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Jul 302017

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My husband’s car has seen better days. In fact, it’s actually almost ten years old. Although it has been around for a long time, I believe the mileage is only about 60K… not bad for a ten-year old vehicle! However, we are planning on upgrading that car within the next year or two. Here are tips to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase a vehicle.

Car Buying Tips To Get The Best Deal

Car Buying Tip to Get the Best Deal

Car Buying Tip to Get the Best Deal

1. Research is key!
Nowadays, it’s easy to research everything about a car before you actually make the purchase. There are many car comparison websites out there that can let you easily see all the features of your top vehicles in one convenient side-by-side comparison. Before you head to the car lot, be sure to find out the MSRP, the typical resale value, and other basic stats of your preferred vehicles.

2. Be ready to negotiate!
Don’t assume that the sticker price is the best price. Buying a car is one of the biggest investments you will make, so make sure you’re getting a great deal. Based on the research you have already completed, be prepared to drive a bargain at the car lot. Be confident & assertive, and don’t be afraid to walk away if the deal does not benefit you.

Car Buying Tips To Get The Best Deal

Car Buying Tips To Get The Best Deal

3. Consider pre-owned vehicles!
Did you know that vehicles typically lose a lot of their value once the car is driven off the lot? Let someone else take that financial hit, by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. If you find a vehicle that is only one year old with minimal mileage, you are still basically getting a vehicle that’s (most likely) going to last many years, but the price is significantly reduced over the price of a brand new vehicle.

4. Don’t discuss the trade-in right away!
When negotiating with the car salesman, don’t reveal the fact that you want to trade in your old vehicle right away. Negotiate a great price on the new car and after you’ve agreed on a purchase price, bring up the fact that you have a trade-in. It’s always prudent to keep the negotiation of the new car and that of the trade-in completely separate conversations.

Car Buying Tips To Get The Best Deal

Car Buying Tips To Get The Best Deal

5. Skip the extended warranty!
In general, the extended car warranties offered by dealerships are costly and unnecessary. The coverage is not usually that great for the typical consumer and the cost of the warranty makes it unlikely you’ll recoup your warranty premium.

I’d love to hear from you now. Are you looking to purchase a new car? What is your best tip for getting a great deal?

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9 Responses to “Car Buying Tips To Get The Best Deal”

  1. My husband’s car is a 2005, definitely time for a new car but we hate car shopping! Great tips and hopefully helpful for when we make it to a dealership.

  2. 60K on a ten year old car is fantastic! We’ve got that many on a 4 year old car and that’s splitting miles between two vehicles. For us the key is finding something we like a couple of years old, you’re totally right there. Let someone else take that big value hit for driving a new car off the lot.

  3. My brother usually buys pre-owned vehicles because they are a lot cheaper. He makes sure, though that the car is still fresh before purchasing. These are great tips.

  4. Thank you for these tips. They really did offer some of the best tips to get a great deal for a car. We’re looking into buying our son his first car in January so we’re starting to look around for a good deal.

  5. These are all such great tips! I must be doing a good job when I go car shopping because I always keep these things in mind.

  6. Very well said and nice experience. We have to consider the performance of a car before we buy it. Price is not the first thing to consider but the performance and quality. Nice tips.

  7. We’re not looking into buying a new car any time soon but I like learning about resources in case we’re going to need them in the future! These are awesome tips!

  8. Wow, excellent tips, just wish I had these when we purchased a car for me last year. My hubby is now driving my 2002 car. ASAP we will hopefully buy a car.

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