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Dec 122017

Thank you to The UPS Store for sponsoring this post. Make the holiday to-do list a little easier this season with The UPS Store!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. It’s the place I will always call home and although I have lived in New Jersey for the last several years, some of my closest friends are still back in New York. During the holiday season, I love sending them thoughtful and sentimental gifts. And when it comes to a quick & easy shipping experience, nothing compares to The UPS Store. Still shopping for holiday gifts? Keep reading for all my top gift-giving tips!

Out of all my friends back home, I consider Jessica to be my best friend. She was my closest friend throughout middle school and high school. What did I get her this year for the holidays?

  • spa gift certificate (so my friend can pamper herself- she works so hard)
  • teddy bear (for her daughter)
  • a set of beads & wire (she enjoys making handmade jewelry)
  • a sweet handmade card (keep reading for the tutorial)

I’m so excited to send her the package and I really think she will love it all! Have you been doing a lot of shopping for the holidays? Here are my tips for making gift-giving simple & convenient this year!

Don’t wait until the last minute!

To make gift-giving as least stressful as possible, don’t procrastinate. Getting started early is key to avoiding that last-minute craze. Here are some things I like to do early on:

  • Make a list of all the people I plan on buying gifts for. This helps to make sure I don’t forget anyone accidentally.
  • Make a budget. Gift costs can add up quickly. I like to set a budget that outlines my total spending for the season.

Make shipping easy with The UPS Store!

When it comes to shipping stuff, I always trust The UPS Store. Their Certified Packing Experts ensure that my items are properly packed. I love the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my goods will arrive at their destination on time and in one piece!

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

With The UPS Store, the shipping process is streamlined. Everything I could need to package my shipment is available at the store.
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Plus, the staff is always friendly and super helpful! That means a lot, because I sometimes need guidance on which specific shipping service is best for my needs.
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Did you know that The UPS Store network is the exclusive sponsor of the Toys for Tots Literacy Program? This program gives less fortunate children a chance to compete academically. By making resources available, The UPS Store is improving the likelihood that these children will be able to read & communicate effectively as they grow up. How awesome is that!
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

From now through the end of December, participating locations will be supporting Toys for Tots with a donation card drive. Every single donation helps to purchase books for local kids in need. I love this initiative! When it comes to the spirit of the holiday season, it’s all about giving back to the community. I always encourage my own kids to give back to those in need and this program is a wonderful way for our family to give back. Find out more here about how you can contribute to this valuable cause.
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Also, keep an eye out for a special float from The UPS Store during the Tournament of Roses Parade® on New Year’s Day. This year’s float will promote the Toys for Tots Literacy Program. It’s a wonderful reminder that we can help those that are less fortunate. Tune in on Monday, January 1, 2018 to watch the parade- it starts at 8 a.m. PST!

Consider the recipient’s interests/hobbies!

When shopping for anyone, I always take into account the individual’s hobbies and interests. Are they into a particular sport? I might get them some new gear or even tickets to a game. Are they into a specific instrument? I might get them some new accessories or tickets to a concert. Are they into some sort of collectible item? I might get them a display case to showcase their collection.

Include something sentimental!

In every gift I give, I like to include something handmade. It really adds a special, personal touch. Sometimes I’ll make a DIY gift (a mason jar filled with my famous chocolate chip cookies or a gift basket filled with gourmet food items). Sometimes the handmade item is a simple greeting card. For my best friend, Jessica, I made an adorable – yet super simple – card. Here are the supplies I used:

  • sheets of scrapbook paper
  • colorful buttons
  • gel pen
  • ruler
  • glue stick

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Start by folding the paper in half. Use the ruler to draw several straight vertical lines of varying lengths.
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Use the glue stick to attach some buttons at the bottom ends of the straight lines.
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

I really love the way this card came out. My daughter decided to make one of her own. She loves getting creative with me – I always encourage it! 🙂
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

My best friend has a daughter so Sophia wanted to make a card for her! How sweet!
Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving

Give gifts of experience!

When it comes to gift types, I find that gifts of experience are always a smart choice. Gifts of experience are gifts that allow a person to do something, experience something, learn something, etc. Instead of collecting dust, gifts of experience become precious memories. Examples include a trip to the spa, movie theater tickets, a cleaning service gift certificate, and more. Consider giving a gift of experience to family & friends this year!

Before you tackle the rest of your holiday shopping list this year, I have some great giveaway opportunities to share with you. If you love a great sweepstakes (and who doesn’t!), I have two great ones from The UPS Store:

  • 5 Days of Giftmas: The UPS Store will be hosting an interactive game for 5 days through Facebook Live posts (Dec. 11-15 at 2 p.m. ET). Follow The UPS Store Facebook page to play along!
  • Guess the Gift Follow The UPS Store Instagram account to see a box with a series of clues. Guess the gift for a chance to win a great prize. It starts on Dec. 4 and will continue for approximately three weeks. Follow The UPS Store Instagram page to play!

Good luck on both sweepstakes!

I hope these tips have inspired you to simplify your gift giving this year. Do you often ship items via The UPS Store? How many people are on your shopping list this year?

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16 Responses to “Brilliant Tips for Easy Gift Giving”

  1. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea. These are all awesome tips, but I am glad to say that my shopping is done 🙂

  2. I love the Tournament of Roses Parade and I will definitely keep an eye out for the UPS float. I didn’t realize that The UPS store was the exclusive sponsor for the Toys for Tots Literacy Program. That’s impressive!

  3. These are some great tips. I’m glad that I already mailed off my packages. I’ll have to check out the UPS store next time, because the post office was a zoo.

  4. I need to get to UPS store to mail my BIL’s gift! Thanks for the reminder

  5. It’s okay to have a small budget. As long as you put some thought into your gift or give something practical, it’ll be a hit!

  6. Our local UPS store is my shipping central during the holidays. I can trust my packages will arrive on time every single time. My shopping list grows a little each year but it doesn’t put a damper on my budget since I shop when things are on sale.

  7. Great tips! This year we have so many things we need to mail out this would be a great way (and personal way) to do it!

  8. You have some really good suggestions there. I always try to take people’s interests in account. And being prepared is helpful.

  9. We love to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade! Love the UPS store. They make it super easy for you.

  10. UPS is the main company I use to ship things. It is a great way to get your gifts to where they need to be. My local office has the best workers.

  11. Personalize gift could mean a lot because of the effort. The gift of experience like a spa treatment or a travel voucher would be good as well.

  12. I love how practical you are about gift giving. These are sweet and well thought out gifts!!!

  13. The gift for the spa treatment is a great idea! I love that UPS helps you ship things and I love that tutorial for the card.

  14. I agree with the staff being so friendly, our local UPS here are like that. I love that they are quick so no long lines.

  15. Great ideas here, anything to make it easier. That card is SO cute, what a fun way to use buttons.

  16. I absolutely love the UPS store for shipping at Christmas time. It is such a pain to have to mail gifts and they make it so easy.

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