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Nov 102017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floafers. All opinions are mine alone.

As a mom, entrepreneur & homeowner, it seems like the work never ends. I am usually running around taking care of errands from morning until night. Whether I’m bringing the kids to art class, going swimming at the local Y or visiting the home improvement store for some paint, I am always on the go. Even though my schedule can be a bit crazy and complicated, I like to keep my footwear simple – stylish & comfy! Today, I’ll be sharing a glimpse into my everyday life and discussing how my new pair of Floafers seamlessly carries me through my active, unpredictable lifestyle. Plus, I’ll be giving away a free pair to one lucky reader! Scroll down for the giveaway details.

After dropping the kids off at school, I often head to the supermarket or big box store to pick up some household essentials. On this day, I visited the grocery store, wearing my favorite new pair of Floafers. This Stone & Aqua color combo I chose is elegant and complements pretty much any outfit. Paired with some skinny jeans and a gray cardigan, the Floafers totally help me look put-together… even when I barely made it out the door on time. Why the name Floafers, you might ask? Floafers are foam loafers. Made of EVA foam, this shoe is designed to mimic the classic style of a driving loafer. I love that EVA is light-weight, water-proof and anti-microbial.

Several months ago, I joined a local gym that has a pool and I’ve been obsessed with swimming recently. It’s such a fun, easy cardio workout – and it totally doesn’t feel like exercise. Floafers are the perfect shoe to bring to the pool as they are water-proof. I can wear them all the way from the parking lot through the locker room and onto the wet pool deck. The shoe bottoms are made of a scuff-proof TPE rubber, so I don’t need to worry about slipping. I love that they’re also quick to dry (always dry by the time I’m done changing in the locker room). In fact, Floafers feature a 360 degree ventilation that keeps the feet cool, while draining water & debris away. Plus, the massaging foot bed on the inside of the shoe is a total treat for my feet.

After swimming, lunch and a few more errands, it’s usually time to pick up the kids from school. We usually like to spend some time outdoors together after we get home. I love that the footbed is supportive enough – yet flexible – to allow me chase the kids across the lawn. And I totally appreciate that the same pair of shoes can help me navigate through the various (often wild) activities of a typical day.

How much do I enjoy my Floafers? I’m totally going to buy some in different colors for my friends this holiday season. Consider getting a pair for yourself or a loved one as a gift this year. Floafers have become part of my everyday must-haves,which also include:

  • Sunglasses: Gotta protect those eyes from the sun! Plus, a cute pair is a total fashion statement.
  • Coffee: Let’s face it… mom life is tiring!
  • Lip & Cheek Stain: This dual-purpose product is a lifesaver when I’m on the go & in need of a makeup boost!
  • Travel-size body mist: After the pool, I love a spritz of my fave fragrance!


Experience the durability & versatility of EVA foam paired with the classic aesthetics of a loafer for yourself. Look for Floafers online (so many colors to choose from) and keep in touch with the company on Instagram.

Ready for the giveaway? Simply use the widget below. The only required entries are to follow Floafers & Engineer Mommy on Instagram. Good luck, friends!
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Now I’d love to hear from you. Would you love to try Floafers? Which color would you choose? Do you lead an active, unpredictable lifestyle?

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30 Responses to “A Day in the Life & A Giveaway”

  1. I like the black ones. I am rough on shoes, so these wouldn’t show scuff marks and things.

  2. They look like a wonderful and comfortable shoe to wear. Does it have a support arch. Good shoes need a great support arch or you are killing your feet.

  3. These look like some comfy shoes. I’m all about wearing something comfy since I walk around so much.

  4. Cute shoes! Love that they are durability & versatility. They sound comfortable too.

  5. Living in Florida, I normally wear flip flops year round, because they slip on and are so convenient. I’d love a pair of these instead! Between the pool, shopping, and beach these just make sense for me to have!

  6. I have never heard of these shoes but they look extremely comfortable. They are definitely something I’m going to try for myself!

  7. I would love them in black. A comfy pair of shoes can make such a difference when walking around all day.

  8. How awesome do those shoes look, they seem like they would be really comfortable to wear on warm days!

  9. Not positive,but I might choose white like you.

  10. The color I would like is the MIDNIGHT BLACK / SHARK GREY

  11. Swimming is a great way to work out. We enjoy our pool in summer and I know the kids would love to swim in winter too. Love the shoes.

  12. These look so comfortable. I like that rose / soft pink color but I would probably choose the navy. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  13. My life is pretty much the same. Mamas!

  14. They look like really comfy shoes. I like that you can wear them all day no matter what the activity and still be comfy.

  15. I like the seashell pink or midnight black.

  16. I think I would choose white, but I do like the black.

  17. These are really cute. I would like to have them in white.

  18. Those floaters sound really comfy and practical. I love to swim as well and I can see how they would come in handy in my lifestyle. They’d be perfect for my teens as well.

  19. I’m loving those shoes. I need a good pair that are super comfy because like you, I’m on my feet all day long.

  20. These look so comfy! I love the STONE / AQUA pair!

  21. Wow, you have a busy day that’s for sure. Those shoes look comfy enough to help you get through it comfortably.

  22. So adorable. I would definitely love the white ones you have.

  23. This is such a great giveaway! What a cool pair of shoes. They really do look so comfy – that’s a huge part in buying shoes haha!

  24. The sea foam pair is so fun and unique! That’s the color I would choose!

  25. Those loafers look so comfortable! I would love to have one of those for everyday use.

  26. I like the Stone/Aqua

  27. Babushka usually sashays in heels, but these look so comfy BB couldn’t resist. Entered and hoping to win; Gracias for the Giveaway. BB2U

  28. I love the MOSS GREEN / DEEP SEA BLUE (WOMENS) Floafers shoes.

  29. Those shoes look so comfy! Although it is time for boots now, I’d still like to have a pair of those to use as soon as the weather turns warm again.

  30. deep sea blue

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