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May 282017

When summer rolls around, I am always trying to beautify my home. From the interior to the exterior, there are so many different ways to spruce up one’s home. Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite home improvement projects with you. Some of these I have done myself in my own home, while others are on my to-do list.

7 Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle This Summer

1. Install board & batten!
Want to give your home a bit more pizzazz? Adding some molding to the hallways or living areas of the home can add some character. What’s great is that it’s totally a DIY job- find out how we did it here.

DIY Board and Batten: Our Hallway Update

DIY Board and Batten: Our Hallway Update

2. Paint the walls!
Paint always goes a long way in transforming a space. It only takes one afternoon and one gallon of paint to completely change the look of a room. You can even get fancy and add stencils like we did here.

3. Put in an in-ground pool!
An in-ground pool can be a fun, exciting addition to any property. It also adds plenty of resale value to any home. We have been thinking about adding a pool to our backyard for a few years now. When it comes to getting this project off the ground, the first step is to dig a big hole in the ground (I looked into mini excavator rentals near me). Next the structure of the pool is set up and the pool is filled with water.

4. Set up an outdoor living room!
When it comes to our outdoor space, we really like to make it look beautiful and feel comfortable. That’s why we set up an outdoor living room. Surprisingly, it was a fairly easy process and we love the way it looks now! See how we accomplished this here.

How to Create an Outdoor Living Room

How to Create an Outdoor Living Room

5. Install floating shelves!
I love the clean, finished look of a set of floating shelves. What’s great is that with a handful of basic carpentry supplies and a few hours, you can easily put up a whole bunch of these guys. Click here for all the details.

6. Hide the cable box!
I’ve always been a big fan of hiding the clutter from the electronic equipment. Find out how we completely hid our cable box and all the cables, too! It was an easy process that we still love to this day!

How to Hide the Cable Box

How to Hide the Cable Box

7. Add an accent wall!
Our master bathroom may be small, but it doesn’t have to be boring. We installed a tile accent wall in the space and it really elevates the room. With a tile cutter and our favorite glass mosaic tiles, it was a fun & simple project.

Tile Accent Wall

Tile Accent Wall

I hope these tips have inspired you. Let me know if you’re planning on doing any home improvement projects this year!

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20 Responses to “7 Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle This Summer”

  1. I cannot do too many improvement while living in an apartment. I did, however, install a ceiling fan so we know we will have a way to cool down this summer.

  2. Love these tips! I just moved into a new apartment a few ago, love the accent wall idea! Gaaah I’ve got home improvement fever right now haha!

  3. I would love to try a home improvement item this summer… Hiding the wires and the cable box is something I have always wanted to do…

  4. Really don’t like seeing the cable box and all the wires so that would be a great project to fix that. The outdoor sitting area is awesome!

  5. I definitely need to tackle hiding the cable box and wires from the TV. It bugs me all the time and your solution seems like something easy enough to tackle 😉

  6. I think I should paint our outdoor wall. These are great home improvement ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Of all these home improvements, I like the outdoor living room project. That would be so nice to have a place to entertain and enjoy the summer breeze.

  8. I really would love an outdoor living room. It’s especially fun this time of year to have that kind of a living space. And I don’t really have good air conditioning in my house so it’s extra good.

  9. I would love to hide the cable box and all those wires! It is such an eyesore! I might prioritize this project. Thanks for these suggestions for summer home improvements!

  10. There are all such fun summer home improvements. Creating an outdoor living room is one of my goals this summer too!

  11. I love the ideas that you are writing about. As a teacher, I look forward to each summer coming home and doing various projects like this!

  12. These are the awesome ideas to manage the house in summers. The tips are really amazing.

  13. I already had a whole page of things to do around the house that need to be checked off my list this summer. So didn’t really need new suggestions but you have some good ideas so now I’ve added a few more to the list :-) nice suggestions including hiding the cable box.

  14. Love this list! I do DIY projects all the time and have a to-do list a mile long :) I added board and batten to my home a few years ago and adore the timeless look!

  15. So many great ideas for this summer! We are working on re-painting all our rooms at the moment and redecorating!

  16. Wow you have lots of great ideas! I especially love the outdoor living room and learning how to hide the cable box. Sounds like fun projects to work on this summer!

  17. These are fantastic! Thank you! We are starting a few home improvement projects in our new house, to make it more our own!

  18. These are all great home improvement ideas for the summer. I love the idea of tiling the wall and hiding the cable box with the cable cords for all the electronics. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  19. These are great ideas! I plan on doing a lot of this stuff when we get our new home built.

  20. The downside to renting is that I don’t get to do cool summer improvements like these

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