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Jun 082017

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Keeping a house clean does not have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. In fact, with the right tools and products, getting the home nice and tidy is downright simple. Today, I will be sharing with you all five of my top must-have cleaning tools for a clean house!

5 Must-Have Tools for a Clean House


1. Microfiber Cloths:
I always have a number of microfiber cloths in my cleaning caddy. They are perfect for all sorts of cleaning tasks around the house. Whether it’s dusting the tables, wiping down the counters, or cleaning the sinks, a microfiber cloth can handle the job. I like to buy a multi-colored pack like this one so that I can designate different colors for different rooms.

2. Vacuum:
A great vacuum is a definite must-have to keep all the floors clean. Rather than messing with a sweeper and dust pan, I like to use one single tool (a vacuum) to handle all the floors in my home, including carpets, rugs, hardwood and tile. It’s convenient and efficient to make one tool multi-task in this way. If you have a dog or cat, be sure to look for the best vacuum for pet hair. A vacuum that’s designed for pets will be better able to pick up dirt and hair from your furry friend.

3. Scrub Brush:
Sometimes a microfiber cloth just won’t cut it. What about that soap scum in the bathtub? Or how about that grime on those patio chairs? For tougher jobs like these, a great scrub brush is very valuable. It offers the extra scrubbing ability to really clean and remove long-standing dirt. Look for one like this one that features an ergonomic handle.

4. Toothbrush:
There are plenty of cleaning tasks around the house that requires detail work, such as cleaning the sink drain or wiping down the window tracks. For small focused tasks like these, use a toothbrush to remove dirt and debris. If your regular toothbrush is getting old, throw it into your cleaning caddy and it’ll be one of your most important cleaning tools. Alternatively, head to the dollar store and pick up a few cheap toothbrushes to be used only for cleaning the house.

5. Squeegee:
For sparkling clean windows, nothing beats a great squeegee like this one. I love that this one has a super long handle so it’s easy to reach even the tallest windows. After wiping on some window spray, a squeegee is ideal for removing dirt & moisture and leaving a clear, streak-free finish.

Now, tell me: What is your top cleaning tool? Is there any item from your house that found an unexpected use in your cleaning caddy?

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24 Responses to “5 Must-Have Tools for a Clean House”

  1. This is a great list. I use most of these daily except the squeegee. Thinking I need to add this to my artillery!

  2. Yup, I have most of these things! Vacuuming is a MUST when you have two shedding cats, two messy kids, and a husband.

  3. These are some great tools to have, I really need to try and use a toothbrush more as that is such a great idea.

  4. Great list of must haves! Vacuuming is something we do daily in the main areas! It’s crazy how fast stuff gets dirty!

  5. This is as great list! I have all except the squeegee. Maybe, it’s time to buy one.

  6. I have never thought about the uses for a squeegee! I will have to pick one up next time I’m at the store!

  7. I love my microfiber cleaning cloths! It is important to use the right tools to get the job done!

  8. A good vacuum makes a big difference when cleaning your home. Especially when you are like me and have shedding pets.

  9. I cannot live without my vacuum since I have a dog and a cat at home. Definitely a good list of tools to have to keep your house clean!

  10. These are some great tools to have, I’ll buy those when I’ll have my own home.

  11. I agree with these very much! It’s important that we have a reliable vacuum cleaner at home especially for people who have pets.

  12. I didn’t realize how much microfiber cloths would help make cleaning easier for me until I got to test them out. These are essential in keeping a home clean!

  13. I love a squeege for in the shower. Nothing else cleans the shower door like it. My vacuum broke this week…which makes me intensely sad cuz now we have to guy a new one.

  14. These are all great tools to have while cleaning the house. I know I could not do it without my toothbrushes and the squeegee. Thanks for sharing the tips and tools.

  15. I could not agree more on the tips. Squeegee is new to me and probably to other readers too. Definitely a good way to check before clening.

  16. Microfiber cloths save the day. Using a toothbrush is old school, we did that growing up. I need to get a squeegee in my life.

  17. Wow, looking at your bedroom make me feel as if I need to start cleaning starting with the rooms I thought was very clean. Your place is rocking.

  18. You have to add one of those quick sponge towels. It helped me out recently when I had to get a lot of water off the floor.

  19. Yes, i can’t live without my vacuum cleaner. I have to vacuum my room now, lol 🙂

  20. having vacuum is the must from the list . if you have pets then it becomes even more important.

  21. The vacuum now is essential for everyone. But, this content was effective.

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