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This post was sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

As a mom, keeping my kids happy and healthy is not only my responsibility, but it’s also my pleasure. I truly take pride in seeing their little faces light up as they pursue their interests and I love knowing that they are building the habits of a healthy lifestyle for the long term. In fact, I try to focus on an overall approach to their well-being. Speaking of a well-rounded approach to a healthy lifestyle, did you know that the Boys & Girls Clubs have initiated a Triple Play initiative? This initiative was formed in partnership with the Anthem Foundation and The Coca-Cola Company. It focuses on a child’s mind, body and soul and strives to create positive wellness habits in America’s kids.

For so many American families, Boys & Girls Clubs (BGCA) offer a safe and affordable after-school destination for kids to engage in interactive programs with thoughtful, qualified professionals. In fact, more than 4 million kids and teens head to the nation’s 4,300+ Clubs. The locations span across the country and include everything from rural to urban areas.

I love that the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of America is to encourage kids to reach their full potential as productive, thoughtful and responsible citizens. To have a wonderful future tomorrow, today’s youth needs to focus on developing a well-rounded approach to their lifestyle. The BGCA achieves exactly this through three overlapping areas: academic success, good character & citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

Just like the BGCA, we try to take a well-rounded approach to kid’s wellness in our household. Here are some easy ways that we try to keep our kids happy and healthy.

1. Practice proper dental hygiene!
My husband and I have always been passionate about encouraging the kids to practice a proper dental hygiene routine every single day. One way that we have gotten the kids excited about oral care is to buy toothbrushes & toothpaste that feature their favorite cartoon characters. We also sing a silly song together during brushing time and that also helps to make it fun for the kids.

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

2. Encourage creativity!
My older daughter absolutely loves arts & crafts. She loves being creative every single day and I try to encourage her to pursue this passion by stocking up on art supplies (crayons, colored pencils, pastels, water colors, acrylic paint, etc.) and always making them accessible for her. For her, creating art is good for her soul.
7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

3. Take a daily vitamin!
Taking a daily multi-vitamin is part of our everyday morning routine. When I take my daily multi-vitamin, I always hand one to my kids. Luckily, they don’t mind the flavor and so this has always been an easy part of our morning routine. Nowadays, there are so many different formulations (tablet, gummy, etc.) and many different flavors of vitamins for kids, so be sure to find one that you child doesn’t mind taking – it will make your life easy.
7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

4. Exercise outdoors!
Getting the kids outdoors is a great way to ensure that they stay active and healthy. Getting fresh air and running around outside is good for their body…and their mind! Sometimes the kids like to visit the local playground. Sometimes they like to go with me for a nature walk, where we collect pine cones, leaves, twigs, etc. Sometimes we put on our favorite songs and just have a dance party in the living room. Sometimes they will simply ride their bikes around the block. The important thing is just to get them moving, and I also take the time to explain why they need to be active every single day. I’m trying to instill positive lifestyle habits that will carry them throughout their lives.
7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

5. Eat plenty of fruits/veggies!
Snack time is important for kids. They need snacks as extra fuel to get them to their next meal. To avoid unhealthy temptations at home, I simply don’t purchase foods that are typically high in sugar or fat. My daughters actually love snacking on fresh fruit and veggies. I occasionally will serve the veggies (cucumbers, carrots, broccoli) with some salad dressing – this dip makes it fun & tasty for the kids. To help them develop smart nutritional habits for the long run, I always talk to them about what a balanced meal looks like, including the proper ratios of fruits, veggies, grains and protein.
7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

6. Practice lessons learned in school!
To stimulate their mind and challenge them academically, I have purchased a series of workbooks so I can reinforce concepts they learned in school. Challenging them academically is important to me. Another thing I have been doing recently is to encourage my kids to set goals for themselves (maybe finish that craft project they started or begin working on organizing their toys). By setting a realistic goal and then working to achieve it, they are building self-confidence.
7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7. Drink plenty of water!
When the kids were really young, I always offered them water and low-fat milk. So luckily, now when they’re thirsty, that’s the first thing they ask for. Some ways to make water more interesting is to infuse some fruits in the water. I know my girls really enjoy a lemon-berry infused water.
7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids

When it comes to raising kids, it’s best to take a well-rounded approach, focusing on the mind, body and soul. That’s especially important during the after-school time and during school breaks, when routines are disrupted. Keeping the kids motivated and engaged in a program that stimulates their mind and keeps them active is definitely a smart move. Don’t let school breaks lead to unhealthy choices for your family. Have a plan in place for keeping the kids following an active lifestyle – even amid the hustle and bustle of the busy season. Check out how the BGCA can help achieve this goal!

BGCA has been helping kids for many years. They began their Triple Play program in 2005 and since then, over one million children have benefited from the service. These kids have boosted their physical activity, developed smart nutritional habits, built wonderful relationships and improved their self-esteem. By following some of the BGCA’s activities and philosophy, parents can incorporate some of these principles into their routine too, particularly during school breaks.

Check out the various programs at your local Boys & Girls Club. What is your best tip for keeping kids healthy? How do you strive to take a balanced approach to kid’s wellness?

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25 Responses to “7 Easy Tips for Happy, Healthy Kids”

  1. We’re doing our best to do all of those things. Good dental hygiene is SO important and sadly it’s overlooked way too often.

  2. We do all of these things. Although we need to amp up our veggie intake. There are only a few they’ll eat.

    • EngineerMommy

      Veggies can be a tough one sometimes. We give the kids a low-fat dressing as a dip and that helps make veggies more palatable for them!

  3. Yup, these are so important. My daughter loves to be active and outdoors. I sort of have to press my teenager to do those things. But he only drinks water at least!

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, each kid is different. Between my two daughters, I always notice the differences in interests, personalities, inclinations, etc.

  4. These tips are so important to share and I thank you for sharing. In the age where kids are so easily becoming hooked with their gadgets, these tips will surely help all kids to grow to be healthy and happier.

  5. I need to coax the kids into drinking more water. I have been slack on that lately and your post reminded me to get on it. I think for my crew, they’re happiest when they’ve had plenty of sleep and are eating right.

  6. This is very important for our children. The parents should be setting the example in all areas. Step up and let us get our act together for our children.

  7. Indeed these are the best list of how to grow the kids. In the future I would want to apply the same for my kids. I am sure there will be a lot of innovations when that time comes.

  8. We used to live by a Girls and Boys club and they were always doing such neat things with the kids there. Great list for healthy kids.

  9. These are some great sounding ways to help kids happy and healthy, I used to love being in the outdoors when I was younger.

  10. All of these things are so important. Regular check up, teeth cleaning, and eye exams are so important it good to teach them while they are young.

  11. All of these are definitely important for raising healthy kids. Drinking water and eating lots of fruit and veggies is good for anyone!

  12. Eating healthy is a must and it’s something that should start at an early age. You made some good points, especially the part about vitamins.

  13. I do find creative play to be super important. My kids spent a ton of time playing outdoors and I think they benefited from their experiences!

  14. These are really great tips. I have one kid that barely drinks water and I am always on him to drink more and another kid that is the total opposite end of the spectrum that drinks plenty of water.

  15. Drinking plenty of water is one of the struggles I have with my kids especially my daughter. However, she drinks a lot of it when she eats spicy food.

  16. Those are good suggestions for physical health. Mental and emotional health are also very important, so good, open communication is important to work on establishing.

  17. These are all great tips. A healthy, balanced diet, physical activity, right amount of sleep, and encouraging creativity will surely keep a child happy and healthy. As long as you focus on the physical, mental and emotional growth of your child, you’re doing great!

  18. We do daily vitamins. I learned that the hard way as I got older and wish I would have taken one when I was younger. Makes a huge difference as you age!

  19. This is an excellent, healthy idea.

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