to throw things away so even when things don’t look fresh & new, I try to find ways to spruce it up. I look for ways to re-invent it so I can still display it in my home.

Take this wreath, for example. It was a cute little grapevine wreath filled with pine cones. I left it outdoors all season last year and maybe that’s why it lost a number of pine cones? Anyway, I could have easily thrown it out in the condition it was in…

DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

But then I remembered that I have some vase filler that’s rustic and brown and kinda reminiscent of those pine cones.
DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

I decided to use hot glue to attach some of these rustic grapevine balls to the wreath (in the bare spots). There was one more bare spot so I decided to fill it with a small Christmas house & tree. Yes, this is looking better for sure! I’m glad I never threw it out! There’s a serious satisfaction about sprucing up something one would normally throw away.
DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

Here it is hanging on our fence door. Yes, I love the way it looks! No, I didn’t learn my lesson about leaving this wreath exposed to the elements all year long. 🙂
DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath

I love that I was able to re-invent this wreath and make it pretty again. Have you ever done something similar with your decor?

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12 Responses to “DIY Rustic Christmas Grapevine Wreath”

  1. This is just so artistic. Something that is very decent to see even its made up of things like that. You have a creative mind <3

  2. How pretty. I love that you were able to bring new life to something old. I haven’t been very crafty lately but I am updating the ribbons on my old wreaths so that they aren’t so faded and dated.

  3. We absolutely adore rustic style decorations for the holidays! It always seems more personal and inviting to us. This is so beautifully done!

  4. Hey great save, looks pretty durned cute would say. The little church and tree make such a difference,give wreath some life.
    I do rescues with old worn out “stuff”also.Always thought was due to being raised by depression era parents,comes natural to save what I can however I can. Am a champ at doing over and making do. That’s most likely why is so hard for me to get rid of things.
    I have a wreath or two can do with some prettying up so you’ve nudged me into making it over, thanks for inspiration.
    Hope you had good weekend, have wonderful week. Am pretty much done decorating so will concentrate now on going thru old holiday decorations to give to local thrift store, it past time.

    • EngineerMommy

      I really do have a hard time throwing things away, but like you said, at least it helps us save money & get creative. So glad you got some inspiration from this post, JaneEllen! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Wow, you gave me an idea about reinventing my old Christmas decors! I love that I get to save instead of buying new items. I will then just have them with a little make-over.

  6. Such a transformation on the wreath. I, at times have a hard time throwing things away. This gives me hope for some of my older pieces that may need a face lift.

  7. I love this Christmas wreath that you made. This looks very easy to make. We need one for the front door and this might be perfect!

  8. I love the little church in the middle. The little touch of glitter absolutely makes the wreath. It all looks so good!

  9. Beautifully done, and I love it. Happy Holiday’s

  10. You are so creative ! The wreath now looks good as new.

  11. Such a creative diy project for Christmas. I love how you transformed your wreath to a more rustic look.

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